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January 31, 2007

But I'm still alive

Click images for desktop size: "Merrie Flower" by Unknown
At the doctors today.
I had to sit next to a woman. indeterminate age, but older. She was about 5'4", 190 to 200 pounds, straw like auburn hair that was losing the battle to gray. She wore two dirty gray sweat suits against the cold and talked as much to her writhing fingers as she did to me. She wore a touch of rouge and some badly applied too red lipstick.
I found her attempts at make up touching for some reason.
She asked me, "Where you going to be living when you die?"
She didn't wait for an answer. "I don't want to be found by strangers. I don't want strangers going through my stuff. They'd like as steal all the treasures. They would!"
This was a pretty unsettling line of conversation. I'd never given any thought to it.
"I've seen them graves, them paupers graves. Just throw you in a cardboard box and stack you 12 by 12 they do. Don't want that for me. Spending eternity with strangers rotting right next to you. I got me a plan. I'm getting one of them TV life insurances. Pay five thousand dollars they says. No questions asked. No physical!"
I couldn't comment on her plan. It was better than mine, which is . . .
Then she started to cry. If you could ever call crying masculine that's what she was doing.
I patted her shoulder for lack of anything better.
5 The receptionist called me then. I went to the door and asked her if the woman would be all right.
The receptionist said, "Oh, she gets herself worked up all the time. She snaps right out of it."
She was gone when my appointment ended.

Its time to think about the Superbowl . . . Really, it is.
And I just don't know. I think the Colts being a touchdown favorite is a bit suspect. But that's as deep as it goes.
When it comes down to coaching, Tony Dungy has proven he's a class act who can handle more stress than a mere game. His tactic of keeping his players at home for an extra day drew fire but, if he wins, others will emulate it.
Lovee Smith is near as capable and also a class act. In fact these two may be the classiest coaches ever to be in the big game.
You have to give the Colts a slight edge on this.
The games biggest draw is the Colts O vs the Bears D. If Tommie Harris and Mike Brown were healthy the Bears would be an easy pick.
The Colts O-Line is very good. Good enough to control the Bears front four but not good enough to handle the blitzes or the Bears front 7. Manning was able to stage a brilliant comeback against a crippled Patriots Defense. Even without two Superstars the Bears D is much stronger than that. I have to give an edge to the Bears.
Manning will have a hard time with the pressure and the Bears should force some turnovers.
Flipping it around the Bears O is scary for all the wrong reasons. Rex Grossman is not a Superbowl QB, but he makes some super plays. Their running game will take a while to get going but they will wear the Colts down. Colts DE Freeny will have to step up fast and play the game of his career for a full 60 minutes or the Bears will run the guys down and allow Grossman to make his safe throws.
I can't really foresee that, altho it is more than possible.
Considering all that I pick the Bears.
But what I really think is that the game will be a blow out for one team or the other.

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January 29, 2007

The coroner's report's unclear

Derek Prospero Fastburn
Click images for desktop size: "Fast Burn" by Derek Prospero
Still discovering losses from the computer crash. Oh well. Its data and that's all it ever was. Some of them hurt but this is nothing like losing a dog or a friend. Re-gathering data has its own sense of pleasure. Tedium can be a pleasant thing if you keep the mindset right. Recreating templates is tiresome, when you know it worked before. Its just something that needs to be done. Some grim realizations today. What if the job I dislike so is the best one for me? Aside from this cold that lingers but hasn't shown signs of pneumonia, I've been pretty healthy there. It doesn't pay enough though and I'm constantly insulted. It hasn't lowered my self esteem though. I have to keep thinking on it. If I could drive it might be easier all the way around. On the bus today there were two enormous women in wheelchairs. I ended up having to help the driver maneuver the chairs into place. He wanted to tell me know but each of these women had to weigh over 300 pounds. I talked to them while we moved and strapped them. I was amazed at how their bodies bulged and overflowed the chairs. Adventures Of Captain Africa, Ep#09 (1955) (Col) Blasted By Captain Africa! One of them said that she'd been in the wheelchair for two years, ever since she weighed 270. They were both in the chairs because their disability was weight. When we got them into place their chairs left a decently wide aisle to pass through but the overflow of flesh (?) touched and pressed against each other so hard they blocked the aisle. The bus has only two places for wheelchairs. They take up the front 8 spots. The driver had to let people enter through the back door. As I was in the front I had no convenient way to escape. I had to listen to them. They talked to me about the food they'd eaten this morning and the food they planned to eat this evening. The dark haired one talked about her boyfriend. She kept emphasizing to me that he was thinner than I am. I had to listen to them for a half hour. I don't think I learned anything. My puppy is glad I'm feeling better. She's started to bug me again. Tentatively. She wants me to play but she doesn't like me when I cough and gasp for breath. I still love her more every day. One of the guys I work with got a "free" puppy. I felt cross about that. Partially because of back yard breeders not taking care of their animals and then putting the dogs in a box by the road with a FREE DOGS sign. Partly because he was getting the dog to cure depression. I have to think about that some more but I don't feel like that is a valid reason to have a puppy. If it were a child anyone would think it was an insane reason, but because its "just" a dog, some how it's ok. It is a cute little thing though. I have this sick fear I'm going to end up with it in a few months. My boss called me today and wanted me to scheme with her to make sure my co-worker took good care of the new 12 week old thing. My puppy played with her. She thinks the kid is all right. And I'm still always interested in swaps and trades in my video collection. I've lost my database but I still have the films. It just takes me a touch longer to figure out if I already have what you're offering!

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January 26, 2007

Computer fried

A power outage bounced and nullified my hard drive . . . I've had to reformat which means I've lost most of my art, my music, about 2 gigs of puppy pictures and a small part of my mental health.
My cold has worsened and all in all this has been a pretty crummy week.

Stay tuned for who knows what!

January 25, 2007

For want of a pearl onion the martini was lost

Click images for desktop size: "Silentium" by SC
I've gotten a cold. I don't have the immune system left to deal well with colds.
Not missing work though.

Coughing and sneezing can't mask the annual disappointment with the Oscar nominees.
Most astonishing to me was that "The King and The Clown", one of the best films I've ever seen, wasn't even nominated for Best Foreign film, while vapid drek with an absolutely non-astonishing performance from tired Helen Mirren is considered a shoo in!
When I was younger we used to calculate that if an earthquake were too swallow up the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on Oscar night then we would move to the top of every ones rolodex and be the hottest commodity in town . . . now to accomplish that we'd have to pray for war against England . . .
Hollywood is easily intimidated. America makes the best films in the world (at least from a technical standpoint). Other countries judge the performance of their films against the domestic receipts of the latest Hollywood smash-up but Hollywood keeps thinking that everyone over there is “better than us.” They must be more artistic, more talented, more understanding of the "art" . . . Hollywood films are mongrel creations - multi-ethnic, females taking a bigger voice than you'll find in any other world cinema, more balanced in tone and more universal in theme. But we always feel inferior.
Poster - Sex Kittens Go To College (2)-1 The only American actress worth a look at is Meryl Streep? For a performance in the terrible “The Devil Wears Prada”? I admit she was the best thing in that hashed up mess, other than some of the clothes, but Judi Densch?
There are so many viable real actresses out there but they get ignored because they don't have an accent? Hollywood has been infatuated with England for too long. The ultimate culmination was when Columbia was handed over to Brit David Putnam, who's biggest claim was producing the Oscar heavy, but mediocre, “Chariots Of Fire”.
It was the biggest fiasco in Hollywood history until Michael Cimino bankrupted UA.
That cooled the Academy's Anglophile passion for a while.
There are a couple of the nominated films I haven't seen so I want to wait before becoming totally depressed . . . Little Miss Sunshine . . .
Ennio Morricone is getting a special Oscar . . . it will be fun watching them play snippets from “The Mission” and “The Untouchables” and maybe some of his better work where no one will recognize the film and the applause will flitter down until someone recognizes a star, but then they'll play “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” and the crowd will deservedly go nuts.
Thinking about it the guy who wrote “TGTBATU” and “Harmonica” for “Once Upon A Time In The West” deserves an honorary Oscar and indulgence in whatever other vices he wants to preserve.
The greatest disappointment is Scorsese getting a nomination for “The Departed”. He's an icon and his remake was flat out terrible. It has tarnished his reputation. The original is very good but only very good. It looks great compared to this totally cooked version. (The original was called “Infernal Affairs” South Korean.) "The Departed" lacks the drive, the heart, the shocking reality of its original and those are all the things that used to make Scorsese great.

Surprisingly quiet pre-Superbowl week. Race of the coaches. Manning's thumb . . . that's been about it. I think the lower key everything is the more it favors the Colts. The Bears thrive on raw passion that's directed by Smiths cool hand. The Colts are best when playing “business a usual.”

Pitchers and catchers report in 23 days!

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January 22, 2007

Death by hospitality

Click images for desktop size: "Samren"
Been a disconcerting time for me.
I like being alone. I like people. I like dogs.
I seldom feel lonely. But with visitors coming and going, human and canine, it sets in.
And then the football season is over.
And another excruciating doctor visit.
And poverty.
The last I get on myself about. I have food, bus fare, a home my puppy and I both like . . . its a sort of rich kid poverty. Its not broken down living in the cold. Its not doing without med's. Its just inconvenience sort of poverty.
I can't do anything about the football season ending. I've tried.
Its these Doctors. The doctors are just a thing that takes time absorbing.
Saturday I went with my friend Patrick to hear him play some new songs with his band. For no valid reason I can think of (which are the reasons we are most stubborn about) I figured that no matter how bad the pain and the hand cramps are I could still get it together and play for 15 minutes or so.
I couldn't even get warmed up.
My hands get wrenching crushing pain and then lock into sometimes interesting positions. It takes a lot of my strength to unclench them. If both hands lock up I'm sort of at a loss.
Poster - Sadismo Worse case it takes about 5-10 minutes for them to unknot. It hurts but it is more frustrating and embarrassing then painful.
Of course Saturday was helped because my puppy was with me. When my hands knotted up she would stick her head through the crook between my arm and the guitar to see what was going on.
It made me laugh.
Today I had to go to the clinic. The clinic is in, what they insist is, the worst part of town. I've never been bothered or uncomfortable there except for the surplus of stray dogs cutely begging for food.
The clinic is a new red fire brick building, low ceilings with low wattage light through out. They keep it clean but its hard to notice that because the place is always filled to capacity. There's seldom a chair or a space to sit in.
People seldom seem to come alone. Often one child will be accompanied by 3 or 4 other children and 3 or 4 adults. And everyone talks loudly, like you would in a crowded restaurant, not to be rude but just to be heard.
Its the most ethnically diverse place in this city. Its the most soothing thing about the clinic. I like the wild confluence of different voices all speaking in different languages.
It funny but its happened often enough there for me to assume this is my task: Little children will start howling at the top of their lungs, faces hot and flushed streaked with tears. Whether I'm standing or squatting against a wall they come up to me, closer than I'd let an adult get, and just bawl.
I say, “What's up, partner?” They clamp their mouths shut, furiously blink away the tears to stare at me wide eyed, then go skipping away laughing.
I got X-rayed and poked and measured and weighed, yelled at and given more instructions. But no more pills. I was glad for no more pills.
Then they told me that the pain wouldn't ever go away.
I got a 20 minute exercise routine to follow every day to lessen the pain in my back. There's no exercise for my hands other than, “Don't use them too much.”
I am also not allowed to do much bending forward . . .

My puppy and I watched the Championship games yesterday. She loves watching Reggie Bush. When he is running she sits up, stares at the TV with a grim expression.
The Bears New Orleans game was ugly, even though it snowed. I love football games in the snow.
Click images for desktop size: "Black Bow"
The game reminded me too much of the old Chuck Knox Ram teams. A fabulous defense that made the other teams O look poor and an utterly dull 3.5 yards a play . . . on the ground for the home team O . . . and only throw the ball when the belly play come up short twice in a row.
Urlacher played like a demon. He gave up his role of playing in the back field and flew everywhere setting up some beautiful contain and disrupting the TE's and RB's routes.
I liked when he was asked by a sort of jerk reporter what he thought about Bush's beautiful 88 yard TD and Urlacher responded calmly that Bush is a great player with a lot of speed and that their was no way he was going to catch him.
Classy guy and an amazing talent. WIth that attitude I give them a better chance against the Colts.

The Colts-Patriots was a beautiful game and a fitting end to the season. Brady needs receivers who can CATCH and they are sorely in need of a cover corner. One thing that is a touch worrisome is that you got the feeling that the Colts accomplished their goal of getting to the SuperBowl. That might be enough for them.
Poster - House Of Dracula As for my guessing at the games season. I finished 64th in the local contest and won nothing! In the national contest I finished, thanks especially to my totally incoherent playoff predictions, 3,657th. BUT I did win an iRoomba (a robot vacuum cleaner) for being perfect early on.
I now think the Roomba is indispensable, even if it doesn't worry the puppy in the slightest. I like to sweep the floor and then turn the little robot loose on it so I can see how much more dirt it can pick up . . .
My life is now spent being entertained by quantities of dirt . . .

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January 18, 2007

There ought to be a law

Robotic Moose Itscoldoutside 1440X900
Click images for desktop size: Its Cold Outside" by Robotic Moose
I start every day the same way.
Up at 4:45. As soon as I roll out of bed my puppy leaps up and takes it over.
She sleeps soundly while I make coffee, take my pills and glower.
About midway through the shower she comes in and pokes her head around the shower curtain. I guess to make sure I haven't drowned before feeding her.
When I get out of the shower I dry myself roughly with some plush white terry cloth towels I was able to find cheap enough to own. When I use them It makes me feel rich.
Years of “surfer haircuts” means I brush my hair with hardly looking at it in the mirror. Spray myself with cologne and hit the antiperspirant.
My puppy lies in the bathroom doorway and watches me carefully. I step over her and start to dress. She gets excited and tries her best to stay out of the way. I don't think its curtsey, more like a deep fear of me going slower than I already am.
As soon as I'm dressed we have to go outside. She handles her toilet quickly and then bolts back to the door for breakfast and her daily chew toys and treats.
Poster - Queen Of Outer Space (3) I put on my iPod, shuffle to the door when my puppy comes with either a mouthful of food or treat and sees what the chances are of her coming with me. She waits until I've spoken to her, then goes to the window to see me down the road. I walk a mile and half, mostly uphill, to the bus stop. Then I get to wait nervously. Buses her only run on the hour and if the bus is late for my connection (which it is about half the time) I have a long wait.
I listen to music and wait.
Get on the bus and listen to music, read if I'm lucky enough to cop a free paper, look through my book or take a light catnap.
Until I get to work.
That's the way of it.

It snowed today. My puppy didn't let that interfere with her routine in the slightest.
I got about 100 yards down the road when a neighbor stopped and offered me a ride to the bus stop. The snow was heavy and so was my gratitude.
My neighbor is an older heavy set woman. She had her grandson with her. He's about 11 and very overweight. Overweight kids always make me a little sad. I figure its mostly just a bad habit but I never know for sure.
He wanted to talk to me. I'm the mysterious man who walks in the night with dark glasses and owns a beautiful black dog.
He was loaded with questions. So was she. I could tell but the way she corrected him stopped him from “prying”. She talked other me when I said ,“ He's not prying,” and then began to tell me too many details of her life. I never mind that. I don't understand why people do that but it doesn't bother me. And neither does not understanding why they make me privy to so many details.
Click images for desktop size: "Salvador Dali" by Rock Dreams
She dropped me off and apologized for all the mess in the car, mess from her grandkids. I told her I didn't mind that either because I didn't.
When she drove away I realized I'd told them my puppy's name but not mine. That bothers me.
I got into work on time, cold and damp.
I liked the way the snow looked against the bright green grass.
I realized the one bar electric heater I have isn't enough to warm the office or me.]So its a pretty normal day.
Coming home is more of the same except, as usual, no kindly neighbor to give me a lift, just the normal 90 minute to 3 hour bus ride.

My friend, Patrick, who is nearly as poor as me gave me a late Christmas gift. A second hand silver iPod Nano. His straight gig is in a print shop and he engraved the back of it: Warchilds.
I assume he forgot the apostrophe. If he didn't . . . Right now I can't figure out what it means. Warchildren? Or does he think that's what my nickname was?
I can't really ask him. If it was a mistake he'd be embarrassed.
I like it. Its fun. I prefer the old shuffle. Its engraved too. I like it being small and coming with a lanyard so I can wear it around my neck and find it easily. I like wearing it.
Dementia 13 Wallpaper - Roger Corman - Francis Ford Coppola - 1024 Problem is, I can't give the Nano away to someone who'd appreciate it. I can't give it away. It was a gift, see?
The small size and the lyrics thing make me think of it a sort of feminine. I'd still use it but I think a woman would like it more than I would.
I haven't used it much. I can't help preferring the iPod shuffle.
The niftiest thing it does is display the album artwork and the lyrics to the track. I find that very amusing. I also like that i can see what tracks I think are great or terrible. With the Shuffle I have to hope I remember one of the tracks before or after the one I can't identify . . . a bother but one I like in a gentle masochistic way.

The two dogs my puppy and I were “foster parenting” have both found new homes. I miss them.
Even knowing they're better off where they are. I still miss them.

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January 15, 2007

Happy MLK day

Mooney337-Outwiththelioninwiththelamb 1440X900
Click images for desktop size: "Out with the lions, In with the lamb" by Mooney
I had to work.

It was certainly good, bad, ugly and bizarre in the Division Playoffs this weekend.
The Good was the New Orleans Saints. They and the Eagles played the best game of this NFL season. It had everything, big plays, clean hits and tackles, elegance and toughness.
The bad was the Bears win over the Seahawks. It was just dreadful football. The only interesting thing was watching Brian Urlacher. When Tommie Harris is in the line up Harris acts like a giant full back opening up blitzing lanes for Urlacher. Then is when Urlacher plays like a demon sent down from a higher league. Without the giant tackle squashing the line and keeping the guards off of him Urlacher looked merely great.
The ugly was the Colts-Ravens game. NO TOUCHDOWNS!!! Manning looked like a average NFL QB and then shocking said for the record that he wanted “as much credit for wins as he gets for losses”! As the quote is always out of context its hard to imagine what happened. Did he have a sudden personality change? Was he overcome with self pity? Was he joking?
Poster - Oldboy And the bizarre was the Patriots getting throttled, abused and man handled by the Chargers yet still managing to win!
The most insane play was when the Patriots went for it on 4th and 5. Brady threw an interception and instead of just batting the ball down the Charger took off with it. If he'd just dropped the pass the Chargers take over 25 yards better off, but he takes off with it then Troy Brown (One of my fave NFL players) reached in and stripped the ball from him! Fumble, Patriots recover, Touchdown . . . rah!

So this weeks Championship games are . . . creepy. Frankly I'm bored with seeing the Colts and the Patriots square off . . . It will be a decent game. Interesting to see if Manning finally gets to the Superbowl with his worst team ever.
Saints at Bears is hard to call. Both teams are giving up big plays and making big plays. You have to lean to the Saints as a better team especially with the Bears missing Harris and Brown. The Bears have too many other good players on D to ever let an opponent rest easy.

My two foster dogs appear to have found homes. My puppy doesn't miss them except in the same way she misses her toys that she loses.
Tomorrow is the big deciding day for one of them. The adoption service I work with has a strict policy of a one week trial adoption. It makes good sense when your attitude is to find the best family mix for dog and humans.

I got pressed this weekend in a conversation. The end result of it was me having to admit that even with the lousy job, the money worries etc. I'm pretty happy - brain running to fast to admit it sometimes. Its easy to be happy when you have a great dog.

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January 8, 2007

Seperation will not part us

Christian Donner Chrome 1440X900
Click images for desktop size: "Chrome" by Christian Donner
I didn't post my picks for the Wild Card games out of respect for the passing of USC kicker Mario Danelo.
Its shocking whenever a 21 year old dies, let alone a young man who was looking down the road to a bright and happy future.
I don't know the exact place where Mario fell, but I do know the cliffs around San Pedro. Used to use them for some hang gliding.
As he was raised there I can easily imagine him scampering out there to see the moon on the ocean or maybe catch a sunrise reflecting off the waves and turning them silver.
Its sad.
Pete Carroll (USC head coach) made a statement about how this affected the entire Trojan Family. It may sound like rhetoric to outsiders but when my wife was in hospital every week their were fresh flowers from the Athletic Dept. Coaches and coaches wives came to visit, teammates and present members of the team came by to talk to her, me to be there and make it not seem so all alone.
At her services a teammate and the present member who wore my number acted as pallbearers.
Poster - London After Midnight (2)
In the midst of loss its easy to forget the depth of feeling that people can stir up inside you. Generally its only years after the general wash of emotions have subsided that you can understand the people reaching out to you and the comfort they offered and received.
The USC Trojans will miss and remember Mario.

This weekends Games look so much better than the Wild Card games, as they should actually.

Seattle at Chicago - Chicago whomped all over the Seahawks in the regular season. The Seahawks have since looked abysmal. I picked the Cowboys to beat them last week. And still flailing and stumbling they arrive in Chicago. The Bears front four is in disarray, with arrests and injuries. The Bear offense continues to be unreliable but potent when it does work. I'd give the points and take the Bears. The Seahawks have nothing to brag about and looked pretty poor against Dallas.

Philadelphia at New Orleans - The top NDC match for sure. The Eagles are playing hot ball, always succeeding when they need to. The Saints are a juggernaught though and the bye week will come in very handy for them. I expect the Saints to win but not easily.

Indianapolis at Baltimore - I picked the Chiefs to beat the Colts last week. Well, I expected the Chiefs' O-Line to at least try and block someone! Payton Manning is a great QB but the Colts continue to find ways to lose in the playoffs. Baltimore and Steve McNair will be ready for him. Remember McNair and Manning were Co-MVP's just a couple of years ago. McNair's been to the SuperBowl and knows how to get back there. Go Ravens.

New England at San Diego - The game of the season! It would have been better as the AFC Championship game. LT vs Brady. It doesn't get much better than this. Brady doesn't lose in the Playoffs, until last year at Denver. The Chargers are the best team in the AFC and I'm picking them to win this one but if I were betting money I'd take the Patriots and the points.

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January 5, 2007

Where's the rest of me?
From the film "Kings Row"

Cityofliberty 1440X900
Click images for desktop size: "City Of Liberty"
I just finished watching “Gridiron Gang”. I liked it. It was even better than the documentary on which it was based.
It reminded me too much of myself.
I stood up in front of the House Of Parliament and actually said, “Give me a sociopathic gangbanger and I'll give you back a middle linebacker. A young man committed to his team, his community and to himself.”
And I said it with a straight face and a deep commitment. I meant it and the fine young men entrusted to me kept proving me right.
I never knew if I was a good coach. I still don't. I like doing it but that might just be the control freak inside me. I do know there was never anything more thrilling or beautiful to me than a British kid from the council flats showing me a letter from an American School.
We won a lot of games - 134 against 14 losses. I got a lot of credit I didn't deserve and I worked like a maniac and loved it all. Getting the kids to try. Getting the money to take a bus to play a game 300 miles away. getting adults to respect what those kids were doing.
I loved it.
Then I look at myself now and wonder how I got so thin, not in physique but in spirit.
Sometimes I just want to go walking with my puppy and never look back, just the two of us walking off to whatever we can't avoid.
Poster - I Was A Teenage Frankenstein Like Groucho Marx I don't want to belong to any club that will have me. I am so much less than I was and sometimes it hurts me to remember what I've done and what I'll no longer do.
Maybe I don't like growing old gracefully. Maybe I'm just tired of struggling just to stay alive, of always masking the physical pain, of being glib and humorous when I feel like it would be so much easier to quit.
I'll get over it.
I have to.
I've got a foster puppy with a prospective new owner. Whatever goes on with me I know I'm not bigger than the world. I know that no matter how much I crave it I'll never be all alone.
I don't much mind being misunderstood, or even ignored. I'm thick skinned. Insults, even from loved ones, don't stay with me long.
And my puppy enjoys telling me her good jokes. And some friends just won't ever go away.
And honesty is always a good thing even if you don't like answering the questions. Standing up in front of the Inquisition isn't great but its better than not remembering who you are or even who you were.

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January 4, 2007

7 Days without love makes one weak
USC 32 Michigan 18

Click images for desktop size: "Praire Fire" by Frank DeSoto
Pleasant and exciting holidays. It was devoted to friends but mostly dogs.
I was baby sitting a foster dog for the holidays. He's a small, remarkably docile thing. He had a seizure. a grand mal, in the middle of the night. It was pretty bad. He came out of it fine, just frightened and disoriented.
From his response I guess that he'd been punished or the people who took him to the pound to die must have panicked when he'd had seizures before.
My friend who runs the Animal Rescue Service speculates that Charles got dumped in the dog pound because of the seizures.
I don't know. I'm pretty tough and pretty hard but even at my worst I was never mean and nasty enough to take a pup and just throw it away to die. I hope I never get that mean.
We went to the vet and the Animal Rescue picked up the tab, which was cool. They're doing blood work and waiting on the results.

Dfmp6 046 Shop Around The Corner 1940 Now that LSU has properly spanked Notre Dame I hope we can stop hearing about their most storied program. Charlie Weiss is amongst the highest paid coaches in college football. They keep calling him a genius. HE HASN'T WON ANYTHING!
He is still playing with guys that Ty Winningham recruited. And then keeps insisting bizarre things like, “Grady Quinn will be the 3rd best QB in the NFL. Right behind Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.”
Huh? Quinn is talented but in every big game he has looked horrid, most of that I put down to Weiss' brain dead game planning.
Next year Weiss will be forced to play some of his recruits. He will be forced to teach those young men how to play college ball. Lets see what happens then. Perhaps he'll deserve the accolades and the bowl game they got this year, a bowl game and accolades they clearly did not deserve.
They've used them in ways I can't criticize but do not approve of. A highly recruited WR here went with Notre Dame because he was promised that it was the surest path to the NFL.
I'm not keen on the NFL using college as an unfunded minor leagues and I'm not fond of using a professional sports career as a carrot, dangling that in front of a poor kids hungry eyes seems cruel. That is the Notre Dame I'm used to though so it is back to business as usual for them.

In the final week of the NFL I went 15-1. Who figured San Francisco to dump Denver? Someone did because I didn't win! Still I moved into 54th place for the season and now have the playoffs to contend with!
And yes, I am crabby. I don't like it when the holidays end. Ending is inevitable. I just wish there was some change, something that stayed in the world after the season passed.

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