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September 30, 2007

Are you happy now? Are you!
Charles Bronson - "Machine Gun Kelly"

Wine And Champagne By Platinus
Click images for desktop size: "Wine And Champagne" by Platinus

After two weeks things are settling down.
Yeah, I'm happy.
My puppy is settling in. That's the most important thing. She still has moments where she seems desperate, desperately afraid I'll leave her. She's more attached than I'd like to her one toy and she brings it to me at any given moment. She checks on me in the night. Not out of solicitousness, which I'm used to, but, it seems, just to make sure I'm still there.
She has no horror stories in her life. I'm glad for that. Her biggest trauma is that for 3 weeks I wasn't there.
Playgirl After Dark (1959) That trauma deserves respect and tender ministrations. We love each other and the rest will fall into place.
That adage applies to more than just puppies.

Last night I "watched" the game cast of USC v Washington. Without getting to see the game. From as much as you can tell watching a brown dot move around on a green background it sounds like USC has too much talent to lose but played horridly. They could have lost. 5 turnovers doesn't compensate for near 500 yard production. A defense holding an opponent below 200 yards has done its job. I don't know what to think and can't wait until I can SEE them play, hopefully against Cal and Oregon.

Not being able to see games is costing me in the little on-line football contest. The first 2 weeks I was in the top 12. Last week I was only 6-10 and tumbles all the way down to 53rd!
I can't offer any analysis of the games, I'm only going off of history and personnel.
For this week I'm just giving a simple list of games with minimal annotation.
Home team listed second and my pick in BOLD.

Baltimore at Cleveland - Steve McNair is gimpy, what else is new. He's tough and the Raven's defense hasn't taken too many injury hits. An "just figures" pick.

Chicago at Detroit - This is an oddity. The Bears defense is a shambles. Brian Greise is no messiah, but they are a superior team. Detroit has a couple decades of being just being bad but Jon Kitna, once again, has proven he can revive a dying franchise. They have a lot of talent and should win this one at home in a game of the day contender.

Green Bay at Minnesota - As far as I'm concerned Brett Favre is back. The Vikings are a much improved team but Favre has shown through out his career that when he has the Mojo working his team is unstoppable.
Thunderbolts 01
Click images for desktop size: "Thunderbolts" by Marvel Comics

Houston at Atlanta - As much as I now despise Michael Vick you can almost feel sorry for him, until Sunday and you see what he's done to his teammates, fans and the kids. Texans have a hot hand and their leader is a Falcons castoff. They'll smash a team that is swirling in misery and confusion. No faith of the faithless here.

New York Jets at Buffalo - I feel sorry for the Bills and for the City Of Buffalo. They deserve a champion again. The Jets don't care.

Oakland at Miami - Dolphins are huge favorites to win but somehow the stuff I see about the Dolphins makes me think this team is in bigger disarray than the Raiders. A cruddy game of the week.

St Louis at Dallas - Parcells leaves and the Cowboys start playing like champs with no dissension showing any where. What happened to Bloger?

Seattle at San Francisco - I got to see the Arizona-49ers game. The 49ers STINK!
Tampa Bay at Carolina - This is an odd game. The Panthers are favorites but have shown very little while the Buc's seem to be surging. Just guessing about Delhomme's status and my general dislike of the Panther's coaching.

Denver at Indianapolis - A game of the week contender. Just going with the hot hand, especially now that the Colts are playing Tony Dungee type defense.

Kansas City at San Diego - You have to pick San Diego but the owners and front office really gutted this fine team by dumping a coach who took them to a pretty lofty level. I wouldn't be surprised to see Larry Johnson assert himself and make this my upset of the week.

Pittsburgh at Arizona - I'm really disliking the Steelers and really hate having to pick them over the Cardinals.
Solarsystem Vlad
Click images for desktop size: "The Solar System" by Vlad Studios
New England at Cincinnati - My game of the week because sometimes you just want to see a shoot out. And I still love watching Chad Johnson play.

Philadelphia at New York Giants - Another tough pick because I haven't seen either team play. I have to believe the Giants are as bad as they say and the eagles as hot as they claim.

As usual use these picks for a basis of going bankrupt. I have to pick straight up and not against the spread.
Next week my puppy and I might actually get to see some of these games!
And here's to the sad ending of the regular season. I'm dying to see what happens with the Phillies and Mets and really am hoping for a one game playoff!

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