I’d walk two miles around trouble. If I have to. Borden Grant

Christmas Volcanoe By Vlad Desing Studios Put up our little disco tree and some decorations yesterday.
Nothing fancy, just a couple garlands and a wreath on the front gate. Felt pretty good.
My puppy was fascinated with the tree and had to inspect each ornament and watched me carefully while I hung each one.
It! The Terror From Beyond Space I’m pretty sure she’ll be happiest when there are presents to go under it.
Still working on her Christmas card.
It looks like we won’t be able to afford to send out too many, if any, Christmas cards. This is just a little jpeg one she can send to the kids. Kids love email in the same way I used to love getting regular mail.
I’ve got a feeling some of you may be getting the electronic version, which, you could always print out and hang on the string around the fireplace . . . I mean, that’s what I do and all.
In my Christmas decoration box I found all the Christmas cards we’d received in the past two years. Its a nice bountiful treasure. One of the pleasures of doing the decorations is looking at those cards and remembering, no recalling, each of the senders.
Never get much of a chance to tell people what they mean to me. Recalling them is the only chance I have. Doesn’t mean much cause its all in here.
The best card I ever got was of my friend’s new born son.
I’ve lost that. Pity me for only having the memory.

I was 14-2 in my NFL picks this weekend. Alarmingly that still dropped me over 300 places in the standings!
I watched the Bush-less Saints vs the Vick-less Falcons last night.
In the wake of Michael Vick’s sentencing it was an odd sight. All those people supporting him.
I tried to recall if anyone in Chicago had dressed outrageously when Jamall Anderson got sent to prison for drug sales (90 days) or when Tank Johnson got sent away for breaking his probation by carrying around guns.
Spidergirl I don’t think so. But maybe.
I’d like to think that these are fans so tightly bounded to their team that they are willing to forgive. But I don’t like kidding myself.
The wave of editorials I’ve read seem to forget that the victims were tortured cruelly to death. They stop short of saying “but it was only dogs”. But they stop just short.
They blame most of Vick’s troubles on PETA . . . and on his lying. One editorial in the Washington Post seemed to say, perhaps unintentionally, that it was the lying about his involvement that Vick was being punished for, not cruelly hurting innocent creatures.
Too many editorials pointed out the various manslaughter convictions, shooting incidents, rapes etc committed by NFL players. Pointing out how those players received lighter sentences than Vick. I guess this is in support of their factious expose of the huge power wielded by animal lovers. I Demand Payment None of them pointed out that maybe those other guys got treated far too lightly. My friend did right away, so its a pretty glaring thing.
It bothers me. I love dogs in general and mine in particular.
I don’t know what to make of it really. It saddens me to see a 27 year old man destroy his life. The Vick football players have both done that. And I can’t grasp why fighting dogs was something that so obsessed Vick that he’d put his life so at risk. I’ll never understand wanting to hurt an animal; especially to the point of death. I never will. Its one of those things where all I can say is, some people are just like that.

I’m hoping Christmas washes those thoughts out of my mind. I don’t need to think about the terror that’s in this world all the time, do I? Maybe I do.
Anyway I keep listening to Christmas music like the coolest whack version of Twas The Night Before Christmas while I try and move this site over to Movable Type. Its becoming a real pain but it might be worth it, if I can do it.

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