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June 11, 2008

So long and thanks for all the fish
Note from the dolphins on hearing of the end of the world ~Douglas Adams

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Its been a bad past few days. Maybe not that bad but hard to know that at the time.
One of the near disasters was the old G4 12' Inch Powerbook had a nasty hard drive issue. The "Invalid symlink" error.
The prescribed methods of fixing it didn't work. Eventually the HD wouldn't boot. It wouldn't even boot off of the CD drive . . .
Revenge Of The Dead By hooking the Powerbook to the iMac with the Firewire cable (Apple is moving towards discarding Firewire ports which is scary. They offer a lot more than USB 2. Speed shouldn't be the only concern. And Firewire is still faster!) I was able to access the Powerbooks dead HD. There was nothing I could do to get any of the data (and no backups!) so the only thing left was to try and reformat the drive. I was lucky. I was able to reformat it and re-install Tiger.
I've been using the FileSalvage app to try and get back as much data as possible. About 50% roughly speaking . . . all with names like 1057.jpg, or 6572.m4a . . .
I bought the Powerbook years ago. It cost about two grand so you can tell how old it is by the sheer fact I could actually afford 2 grand. When it comes close to death I suddenly feel a pang. I realize how attached and fond I am of the little machine.
I gave it to my friend a couple of years ago. I guess it shows how fond I am of her as well. She's used it as her everyday ever since, after a lifetime of Windows machines she has learned to love the Mac with a fervor that matches my own and she also looks fondly at the little 12" inch G4 Powerbook.
Long may it live.
Then this morning I awoke to find an e-mail from the hosting service.
They had terminated this domain due to violation of terms of service . . . Bluehost was very quick in responding to me.
The WordPress installation had been hacked and the hacker had inserted a php attacking virus, hence the need to shut it down ASAP.
I was not so upset not to be impressed that they had found the hack so quickly.
Reclining Nude By Edward Hopper
Click images for desktop size: "Reclining Nude" by Edward Hopper
The only part of the site I run on WordPress was the old blog, "The Long Goodbye". It was very popular even though I hadn't updated it in nearly 2 years. I had plans to put a couple of things up so I updated to the latest version of WordPress, version 2.5.
I just found out that 2.5 had 3 major security holes and that millions of them were hacked within the first week of installation. I could have updated to the recent WordPress 2.5.1 which repairs the holes but it seemed more expedient to simply delete the thing.
Its another reason to prefer MovableType. I prefer perl to php and even if I find php more confusing than cgi I'm alone in that. Most of the kiddie hackers get bewildered by perl. I've no idea why that is. I guess it the same reason that most of the attacks servers seem to withstand are directed at Windows servers and fail against Mac and linux servers.
Anyway, the sites back up (obviously).
Then yesterday I saw that the cat was spassing out. I figured she was close to death. Earth VS The Flying Saucers I sat with her while she trembled and stared blankly.
She's an old cat. I don't like cats. No reason. I just don't. Even if they like me first.
I also don't think any living thing deserves to die alone or rolling in the mud. I'm not that tough. So I gathered her up in a towel and sat with her.
She put up with it and kept staring blankly and trembling.
My friend said to call the vet and see about euthanasia. They wanted about 300 dollars for the task . . . the Humane society only wanted seventy five . . . it seems a sick sort of thing to make such a huge profit off of.
It also went some way to explaining why so many people dump ill pets off at the shelter knowing they'll be put down. I don't recall how much I was charged the last time I had to have a pet put down. Its too traumatic an event for me to recall that sort of trivial detail.
Anyway being poor might have been a salvation. Under my friends tender ministrations the cat made it through the night. She's moving around. Wobbly but alert and jumping about some. Even eating.
Then there was the major upset.
I suddenly realized how vulnerable I am. Which is ironic because the upset was caused primarily by insecurity and pride.
Stupid pride.
One thing about us people things . . . well, its one thing to be able to look at yourself and see yourself as you are, to look at yourself and know your strengths, weakness, ills and secrets. Untitled by Dark Art
Click images for desktop size: "Untitled" by Dark Art
Its something different to have another person know all those things and accept you and love you. We all say we want that but what I've noticed is that we always want the person to love that idealized image we tend to carry of ourselves.
Its hard when someone knows all your secrets, "even the secrets you don't know they know" and still loves you.
That's trivializing things some but my brain has been exploding too much to be more exact.
Brain exploding and too much to do. I guess that's another definition of life. Its like the grass growing taller while you try and figure out how to fix the lawn mower.


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