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I tried an experiment last night. It didn’t work out to well.
Its been a long time since I tried sleeping without noise. Lately I’ve been going to bed wearing the iPod. I made a playlist that lasts 90 minutes or so. Generally I’ll fall asleep by the first 10 or so Riff-Raff tunes. Then I’ll wake up and listen to the last 4 or 5. I’ll take off the earbuds then fall back to a pretty normal, for me, sleep.
Sleeping with no music, or TV set to sleep didn’t work very well at all.
First thing I did was notice all the pains in my body. Somehow I’ve developed a new pain. It feels like a knitting needle has been pounded into my nose with a rubber mallet, pounded Th Enchanted Prince by Maxfield Parrish

“The Enchanted Prince” by Maxfield Parrish
until its gone though my brain and come out the back of my skull. Its a pretty straight line of hurt.
I’ve never had anything like it before. I have no idea what it might mean, if anything.
I noticed every little tic of discomfort. I managed to shut them down one by one. Then my mind drifted to football. I was appalled that USC fell two places in the BSC rankings. Very stupid.
Not so much USC’s poor play but due to the rather idiotic love affair of over hyping the SEC in particular and the Big 12 flavor of the month.
I understand over hyping the SEC. CBS payed a small fortune to get an exclusive broadcast deal on the conference. Its in their benefit to keep the myth alive that this is the best conference in College football. The SEC has three fine teams and then a mess. All those “superb” defenses getting ripped for 40 and 50 plus points every week, and Alabama scheduling cupcakes.
The Big 12 doesn’t believe in Defense. One player on Texas Tech, Whitlock, played out of his skull and destroyed Texas. Its why I love college ball, one player gets amped and suddenly becomes a leader who smashes everything. Texas Tech deserves to be number one and Penn State number two, in my opinion. The rest doesn’t make a lot of sense.
How does Florida getting beaten by Mississippi mean less than USC playing a bad half against Oregon State? Its senseless.
Allegories Of Love by Terry Rogers

Click images for desktop size: “Allegories Of Love” by Terry Rogers
Then I noticed my hands were cramping up. I massaged them and thought about music.
I had that momentary desire bred of a deep seated insanity that makes me want to be in a band.
There’s nothing like the fun of standing on a stage and playing guitar. Carrying on and still getting to the mike in time to do my background vocals. I have a pretty thin voice that sounds thin and bland singing lead but somehow sounds fabulous (that’s right – fabulous) when doing harmony.
When its working right you can hear the crowd actually gasp when you hit the mike and the chords just so.
I then laid out my schedule for today. I worked it out fine and ended up by saying to myself that will work out great so long as it doesn’t rain or something stupid. (Of course this morning I got up Superstooges VS The Wonderwomen and it was raining.)
I thought about my bills and how annoying it frustrating it was that only one company had posted my money orders.
My puppy came in and put her nose in my face. I petted her for a moment and realized that nearly 5 months after his death I still terribly miss my little blind dog. As wonderful as the three dogs who live with me now are and as much as I love my puppy there’s still and empty hole inside me that only he fit in.
I then fell back on my exercise to promote sleep. This about 3:00 am. I took my name, squared the number of letters in each of them, added them together and then found the square root of the total.
I decided this would be my lucky number!
I got up to 6 decimal places before I finally fell asleep.
Dark Art

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I don’t know where a 6 decimal number will help me if I suddenly decide to play the lottery, so I guess that experiment was a failure too.
I still got up at 6:30 which is cool.
I like staying on schedule.

This morning I’m bored with the election. Although I’m sad the nasty campaigning is coming to an end.
I liked Obama’s little movie. I thought McCain was pretty funny on Saturday Night Live, right up there with Nixon saying “Sock it to me?” on the old Laugh In show.
This reinforces an old theory of mine that the evil at least think they have the most fun in the world. And that’s nearly the same thing.
I’ll also miss seeing the insanity that is Sarah Palin. She’s been a total hoot, I can’t accept thatSeven Samurai anyone takes this ogre seriously. I mean no one in the world could be so stupid or lost in the ether of hatred and bigotry or insanity to not see that this is nothing but a colossal joke. If its not a joke than its an insult.
An even bigger insult than Dan Quayle and Spiro Agnew. Although she does remind me of both of them. Some beauty queen brain damaged abomination of the two of them. Quayle couldn’t spell potato and Agnew was convicted for bribes and abuse of power . . .
Maybe she’s not a joke . . .
But she is so funny!
Doing laundry now.
I still like doing laundry in some way.
Bad sleep experiment aside still had an excellent weekend. On Halloween we saw monsters and a unicorn and we had pizza! We also got some Greek food that made me sick but was great enough to be worth feeling poor.
Had a Greek feta salad, a fancy meatless and eggless breakfast and I made Tom Yum Gum soup on Sunday. Got ingredients at the Thai market. I really like it there. Cheap and other worldy enough to feel like fun. I wish it were closer.
And I got to be with my friend.

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