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Inspiration by Richard Mohler Thanksgiving turned out to be an excellent day.
Except for the NFL football schedule which was pretty bad. Three uninteresting blow outs in a day . . .
Tazameti It was the Philadelphia-Arizona game that was the most interesting and that was only because the Eagles didn’t stink and the Cardinals did. I picked the Cardinals because I figured that they’d finally get over this weird bugaboo of not being able to win in different time zone . . . HR Giger
It was a bit sad seeing Dante Culpepper look so dreadful for the Lions, who were the most dreadful football team I’ve ever seen. I think a few non BCS schools could hand them their heads. Culpepper has fought so hard for so long it was bafflingly sad to see him attempt to lead these bumbling lost souls.
Aside from the NFL it was a great day.
My pain is under control. There are only two places where its bad. I gather this means I can assume I have abscesses.
Geisha One is in a left lower molar. I took a cold drink and it touched the tooth. It was electric. I guess I’ll have to lose that tooth. Its not getting better. The other is in my left hip. If I take a step wrong its excruciating. I think it feels worse because the other pain is so negligible now.
There’s no swelling in the hip or anything. I have no idea what they do to deal with a deep muscle abscess. I hope I don’t have to find out.
I’ve only taken 800 mg of ibuprofen this morning and feel durable.
Anyway, yesterday we went to the Chinese Buffet!
I wore gold corduroy slacks (instead of my usual jeans or a suit), a gold soft chenille like shirt that looks20 Million Miles To Earth almost like suede, a brown belt and brown Rockport deck shoes.
I thought I looked good and was a visual treat. I got no compliments but I put that off to the fact that I always look pretty good.
The only jarring note to the ensemble was my burgundy fleece. It has two large inner pockets that I lined with plastic ziplock bags!
The restaurant was busy but not packed out. It was surprisingly decorated for Christmas. Pretty tree, lights and other decorations. One I thought was add, wreaths with ribbons that said, “I Like Snow”. I figure you have to like it because its not going anyplace.
I ate more food yesterday than I think I’ve eaten in at least three months! I say three months but I really can’t think of anytime I’ve eaten more.
I had two handmade shrimp cocktails. Some pickled style shrimp, too much breaded calamari, and the usual Chinese dishes and noodles that I like (garlic chicken, koa pao chicken with lots of The Enchanted Prince by Maxfield Parrish different style noodles).
I was also able to get about half a pound of bacon! Three sausage links and 5 skewers of chicken for the dogs.
I managed to totally trash out my well assembled ensemble. I got pizza sauce all over it. Its pretty hard surreptitiously sneaking 3 slices into plastic bags on your fleece while standing at a food counter . . . I did it but at the price of looking like the sloppiest eater that ever entered a buffet line.
At least we got to leave with no further embarrassment like being asked why my midsection had gotten so lumpish.
For desert I got a little square of sugar free cheesecake. It wasn’t as good as the mere idea of eating cheesecake. Then I had a small dish of cookies and cream ice cream topped with bananas in strawberry sauce.
My friend and I were enjoying ourselves so much we actually thought about going back for more . . . we didn’t but it was tempting.
Gravin Alexandera We left content. Made one stop to get some cans of dog food. I use that on the pups kibble. I make a sort of gravy for their breakfast, mainly to hide the flavor of the brewers yeast and stuff I feel compelled to insure they eat.
When we got in the house the dogs went berserk. I must have reeked of pizza and bacon.
I wouldn’t give them any.
They were still glad to see us. Maybe the smells were enough.
It was time to give them their Frontline anti-flea treatment. (Last year it was in the coldest part of the winter that the fleas were at their very worst!)
After I gave them their Frontline I gave them half a piece of bacon, one at a time. As usual the giant dog ran from me. He hates sprays or Frontline or just about anything being put on him. After our usual fight I got him treated and he ran to get to the kitchen fully expecting his piece of bacon. He’d carefully noted that the other two got their bacon after treatment . . .
He makes me laugh.
I sat down to watch the football and promptly fell asleep . . . I don’t know if it was so much the food as it was the boring game. Of course getting up at 5 after going to bed at 2 might have had something to do with it . . .
I woke up and was not hungry at all, even after my friend made Yorkshire pudding! I had no desire to eat, in a nice way.
I made the dogs their dinner. Helped my puppy write her blog post, mainly by taking pictures and staying out of her way. She claims I try and take too much credit anyway.
When I woke this morning I was still not hungry and didn’t have any trace of the shaky hollowness I Three Bad Sisters usually face in the morning.
Last night I tired to experiment by going to bed in silence. It didn’t work.
I tossed and turned and felt every pain in my body and tried to quantize each ache and throb. I thought about how much I loved my friend and my dogs and how much I don’t care for cats in general and cats who bite me in reflex in particular. An hour later I got up and got the iPod, put it on and was passed out in 20 minutes.
Today I’ve been promised a gourmet breakfast with homemade bread for toast! I think it will be brunch really.
After that its the games. I have to believe the college games will be better than the NFL. They usually are.
I’m still shocked that the USC – Notre Dame isn’t on TV. I gather its the first time since 1966 that the game hasn’t been broadcast nationally. Charlie Weiss claims he’s a genius. Maybe he is but it sure isn’t in the area of coaching a college team.

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