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November 5, 2008

Then I remembered, woods fate is to burn
Takashi Kimura

Little Red Riding Hood
Click images for desktop size: "Little Red Riding Hood" by Campari Inc
I want to do a TV commercial for the Roomba.
I think I can even convince my puppy to give it an endorsement. Its the only vacuum cleaner she's not terrified of.
The New Barabarians None of the dogs care about it very much. They only react if it comes up behind them and punches it in the leg. They're mildly annoyed by the boops and beeps it utters but they really don't care.
If you own any pets you know that dogs abhor a vacuum (cleaner). That they'll nap while this one cleans the floor two feet from their head is near miraculous.
My puppy could say, "we have a Roomba and I don't care!" while there's a shot of her sleeping as the roomba scurries around her.Impalers by Electrocutie
Click image: "Impalers" by Electrocutie

I like it . . .
It also does the floors even better than my old red roomba! After sweeping by hand with a decent broom the roomba picked up 4 times the dirt. fur and. embarrassingly, human hair!
There are some other improvements than just cleaning even better: Its not so willy nilly. The old roomba would just smack into stuff and then turn around. This one still does but it also seems to consider things a bit. It clearly slows down while it scans before running under dressers and bed ruffles. A lot less getting jammed under stuff. The bin is easier to clean. The filter is much easier to clean.
Supposedly its better at not getting tangled up in cords. I didn't really notice that. It got tangled up in the extension cords that are prevalent in this old house at least four times. Easy enough to cope with but still annoying.
Planning on doing the rest of the house today. The coolest thing is that, while I still plan to monitor it, I'll be outside with the dogs doing some yard work. Then I plan to leave the dogs inside while the roomba does the office and bathroom while I blow the leaves!
The Thunderbolts
Click images for desktop size: "The Thunderbolts" by Marvel Comics
I had no idea I needed to be this efficient. I don't really but its nice to have things cleaner than I could ever do it myself with almost no effort on my part!

Obama got elected. I'm guardedly pleased.
Oddly I have less confidence in his position on my rights than most. I think he, like most Democrats, is going to pull up short at some of the sweeping changes we need. Like the restructuring of Homeland Security.
Does anyone really believe that the insanity that they put people through at airports has stopped anything? I mean, I left Texas on a Greyhound bus. The bus was held up for 3 hours while Homeland security checked for terrorists! On a bus . . . then just before leaving Texas the bus was held up for another 2 hours on the high way The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue for a surprise inspection, first by INS looking for illegals . . . and then Homeland Security. I guess to see if we'd constructed a bomb out of toothpaste and used disposable razor in the 4 hours we'd been on the road.
Obama still thinks the phone companies have a right to listen in on our phone calls and to share the info with anyone who might ask. He voted for it.
He voted to give the banks that 750 billion so they could buy up other banks and give themselves fat bonuses while they laughed at us.
I'm also concerned about international relations. I think the Asian countries are going to have less of a problem dealing with a black man than our European allies.
Its easy to imagine how the xenophobes in the French, German and Spanish countries might react. Dream by Luis Royo
Click images for desktop size: "Dreams" by Luis Royo
Spain is still fighting internally about the difference between being Catalan and Spanish with some odd discriminatory practices.
The big surprise will be from the UK. Ireland won't have many issues, but England and Scotland . . .
Back when the US was fighting internally about civil rights and equality for all regardless of race, religion or national origin En gland decided to make the magnanimous gesture of removing class restrictions for 92% of the white Anglo-Saxons in the country.
At cricket fields and soccer stadiums there are still the markings for "Amateur", upper class athletes who were paid more than the professionals. The "amateurs" had separate dressing rooms and after match club houses. To my mind not much difference between "Whites Only" drinking fountains.
Its frightening because they really did consider this an act of kindness. Not a rectification of a grievous wrong but an act of kindness.
In the 80's England began to experience their race riots. These were serious things but The Incredibly Strange Creaturescomparatively mild compared to the riots in Watts, Chicago and New York. Sadly, the riots continue into the 21st century, not just for blacks but for Indians and Pakistanis as well.
There is more innate bigotry and hatred of "the different" in England than I've ever seen in any other place. As sad as it was to see the entire block of "Confederate States" vote for the demonstrably inept McCain the rhetoric of the KKK are seldom as strong as the words of a North Country farmer or a Midlands bank executive in casual conversation when it comes to matters of race. And that's sadder still.
I don't know if the English view different races as "inferior" or if they just hate anything or anyone different. I would figure that the majority hate Americans. In general they consider American women stupid and easy. American men as greedy, fat louts.
They may be our "staunchest" ally, but only when its to their greater benefit. They'd have been much happier with a continued Republican administration, for sure.
One of the oddest, to my American mind, is the constant encouraged animosity between African blacks and West Indian blacks. The African's call the Caribbean blacks "slaves" and the Caribbean's just hate the Africans for being arrogant.
Then you have Sir David Condon, the Head of Scotland Yard, and the rest of the police making the outrageous statement that "blacks were predisposed to crime" and continuing to state that "most blacks were criminals".
Only the Guardian lightly criticized him. The general feeling wasn't that he was wrong but that such thoughts should be kept private and not stated so obviously. No one called for his resignation or his ouster, even when he made it plain that he intended to encourage racial profiling. He believed that if every black were afraid to walk down the street it would stop street crime . . . The Snake Pit
Of course it didn't, but an entire race was singled out and made to feel alien and less than human. Not a good way for a person to feel, nor a way that anyone should feel.
How Gordon Brown, Liberal Prime Minister, will cope with a man he considers to be born a criminal will be interesting. As the majority of England's business is wrapped up in foreign and domestic banks it will be interesting to see how they can work together to face the rapidly encroaching world wide depression.
I wonder if Obama will get to have dinner with the Queen? I'm guessing he'll be to busy for such frivolity but it will be interesting to see if he's even invited.
There's a world of trouble still to come. I figure Obama and Biden give us a lot more of a fighting chance than McCain or Palin ever could.
I do have the worry that McCain purposefully threw the election, or that the Republican party just threw him to the wolves for some bizarre reason of their own. I hope not. Its too Machiavellian for me to consider fully.


Keep in mind that each president or prime minister bears the weight of the nation they represent. The other historical issue beholden to this American President is that he, essentially, bears the weight of the world.

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