Merry Christmas

Christmas Tree Its been a perfect Christmas so far.
The giant dog was googley eyed over every present. Played with each toy and then tried to play with them all.Treasure Chest Comics
The gentle dog was wide eyed and smiling. Loved everything and everybody.
Christmas Present My puppy was disappointed because she didn’t get a helicopter. But she loved her busy bones and giving her gift.
I got a kiss from her. My friend got a scarf, gloves and matching merle hat!
It still worries where my puppy came up with the money for that!
We had potatoes and an omelet for Christmas breakfast. Later we’ll go out to the Chinese Buffet for Christmas dinner.
I’m excited about that. I read a joke somewhere that the only thing open on Christmas Dy are 7-11’s and Chinese Restaurants. The buffet has advertised that they’ll have roast turkey for Christmas. Santa Stars Rah! If they have bacon for the pups then it will be a perfect Christmas dinner.
My puppy’s aunt had to work yesterday. Corporate Scrooges. On her way home she was rear ended by a guy in a Porsche while he was talking on his cellular. She was stopped at a red light.
She had to go to hospital but she’s okay now. Best wishes that she keeps improving.
It rained all day yesterday. Hit 40. Now its snowing fat flakes and is well below freezing. Lots of ice and holiday cheer.
Its all for the best.
We’ll end Christmas with The Roy Rogers Show and “The Night Before the Night Before Christmas” a “thrilling Christmas Adventure” for Roy, Dale and Pat.
Have a happy Holidays.

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