Even though we have chosen to live at the crossroads of hell we suffer for it everyday Kazuo Koike

Backyard Fashion
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I’ve decided that the pain in my thumbs is neuropathic.
The only logic I have for this is that the pain has metamorphosed into some of the past neuropathic pains I’ve had. It reminds me most of the left shoulder.Creature From The Black Lagoon
The left shoulder started in a similar way, annoying pain that slowly became excruciating and managed to hide its intent.
I remember that I was driving and raised my arm to wave to someone on the sidewalk. I nearly plowed into an over pass buttress because I was suddenly convulsed with black vision pain. Nine Dragons Wall at Datong
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I really don’t know how close I came to the buttress. I couldn’t see it.
After wards I noticed that if I raised my arm at more than a 90 degree angle from my body the pain was intense and blinding. That was my first discovery of neuropathic pain. Its one of the side effects they don’t really explain to some of the chemo-therapies. Weird thing is that the pain is based in the nerve damage but its so pervasive it effects the muscles as well.
I went on a self prescribed physical therapy. Later at a regular doctor’s appointment they prescribed the same exercises I was already doing but added a couple of new ones so it didn’t feel like a wasted time.
It took about a year for me to get completely rid of the pain, or at least bring it to a low enough level to ignore it.
I think the thumb is worse. For one thing its the first time I’ve not had the pain on my left side. But even though the pain is localized to a much smaller part of my body it was relatively easy to sort of remember not to suddenly raise my left arm over my shoulder. Its hard to remember not to use my right hand to open doors, answer phones and stuff.
Horror by Poze Horor
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I’m going to try and figure out a series of exercises to bring the pain down.
Oddly, except for occasional stabs of pain, the guitar playing is going well . . . I keep working on new songs. Have even taken some tunes and put new words to them. I like that, even if the only “audience” reaction has been, “I’ve never heard that one before” and “That’s not how it goes, is it?” At least they’re listening.
Its been very cold here these past few days. It semi-worries me that I can ignore cold so well. The dogs and I went out for an hour or so yesterday. No ill effects at all.
The only worry about this is that I might ignore something that’s doing me damage. I’ve done it in the past. Just another thing to be careful about.
In the intense cold I’m a little bit concerned that I haven’t seen the skanky cat for three days. With the light snow it would have been easy to see its footprints. I hope its okay and hasn’t frozen to death or something.Cry of the Banshee
I really hope I never see skanky cat again but I don’t want it dead or hurt someplace. I want it to be with someone who thinks its beautiful and not skanky at all, who feeds and strokes it and keeps it warm and save.
Maybe I’ll see it run across the street or something and it will be all sleek and fat and will probably ignore me. Cats are like that.
My puppy’s aunt has suggested that the stupid cat is defecating in the house because its ill.
I don’t think so. It’s stool is very healthy. I’ve certainly had to examine enough of it.
We have to keep the cats food and litter box behind a gate to keep the dogs from rooting around. Now all three dogs really hate the stupid cat. Which is odd because the other cat, who died, they never had a problem with at all, not even when it would come and stand on my shoulder to steal some popcorn. They’d even let the other cat sleep against them with no real Sex and Fashion by S4W
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reaction. Nor did they freak out when the other cat would butt in and start eating their food. But they hate the stupid cat.
I’ve watched enough to see that it provokes them quite a bit, sometimes harmlessly but sometimes pretty maliciously. Which is another justification for calling it the stupid cat.
The giant dog in particular takes offense to the stupid cat. When he sees it he’ll follow it. He also likes to lie in front of the gate that protects its food and litter box. I’d suspect that the stupid cat doesn’t see the need for using the litter box and just goes where its convenient for it. I’ve watched it swat the giant dog and leap over it to get to its food. I’d figure it doesn’t see any sense to use that sort of effort to use the toilet.
The latest version of Handbrake, the app I use to back-up DVD’s, has a new pre-set for AppleTV. Its based on CRF (Constant Quality) instead of being based on bit rate. It works extremely well, Darkest Africa1936Bat-Men of Joba.jpg producing better looking files at up to 60% the size! The only drawback to it is that it takes about 30% longer to do so.
Like a two pass H264 encode at 2500 average bit rate with 5.1 sound and ACC stereo would come in at about 2.5 gigs and take about 3 and a half hours to encode.
With the new preset the same movie comes in at about 1.5 gig but took about 6 hours to encode. The smaller file looked BETTER than the larger file. Highly impressive.
I don’t have a video iPod but I’d suspect similar results.
Oh, last night there was a huge crash boom bam. Startled me and got the dogs excited. Seems the neighbor backed his trailer into his house! My friend thought that was pretty funny. Since there was not any real damage, thinking about it, she’s right; it was.
For the first time he didn’t block us out of our house! Probably serendipity and not courtesy. Still, for whatever reason it made me feel better.
In LA there were always some weird guys who kept three revolving cars: The one they drove, the one they were working on and the one they were trying to sell . . . I have no idea why this guy has 5 vehicles for himself. If he were a regular guy I’d ask. It might be educational. Since they have a total value of about $1,400 bucks maybe its 401k hedge . . .
Which is unfair and nasty to think but the rest of today will be spent figuring out the best approach to bureaucrats who have more in common with stupid cats than they do with human beings and coping with my cold. I woke up with the cold at its worst stages. I’ve got Vitamin C and throat lozenges. So I’m entitled.

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