You cannot get ahead while you are getting even Dick Armey

JW McGinnis Yesterday I made Lumpia as part of a three course dinner. Only made two courses of it though. Too full, too sleepy to finish the Pad Thai.
Lumpia are a Filipino type egg roll/spring roll thing. They’re supposed to be tighter wrapped and about finger The Son Of Dr Jekyll thickness.
The main ingredient is supposed to be pork. I substituted tofu for the pork. It was okay.
If on my own I would have used chicken instead of pork or tofu. My friend is a vegetarian.
I also used rice paper wrappers instead of lumpia wrappers to keep it gluten free. You skillet fry lumpia and the wheat free wrappers don’t get the rich brown color of the glutinous cousins but I like the The Enchantress color fine, tan translucence instead of brown and the texture was fine.
Second course was Tom Yum Gum soup. I like it. I like it more because eating it always reminds me of the movie.
My friend had fallen asleep and didn’t eat hers until this morning. I didn’t want any. Lumpia’d out.
Today I’m making tuna melts for lunch.
With no car my friend is working at home which is cool. A few more of my meals my get her scurrying back to work ASAP.
Still looking for a ride to go to the used car lot. Strange responses I don’t understand. I can’t find a bus route out there so trying to figure out a bold plan.

I got a couple of questions about yesterdays notes.
Yeah, I went to a Catholic High School. (Or Catlick as the non-parochial kids called it). It didn’t have Koh by Kawarajima nuns as teachers. There were a couple of brothers in Admin positions. They were usually the biggest jerks. It had a Priest as the Principal.
The school was mostly black. Parents getting their kids into any school they could. Lots of discipline problems. At catechism only about 20% of the class attended. Because the brothers were all white and pretty well terrified of the black students they tended to pick on the white and hispanic students the most. But they were easy to scare. A cocked fist and a nasty glare would do it the first time and then after that just the glare keep them out of your hair.
We didn’t have to wear uniforms or the creepy light blue shirt and tie that the kids in the grammar school had to wear.
It had solid football teams. My step-father, a devout racist, wanted me to go there because they were supposed to be one of the best football schools in the state and always went deep into the conference play-offs. They also had a dominant baseball team so I was happy there. It was co-edSweet Charity .
I hated my football coach. He was a jerk. One of those Marine drill sergeant types who thinks that good coaching involves a lot of yelling. The tradition there seemed to be that we won despite him. He had a solid reputation because we won so much but we seldom ran his playbook and he never seemed to notice.
The baseball coach was a drunk type, he was often crabby, so maybe he was a dry drunk. His usual advice was, “Come on! You know how to play this game so why are you bothering me!” We had a whole lot of fun just playing and winning. Dominant athletes can usually beat better coaches.

In California it used to be that you could get your learner’s permit at 14 and with a signature and a driving test you could get your license too. Something to do with rural communities and kids having to help their families farming and driving that massive farm equipment on public roads. So we Dogs by S4W urban kids got the benefit of their suffering.
My first car only lasted two weeks. I was incensed because the shoe polish (Black Paw) I used to spruce up the genuine leather interior didn’t say anything about how breathing the fumes in an enclosed car would make you queasy.
We lived in the Palisades so, of course, I wanted to sue. My car was worthless. Fifty bucks flushed. My step-pointed out that company’s defense would be my stupidity. My mother gently agreed it was my fault. O I junked it for $20 bucks and my auto heartbreak lasted two whole interminable weeks while I sought for another piece of junk I could nurse along the roads.

As well as poetry I like art. I got to meet a lot of the LA art scene, guys like Keinholz. I like art that makes me feel something. I don’t much care for decorative stuff. I agree with Georgia O’Keeffe that The Awful Dr Orloff Mike Rothko’s stuff would make great rugs. I took a couple of art appreciation classes in school. Slept through them mostly. Got A’s!
I like pop art, surrealism, Dada, Rene Magritte, Jean Miro, Paul Klee, Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth, Rauschenberg and a lot more but my brain is too crackly to remember their names. I like art plenty. I like it to be fun. That means I think a lot of comic book art is tres cool too.

Not really much to do today. Regular chores, regular pills, regular suffering.
We watched “The Express” this weekend. I was really surprised. I knew Ernie David had passed away before he could play in the NFL. I didn’t know he had died of leukemia. Maybe I did and just blocked it out.
Something else for me to feel guilty about, surviving and my ignorance.

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