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January 29, 2009

The real hero is always a hero by mistake; he dreams of being an honest coward like everybody else
Umberto Eco

Mars by Frank Cho
Click images for desktop size: "Mars" by Frank Cho
There was nearly 5 inches of snow yesterday. Yow! It finally stopped about 3:30 so armed with my trusted shovel and accompanied by three trouble shooting dogs I attacked.
Hills Have Eyes Shoveled snow for nearly 3 hours. I figure without any canine help it would have taken about 1 hour . . .
No ill effects. Sore shoulders this morning. It bothers me in the vaguest way that it was 11 out and I never noticed it was cold. My friend thinks this is dangerous, frost bite and stuff like worries. I still put it down to the survival mode my body takes that enabled me o Fashion, Sex, Politics
Click images for desktop size: "Fashion Sex Politics"
get this far, or at least stay alive this long.
Only odd note was that I began to shovel the long shared driveway again. Was about 10% finished when my neighbor speed up the drive, as usually nearly hitting me and spraying me with snow. As usual he blanked me. I no longer say hello. In this case it would have meant turning off the iPod and it was on a string of pretty cool tunes.
I did about 10% more when a guy in a truck with a snow plow suddenly turned up. He was a nice enough guy. Had his 8 year old son with him.
We chatted for a bit. I complained, good naturedly about him burying the gate when he plowed. He was very apologetic. He did the plowing as a favor. He frequents the bar where the lady neighbor works. He claims no one told him that this was a gate. He offered to clear the snow from the man gate. I told him not to bother as I'm sure he was busy tonight, with all the snow and all. He appreciated my understanding. He was doing this part time and he needed the extra money.
Marek Okon
Click images for desktop size: "Untitled" by Marek Okon
My real reason was that I figured in trying to clear off the 4x5x6 pile of snow he would probably damage the gate or even knock it down. I didn't see any reason to say that to him.
He turned around and plowed the drive. I was relieved, in some ways about not having to do it myself. Not so relieved that I couldn't be irked that my neighbor couldn't be arsed to tell me he had a plow coming and let me just dig away. No biggie. At this stage I'd rather he just keep blanking me. Baseless dislike is an okay feeling.

My friend is still working at home. Yesterdays meals were uninspiring. I made something so boring for lunch I can't even remember what it was. For dinner I made french fries with three types of dipping sauce: a mayonnaise spicy curry sauce, mango chutney, and ketchup (ketchup counts!) andThe Ghost In the Invisible Bikini a side of beans so it would be an official meal and not a snack . . .
My puppy's aunt sent me a couple of recipes for vegetarian tortilla soup that looks pretty ambitious! I'll probably try it and me surprised at whatever results.

I note with dismay that the Economic Stimulus Bill passed the house yesterday. Not one Republican voted for it. So much for "reaching across the aisle". It will be fascinating to see if it does the same in the Senate.
If it does I think this will give Obama a solid ground to blank the Republicans. If this plan has an immediate effect I think that more Republicans will be losing their seats.
With their recent bizarre concession that fatty Rush Limbaugh is the de facto Republican Party leader I'd say they're in for some bad times.
I remember an old Mad Magazine cartoon from the early 60's that showed the American people becoming obese pigs with vestigial legs. The punch line of the cartoon was them showing the Red PicsDestop
Click images for desktop size: "Untitled" by PicsDesktop
Chinese Army, all skinny, coming in a conquering America not with bombs but by just pushing the fat American over with a finger.
Its kind of scary that Mad Magazines warning was ignored and the cartoon has become prophetic.
I hope something is done about all this. Starbucks is closing down even more shops and firing even more "partners". The insistence on calling mere badly treated employees "partners" seems sardonic now.
The creepiest thing is in order to avoid and trump union organizers Starbucks offered a semi-decent health insurance plan. A lot of people seem to have worked there just to qualify for that insurance. I know I briefly considered working there for that reason. I figured another taciturn and crabby barista was more than they could take. Lucky for me I decided that as another unheralded part of their avoiding expense is to make sure that the employees don't get enough hours to qualify. Its a pretty cynicalThe Killing Floor thing to do. They know that in this climate its hard to get another job so they dangle the carrot of being able to stay alive knowing they have the power to unfairly take it away.
Corporate creeps hiding behind being altruistic employers are the worst. It makes all those "free" google apps loaded with creepy spyware seem almost magnanimous.
Finally I've managed to set up a trade with a guy for an old TV series my friend craved, "My World and Welcome To It". It was a cute surprising show from Sheldon Leonard starring William Windom. It was based on James Thurber's stories and had this interesting gimmick of animating some of Thurber's drawing to help tell the stories.
My friend is only interested in one episode that focuses on dogs. She remembers that episode with fondness. She tracked down a guy with the series. He wants to trade disc for disc.
I was surprised at his choice for a trade, "The Lone Wolf and Cub" series of films! Chambara for TV? Rah!
In terms of dollar value I'm taking a bath. But the Lone Wolf films are dead easy to find or buy. The "My World" series is difficult so that makes it fair deal, but I'm still surprised on the choice.

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