The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese
Steven Pinker

Road to November by Project Cozo Yesterday I was walking back to the house when I slipped on the ice. I didn’t fall. I found there are worse things than falling.
I started to do the crazy arm windmilling to try and regain my balance and that wasn’t working soThree Stooges before I fell I twisted my body and spun about 180 degrees on one foot. It stopped my from falling but as soon as I stamped my foot down I felt my lower back go sprong.
The pain waited until I got inside the house. Which I thought was polite of it.
It was no where near as bad as when I wrenched my back a couple of years ago. That took a couple of weeks to heal up. That was a wrench this is more like a torque. I don’t think that makes much sense in reflecting pain so before it was 7/10 this is like 5/10.
Here’s how all you curious guys can calculate my age. I had a compressed disk in my lumbar region. I got it playing football when spearing was still legal. They also allowed liquid filled helmets. They were wicked heavy and a few guys used them as clubs. They weren’t very protective either but they felt like getting hit with a 10 pound sledge hammer. They faded away after spearing was made illegal.
I lived with it for years until the daily grief caused me to have surgery even through the leukemia. It was amazing how it felt to be virtually or at least comparatively pain free. I was given stern warnings about strain almost as blunt as the warnings I now have about avoiding stress. It always reminds me of that plastic bubble thing and clean rooms.
The back didn’t stop me from accomplishing a few things.
I spoke to the bank. They declined the loan. I had a long talk with the branch manager. He sent my Untitled by Dark Art friend an email offering some alternatives.
I know I didn’t put the fear of god in him. I also know I didn’t appeal to his sense of decency or draw him to see things in a fiscally responsible and compassionate light. He did see a chance to turn a bigger profit.
I think it was in the 30’s, during the last Great Depression, that bankers passed a resolution to no longer wear long black capes, top hats and curly handlebar mustaches. There was a lot of consternation and debate about not laughing maniacally when evicting orphans into the snow, but it finally passed.
They had to take their joy from only causing and then profiting from depressions and recessions. That hardly seems like enough to them. They need to gloat.
I still view banks as the greatest villains of the 20th and 21st centuries.
I’m calling him again today to see what the precise terms are, risk etc. Where Eagles Dare
It makes me uneasy but the alternatives may be worse.
We had about 6 inches of snow yesterday. I was able to shovel out the gate and the walkway but couldn’t do my usual path with the back. Took me 3 tries but at least its sufficient until my friend gets back home. they’re saying it will be 42 and raining on Sunday . . .
Took the dogs for a walk in the snow. They hadn’t been out on a long walk for a week. They were crazy rambunctious at first but calmed down fast. Probably decided it wasn’t sporting to try and kill me when I’m modestly defenseless.
Sharks I got the garbage out. That was more of an accomplishment than it sounds. The curb here is now five feet high so you have to do some climbing to get the recycling bins and bags of trash positioned up there. In bleaker moments I think the garbage guys look for excuses to not take your trash so you have to be very exact about everything. I got it done to perfection and even got the bag of trash they left last week dug out and positioned properly.
Did some light cleaning and missed my friend to fill out the day.
The only thing about her not being here that is of benefit is that I get to be a lot louder! The dogs like it loud. It doesn’t impact their sleeping at all and they like to dance with me. They call it dancing, I call it biting me while I glide around the room with sylvan grace bad back or not!
I slept on the floor. Went to bed about 11. I figured the 3 dogs would go take over the bed and sofa’s but instead they decided they all had to sleep on me. Which was warm, I guess. Woke up at 3:00 AM. Puttered about doing much of nothing and managed to lie down again at 6.
Took me over a half hour to go to sleep. I tried to sleep in Waiting and Mad by Charles Russell silence. Never works for me. I woke up with the giant dog wrapped around my feet and my puppy breathing in my face with a leg draped over my chest. The gentle dog was on the floor beside me.
Back pain no worse, no better. I’ll do some more exercises today for it. Put on the heat roll. It should be fine.
One of the crazy things I did yesterday was to set up a twitter account. Not sure how I feel about twitter yet.
One good thing is my friend, the archaeologist used it to announce that he has finally been granted UK citizenship!
The British are constantly lowering their standards . . . (That’s the kind of things guys say. We call it rough affection. Most others call it being jerks.)Garbo at USC
I pleased for him. It was important to him and he managed to hang in their with it while it was difficult.
The rest of the day is getting that little football fix from National Letter of Intent Signing Day or NLOISD, I guess.
There’s something interesting about kids making their life decisions.
Of course I want USC to get nothing but five star recruits (I have a sick feeling about kids getting rated like that) who all pan out make academic All-American teams, get their degrees and have fabulous NFL careers.
Nearly forgot. I stopped using the Google Search Box app. It drove me crazy. The worst issue was that it wuld bog down my computer periodically as it did a full rescan of the hard drive. There’s an update today so I’ve turned off the much loved Quicksilver and am trying it afresh. So far the only complaint was that the update forgets all the preferences you took so much time setting up. So you have to do it all over from scratch.
Odd thing that.

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