Always repect anything that runs faster than you do Anthony Rubino Jr

Vampi by Frank Frazetta
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I need a haircut.
A good five buck haircut. I know they exist.
Bohachi Bushido
When I was a little kid my mother and I would go visit people. Invariably, when it got late, we’d stay the night. This meant I had to sleep on the floor. I liked it. It felt like being someplace special. I never got to sleep on the floor at home so this was an adventure.
The best times were when my uncle would stumble out in the middle of the night and trip over me. My aunt would yell at him and my cousins would all come out to watch the trouble. I craved excitement then the way only a five year old who dreamed of talking helicopters would.
I no longer like sleeping on the floor. Its still exciting. If you find The End of Romance
Click image: “The End of Romance” by Unknown
dogs leaning over you at odd hours of the early morning exciting, anyway.
They like to snuffle me and check on what I’m doing and maybe see if I’m interested in a quick game of catch. Now that my friend is back home they don’t insist on sleeping with me, they sort themselves out as usual, but they feel a canine duty to rotate checking up on me. Except my puppy. She comes, looks and then goes to pick out the prime sleeping spot.
My backs getting better, sleeping on the floor does help. My friend, in a simpatico move, tried to sleep on the floor with me one night.
That didn’t work out. Especially when I discovered this meant I got about 20% of my pallet and NO covers! It was sweet but I prefer suffering and twisting around in private.
Today the pain is less but more enduring. I figure it was always feeling this way but I didn’t notice due to the constant spikes of pain.
I’ve added two aspirins to my regular meds to, hopefully bring the inflammation down. I don’t know if its helping.
The moist heat pad is doing something, I mean more than burning me. It loosens things up enough Eternal Love
Click images for desktop size: “Eternal Love” by Anonymous
to do my exercises. (Mainly squats, lunges, undulating pushups, and crunches.)
I also tried the glucosamine sulfate. I figured it had worked so well on the dogs that it would help, maybe at least reduce the pain in my hands. It seem I should have done more research. In my case that means looking past page 1 on the google searches. You know, after all the adverts.
Seems that people with osteoporosis or people who’ve gone through chemo-therapy and diabetics should consult with a physician before taking . . .
The only negative side effect I seem to have had was a loosening of my teeth. That doesn’t seem to be a normal side effect but was seen in less than 2% of those studied. Sometimes I take being unique too far.The Blob
Today will be spent doing laundry, doing my exercises and taking the dogs for a walk. Won’t accomplish much more than that.
Yesterday we took the dogs for a walk. Its coming close to 60! Which mean everything is wet and ugly. There are also great patches of ice in the shade and on packed snow driveways and the like.
There never were any ice storms. I figure ice rain is one of those jokes the locals like to pull on tourists and new comers.
The dogs didn’t knock me down at all! My friend was with me. They were behaving so well so that she’ll be a witness for them at the trial after they murder me. “I’m sure the dogs weren’t responsible. They’re so well behaved. Look, they heel so beautifully and never ever pull on the leash!”
Its a sad day when dogs become as devious as cats.
My friend went to work today. Her assistant came and picked her up. I think that was very nice. Her assistant bought her puppy along. He’d just been fixed and had his dew claws removed. Being a puppy he was still cranked and excited. I liked him immensely. When she goes to Aruba we may get to take care of him. I only hope my dogs don’t infect him with their murderous intents towards me.

Spam has become a problem again. Blocking the IP’s seems to be the only quick solution. The email spam just bugs me. My puppy’s email address seems to be the focus of dating sites! I get all the viagra ads and fake watch spam.
Click images for desktop size: “Tracks” by Sarrongbom
The comment spam is effectively blocks by Movable Type.
The junk that comes here is just silly. The stuff that comes to my puppy’s site is discouraging and horrifying. Bestiality and one Child Porn spam. The Child Porn one I forwarded to all the cops I could think of. (I used to be a Pete Townshend fan until he got busted with a computer full of child porn. This was about the same time Gary Glitter and Jonathan King were in court for the same thing. Glitter and King went to prison. Townshend’s story was that he was doing research on a book . . . never heard another thing about Townshend. Glitter and King; you got to sell more albums, I guess. I don’t listen to Townshend anymore.)
One thing I’m considering is a robot.txt file to stop some of the bots that crawl the site. It would stop google , yahoo and the legitimate ones easily enough. It would have to be pretty strict to stopCalendar Pin Up Girls the spam bots, and then would have minimal effect and none at all on the more aggressive ones.
I don’t have advertising so search engine visitors are pretty meaningless to me. Most of them I don’t know. They just come to “harvest” the graphics. I don’t care about that. I’m glad that people appreciate them. I hope as much as I do.
But google still sometimes lets old friends find the site. And like, there was the David Drake book I was agonizing over because I couldn’t remember the title. Some nice fellow left a comment telling me the title was most likely “Killer” and he left a link so I could read more about the book. I liked that.
More problematic is my puppies site. I really get sick at the idea of some kid clicking on a link for one of those porn sites. Movable Type has not ever let one through. Small comfort.
90% of the kids who visit her site come from hospitals and about 20% of that from grammar Spider by WallpaperMania
Click images for desktop size: “Spider” by WallpaperMania
schools. But a number of kids still come to the site by doing a search. Popular searches are “Shelby and Blue”, “silly dog Shelby”, “the great black dog”, even, “Shelby and Ben” and my latest favorite, “Shelby the dog who is smarter than David”.
Even if they are only 10% or less of the traffic I fret that these kids may be the most in need of looking at pictures of silly dogs.
I guess my internet time today will be spent trying to figure out how to write a proper robot.txt file that might accomplish what I need.

That should leave me enough time to worry about the economy and wonder why Obama thinks the Republicans are interested in bipartisanship. He better get hip.
They and most of the democrats just want to stay rich and get richer. They’re all going to take care of their buddies a long time before they worry about us.

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