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Attack by Lavakillu

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I’ve had to turn off comments on the site.
I was getting about 3,000 spam comments a day. I don’t have time and energy to write. Burning offFanny Hill Meets Dr Erotico some of that to deal with deleting huge globs of nonsense was exasperating and exhausting.
It appears to be coming from one BotNet coming from a furniture store in Nebraska. Blocking that just bounced around to other Windows networks mainly small retail joints in the midwest.
Love that all these Windows guys have gotten their broadband hijacked. Great OS.
My wife complained about me having comments turned off on our fifth anniversary. (Anniversary of meeting, not of marriage.) I turned comments back on for an hour or so and got hit with 65 spam comments. She didn’t post her comment. She was mad at me about something. Probably me not remembering the anniversary but maybe for something else.

Everything else has gone as well as can be expected. Feeling pressured to deal with the US Immigration to get my wife down here.Coping with that as best as I can.Did the big annual dog walk with my puppy. She hates her diet but she’s starting to look magnificent. She attracted her share of stares and coos.That’s something because there were we’ll over 500 dogs on the walk, everything from Italian Greyhounds to Chinese Crested. They all seemed like good dogs to me.
Before the walk and even after my puppy has been extremely happy. I’m not sure why or if the why matters. She’s just laughing about everything and enjoying being with me and tormenting me as much as possible. Although I think she feels like I’m tormenting her.

Always With Honor

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They’ve jacked the price of my drugs 325%!!
I wasn’t alone on that. At the clinic pharmacy there’s been a lot of violent disturbance because of the price increase. A sense of entitlement I guess. Some of it probably just fear. I felt fear, trying to figure out how I could pay for it all. I take 12 pills a day plus the insulin.
I managed to save some money by going to different pharmacies. The $4 generic works for one of the drugs, and another is normally $44 but I found one doing it for $10.
The scary prices are on the Plavix (the most profitable drug in the world at over $200 a month) and the insulin (Lantus) which goes for about $200 a month.
Health care reform – who needs it right?

I’m incensed that our government has gotten so corrupt that they’re letting Comcast, Time Warner et al own the internet. Comcast already blocks sites that disagree with their illegal tactics. Obama is Fists of Vengeance so busy trying to criminalize children for downloading music that he’s forgotten one of his main campaign promises, an open and free internet.
Instead he is abiding by the wishes of the corrupt Republican Senators and the corrupt dog Democrats in the house (all whom have received MASSIVE chunks of cash from Comcast and Time Warner.
Tony Bennett

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They wrote a “bi-partisan” (hey, corruption and greed know no party lines) letter demanding the FCC ignore their mandate and care for the money grubbers. Obama clearly agrees with them and is letting it happen.
This seems small compared to the fact that Republican policies are leading to the end of the world down in the Gulf of Mexico, but as the internet gets shut down there’s a chance, a real good chance, that we’d never even have known about the oil spill and BP’s ignoring of it.
Again Obama, instead of declaring it a disaster and sending in the troops to blow the hell of the leak and stop it, he lets BP dilly about and make money.
There’s a sadness in the world.

Hit with overwhelming tiredness. Want to talk about the new music I’ve been listening too.

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