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October 13, 2010

There are many holy things in this world; very few of them are holy men
Korean Proverb

Old Paint
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I don't have much belief in hell. Mainly because I believe in humanity and, as we all know, nothing can create as much suffering or pain as humans.The Million Eyes od Su Maru
Probably the greatest display of evil in the view of the world was the Nazi German attempted genocide of the Jews and the gypsies. The evil that followed it are the products only humans could devise. To sometimes devise to deny that the atrocity even occured and then to minimize it even further they compare anyone to its massiveness so that through time and or ability to forget it seems not so serious at all. And that's the ultimate in evil to make it banal and trivial.
It always seem that bad is always greater than good.
An evil company kills 30,000 in India is not offset by a woman saving hundreds. An oil company destroying an ocean is not offset by a man saving a pack of wolves.
Evil always seems to be victorious, and even in its ultimate failure it leaves the world a crippled worse place than before.
Philip K Dick wrote a book, called "The Devine Invasion". It's about the second coming of the Messiah. The real conceit is that the Messiah was born in outer space as God had been banished from earth. All the churches and governments were formed at the behest of the Devil and earth is hell. It's not a book to recommend but its that idea that earth works hardest to destroy good and cloacks itself in brutality and fear and hatred.

I'm going into hospital tomorrow. No big deal, really. I'm not happy about it.
Last week they gave me an EKG and an echogram - sonar imaging of the heart. Then added it to a stress test: 30 minutes on a treadmill at 4.5 mph and a 40 degree incline. Had to get my heart rate The Pilgramage by HP Pepnix
Click images for desktop size: "The Pilgramage" by HP Pepnix
up to 131 bpm. Lots harder than I'd have thought. I was exhausted after the run. Disgusted with myself at being so thrashed when I'd only run slightly over 2.5 miles.
It took 3 minutes for my pulse rate to come down, 5 minutes for my blood pressure to get back to normal and they let me go at 6 minutes even though my respiration hadn't climbed completely down. Decent but not great recovery. I walked home from the clinic and showed no other ill effect.
the echo gram and all the rest didn't show anything wrong but they know there has to be something wrong hence tomorrow I get a heart catheterization.

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