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September 23, 2012

Cal-Berkley 9 USC 27

The Cool and The Crazy 2: Zipguns and Switchblades

For A Few Guitars More
Dave Wronski - For A Fistful Of Dollars
My Chemical Romance - Teenagers
Supersuckers - Pretty F*cked Up
Tip Toppers - Outsider
Arthur Lee - 7 And 7 Is
Lolas - Something You Oughta Know
Nomads - She Pays The Rent
Rubinoos - Peek A Boo
Don & Dewey - Jungle Hop
Classie Freddie Blassie - Pencil Neck Geek
Boss Martians - Have You Ever Seen
Chesterfield Kings - Richard Speck
Los Lobos - I Wan'na Be Like You
Dick Dale - The Wedge
Randy and the Rainbows - Denise
Monkees - You Just May Be The One
Jackie DeShannon - Trouble
Albert Lee - Learning The Game
Mel Smith & The Nightriders - Pretty Plaid Skirt (And Long Black Sox)
Esquerita - Hole In My Heart
Johnny Cash - The Devil's Right Hand
Ramones - Out Of Time
DiMaggio Brothers - Every Breath You Take
Little Steven & Southside Johnny - It's Been A Long Time
Fire Apes - Only You Could Make Me Happy
Cliff Hillis - Dizzy
Steeleye Span - Rave On
Rooks - Folk Hero
Link David - Slippin' And Slidin'
Gene Vincent - The Day The World Turned Blue
Plimsouls - Zero Hour
Tammy And The Lords Of Misrule - Wig Wam Bam
Johnny Kannis - King Of The Surf
Davie Allen and the Arrows - Bongo Party
Link Wray - Home Is Where The Heart Is
Kooks - Victoria
Flatt & Scruggs - Foggy Mountain Breakdown

You can subscribe to the podcast at PodFeed.net or at iTunes. You can subscribe to it via AppleTV which I think is cool. Or you can just click on the graphic above. Right click to save. It's "enhanced" which means it's got album covers and stuff.
I'll probably make more.

Shoulder is still bugging me. Went to the doctor. My wife spent all the time in the exam room with me. She's scared.
Her father's still in hospital and I don't look as indestructible as I used to, I guess. I'm doing great for someone who should be in bed! But I need sleep. A lot of grief from the shoulder keeps me from sleeping. Survivable, is what I think.
My wife is going back to Canada this week to see her father and to get the house ready to sell so we can have a real place to live down here.
I'll miss her.

September 16, 2012

A trap is only a trap if you don't know about it. If you know about it, it's a challenge.
China MiƩville
USC 14 Stanford 21

1950 by Chiriaka
Click images for desktop size: "1950" by Chiriaka
I've been thinking about odd old times. Breakfasts, meeting people, great and not so great people; old housemates and just stuff.
I think it's just my brain trying to convince me of my own mortality.Steam Heat
We all know how it goes: Even though we're sane enough to know we're going to die someday we still act and think like we're immortal. It's normal and the way of it. It's why many of us need religion.
Of course I just keep hurtling on. Unstoppable. Irresistible. Tall.
My wife lost her mother, not a year ago. Now her step-father entered the hospital last night. No handle on what the problem is. Might just be gall stones. They hurt but don't kill.
My wife is going to have to leave me soon; to see him and to get her house on the market. I'll miss her.
She said something to me that was surprising. She's afraid to get a new dog (not because four dogs is too much) but because after my sojourn to the hospital she's afraid I'll die and leave her all alone with no job and incapable of taking care of the puppies we already have.
I've never died before so I have no real idea of what it might feel like. I only know I'm not finished yet. I made a promise and demanded that I live at least 1 day more than my dogs. Life is cruel but not so cruel as to repay my puppies joy with that much lost harshness.
And now it's a promise I have to keep.
My wife has been through too much this last year. I hope she can find enough strength and love to hold on. The pups can give her all the love any person could ever need. I used to have the strength and stubbornness to loan it out without worrying about getting it back, I probably still do.

My first "podcast" seems to have been accepted well. I making another. It's fun.
You can find it now at the podfeed.net and on the iTunes store. You can even get it on all the iPodcast apps and even on AppleTV. I think that's cool.

September 8, 2012

USC 42 Syracuse 29


Fire & Brimstone - Boss Martians
Fox On The Run - Lolas
Dollar In My Pocket - Come Ons
Mercy, Mercy Percy - Joe Penny
6 1/2 Years - Fire Apes
I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend - Junkyard Dogs
My My Kind Of Girl - Ramones
Whatever You Please - Dream Syndicate
You Can Stay With Me - Mary Weiss
So Sad To Say - Mighty Mighty BossTones
Locked Up In the State Of Illinois - Scotty Moore & DJ Fontana
Muswell Hillbilly - Tim O'Brien
Valleri - Rubinoos
Why Why Why - Nashville Pussy
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker - Los Plantronics
Wind Your Spring - Shonen Knife
So You Wanna Have This Dance - Redondo Beat
(You're So Square) Baby, I Don't Care - Buddy Holly
Walk Away - Del Shannon
City Of New Orleans - Me First & The Gimmie Gimmies
Little Red Bird - Lisa Marr Experiment
Shingaling With Me - Ben Vaughn
Baby, Let's Play House - Astronauts
Bye Bye Charlie - Lori Burton
We Became Snakes - Ribeye Brothers
Better Start Right Now - Rooks
Basket Case - Rockapella
Someday, Someway - Robert Gordon
Fever - Dion
Here, There And Everywhere - Flying Pickets

Feeling pretty miserable physically, aside from the pain dragging me down, pretty great mentally. So I made a podcast. Click on the poster. Right click to download it. I put in chapters and plenty of artwork.
It should take you there and back.