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August 9, 2013

Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you
Chuck Klosterman

Gardenia by Vargas
Click images for desktop size: "Gardenia" by Vargas
I was supposed to have a "procedure" yesterday. It was supposed to alleviate the pain in my neck and shoulder. I fantasized it would relieve a few other inexplicable things, like my vision and pain in The Great Gamble my eyes.
My C4, C5 are arthritic, a common football playing ailment. They think I should be having problems with the C7, based on the pain and numbness but looking at the MRI it's the C6 that is bulging extravagantly. The tunnel the nerves travel through are about 4 inches across and the C6 vertebrae is bulging about 4 inches. It's pressing the nerves almost taut like it's going to cut the spine off from the rest of the body.
Needs to be fixed, It hurts pretty badly and has been getting worse for over a year now. On the dreaded and dreadful 1-10 scale it floats between a 6 to an 8 with an occasional burst past 9. I have to be careful.
Because of the leukemia, the heart attacks and diabetes the doc's get real gentle with me; basically scared I'll drop dead and be an inconvenience.
I find it odd that instead of looking at me or even interpreting the data sheets they don't say this is one bad stud with a babe wife. He'd been through it, can take it for sure they just look at the numbers and check the charts and the graphs, you know the charts and graphs the insurance company sends them that the modern doc's know better than they know anatomy, and they decided to send me home to suffer. Another two weeks before they'll finish the job.
Since I was undressed and on the "procedure" table this was pretty irksome. I told them the news might give me a heart attack. Doctors don't have a lot of humor in them. They took my blood pressure again.
Harlow 1931
Click images for desktop size: "Harlow 1931"

We're moving when this is all over. We're moving to Florida. I hate Florida. I hate any place that lets wimps carry guns so they can feel like they are better. I hate guns pretty much and "Stand Your Ground" laws kind of demand you have one so you can shoot first.
My wife will be happy though, happier anyway.
I wish my puppy was here. She loved adventure. I got the new address if anybody wants it. I think my puppy would have loved the far west, I do.

I have the Kobo Aura. It's as exciting as the first kindle. It really is a pinnacle of something.