I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ


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I don’t like singer/songwriters much at all. I really dislike that singer/songwriter is now a genre. The trademark of the genre is scratchy thin sounding acoustic guitar and a forlorn vocalist who feels that the world has let them down.
Slightly Dangerous Still I like Jesse Malin and Ryan Adams when they do something that isn’t forlorn at least. I’ve never liked the songs that want somebody to save them, someone to come and take control of their life. I prefer the songs where you dance your way out of danger, songs where you rail against the storm and come out planning to win.
Thing is I like the power of acoustic guitars. I love the Everly Brothers in “Bye Bye Love and “Poor Jenny”. Everyone knows that Elvis started with the Martin Dreadnaught.
Mel Bay man, be the life of the party. Ten Days to entertaining your friends and family. Acoustic guitars; Harmony guitars with 2 inch action.
Girls would ask, after hearing you jam it up on an electric guitar, if you could play acoustic guitar. Like they were two different instruments. They’d tell you how dreamy some singer/songwriter was when he played his acoustic guitar . . . Those girls were all pretty cute too . . . maybe I better rethink this singer/songwriter antipathy thing . . .

The Welcome Summer podcast might be a little late. We’re moving; wife, five dogs and a pile of stuff are all moving to the SouthWest, back to the SouthWest.

Cool And Crazy 34
Perfect Day (Acoustic Demo) – Lou Reed
Desert Pete – Kingston Trio
Happy Jack (Acoustic) – Who
Tough, Tough, Tough – Andy Anderson
Make You Mine – Chump Change
You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away (Party! sessions mix, take 2, session #3) – Beach Boys
Twelve-Thirty – Autoliner
Peggy Sue Got Married – Buddy Holly
Go Your Own Way – Acoustic Hits
Johnny B. Goode – Dion
Don’t Worry Baby – Derrick Harris
Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood – Cat Stevens
Only When I Dream (mono) – Bobby Fuller
The Torch – Dropkick Murphys
After Midnight – Acoustic Burgoo
Two Perfectly Ordinary People – Or – (!!!!) – Nelson Riddle
Black Mountain Side – Dread Zeppelin
Spanish Kiss – Dick Dale
Missfortune – Bram Tchaikovsky
Under The Bridge – Flying Pickets
That’s How It Will Be – Troggs
Chupacabra – Black Label Society
Talent Show – Replacements
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly – California Guitar Trio
Feelin’ Low – Ernie Chaffin
Dragon Lady – Fantastic Baggys
Monterey Jack – Dr Hook And The Medicine Show
Be My Lover – Mojo Nixon
Ain’t That Good News – Sam Cooke
Pipeline – Michael Chapdelaine
Paint It Black – Michael Fix
Hotel California – Kings Of Acoustica
Stay the Night (Acoustic) – Green Day
Sunrise – Willie Wisely
I’ve Waited As Long As I Can – Tony Rice
Gabriella – Tony Joe White
Red River Stomp – Bluefields
’39 – Ingram Hill
We Can Work It Out – Paul McCartney
Rockin’ In The Free World (live) – Neil Young

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