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Natural Man by Evegeny
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We’re moving. New Mexico. Still east of I-5.
Still managed to get the last podcast in, the summer and surf-y one. Everyone wants music to drive to the beach on July BIKINI CARWASH.jpg 4th, the official start of summer. Of course, the surfers never really left the beach so this podcast is for sitting in your car and looking at all the people cluttering up your beach, and for consoling yourself that there aren’t any good waves out there anyway.
I’m just up here having heart attacks, signing papers I have to struggle to understand and trusting in Huey that the papers mean what I think they do. Then have to fuss about and worry my wife being happy there and how the five dogs are going to function and survive in an alien world. The sun blasted high desert vs the oppressive heat and humidity of the American south. No contest, in my mind, but that’s only in my mind.
So we’re moving to New Mexico, home of Billy the Kid and the Atom Bomb, land of white sands and Buddy Holly.
I don’t know what that legacy has to do with being happy today. I’d take small town happy: A little job, keeping the house in repair, eating comfortable food and laughing. I like laughing and think it’s worth quite a bit. There’s not much laughter left in a Donald Trump world.
SO this is supposed to be about the music, about a bunch of songs to drive to the beach or to drive from the south to the south west.
Here they are.

Aloha Oe – Blue Wahini Serenaders
Good Morning, Good Morning – Lolas
Summer’s Here – Rob Smith
Summer’s Here – Shades
Midnight At Pinks – Hal Blaine
We’ll Be Back In A Minute (Take 12) – Monkees
Summertime Radio – Surfin’ Lungs
Pipeline – Dick Dale
RPM – Sonic Surf City
Summerscool – Montana
Surfin’ Kansas City – Lawrence Lange
Twist And Shout – Eliminators
The La La La Song – Astronauts
Girl All The Bad Guys Want – Bowling For Soup
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance – Susan And The SurfTones
Aloha Steve And Danno – Radio Birdman
Hot Rod USA – Rip Chords
Summertime Blues – Alan Jackson
Oh Pretty Woman – Roy Loney
For A Few Dollars More – Los Plantronics
Tribute To The Beach Boys – Tokens
Attention! Accident (Sur L’autoroute De L’ouest) – Les Gams
Little Honda (alt) – Beach Boys
Drums A Go-Go (Edit) – Hollywood Persuaders
SS 396 – Paul Revere And The Raiders
My Love Ain’t Free – Boss Martians
Be With Me – Yum Yums
Let’s Go To The Beach – Slow Slushy Boys
Surfin’ USA – Chris White
Let Her Dance – Surf Trio
Banzai Washout – Bitch Boys
Look Whose Laughing Now – Bruce And Terry
You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away – Jan And Dean
On A Summer Night – Crash Kelly
Summer’s Almost Gone – Doors
The Last Time – Mr Encrypto
End Of The Summer – Lolas
Time Will Tell – Flash Cadillac And The Continental Kids
Chicago 60616 – Kenny And The Kasuals
I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye – Scheme

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