Cover: 4D Man Rating: 4
He Walks Through Walls Of Solid Steel And Stone... Into The 4th Dimension!
Jul 29, 2007


Director:Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.
Writer:Jack H. Harris, Theodore Simonson, Cy Chermak
Producer:Jack H. Harris, Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.
Genre:Science Fiction
Aspect Ratio:1.33:1
Picture Format:Academy Ratio
Release:Mar 2000


He walks through walls of solid steel and stone--into the 4th dimension. Scientific whiz Tony Nelson (James Congdon) has made an amazing discovery. He has developed a method of stimulating the molecular structure of objects so that they can be joined or passed through one another. Stumbling upon this incredible secret is Tony's older brother, Scott (Robert Lansing), a fellow scientist who decides to take the experiment one step further. Soon he is able to pass himself through doors and walls. But his newfound freedom of movement has unforeseen side effects, for each time the power is used, Scott ages a bit and only by touching other living beings, thus taking their lives, can he maintain his age. In addition, this incredible force is driving him quite mad...


Robert Lansing ... Dr. Scott Nelson
Lee Meriwether ... Linda Davis
James Congdon ... Dr. Tony Nelson
Robert Strauss ... Roy Parker
Edgar Stehli ... Dr. Theodore W. Carson
Patty Duke ... Marjorie Sutherland
Guy Raymond ... Fred
Chic James ... B-girl
Elbert Smith ... Capt. Rogers
George Karas ... Sgt. Todaman (as George Kara)
Jasper Deeter ... Mr. Welles
Ralph Carmichael ... Composer
Theodore J. Pahle ... Cinematographer