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USC 49 Hawaii 36

Click images for desktop size: "Untitled" by Unknown I didn't have much of a birthday. Slept 18 hours out of the twenty four. Woke up on the day with a pretty frightening ripping pain in my chest. Not heart attack...

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Chairman of the bored
Iggy Pop

Click images for desktop size: "Bird In Hand" by Scott Jackson Last nights debate: What a bore. Nothing new. McCain still making the same outrageous claims/lies. I still don't believed he "suspended his campaign" to "fix" the economy. His big...

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Always shave with the grain

Click images for desktop size: "Entrapment" by Envy Many people don't get it that the largest ethnic group in LA are the Koreans. You'd have to work pretty hard to not have Korean friends, 2nd and 3rd generation American friends....

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