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January 31, 2006

I just do so much and I still has so much to do!

Doctor Karen has not had her baby yet!

I says to her, "Karen", I says. When us doctors are together we calls each other by our first names. I says, "Karen, that baby don't want to come unless it has a great name like; oh, I don't know, maybe SHELBY!"
Karen she just laugh but she knows I is right.

Shelby1-28-5On Friday one of my patients came to visit me, Scott. He came to my other job and I had to explain to him that this is not my doctoring hours, but I gave him a good check up. He throws the stick really good and he laughs just about right, so I told him he is perfectly healthy!

Then Scott has a great idea. he thinks I could use a pet! I told him I have been telling David the same thing. I wants a pig or a cheeseburger for a pet! Then Scott has a better idea. He thinks I should have a dinosaur!
Scott saw a show on TV where lizards when they lose they tails they grows another one right back! That means when I is hungry I could nibble on my dinosaur just a little and there will always be plenty of dinosaur to nibble on!
And a dinosaur is so big when i puts it in the bath tub to sleep I will never  ever have to take another bath!
So on Saturday David takes me into the woods to go dinosaur hunting. I know you is saying, "Oh Shelby! You are Shelby and that is just a poor little dinosaur! It's not fair at all."
You are right but I really wants a dinosaur and it was all Scott's idea so you blame him!
So David took me to the forest!

Shelby1-28-1Now to catch dinosaurs you have to remember. They is very very big but they is stupid! The best way to catch them is to run as fast as you can all the time!

See, what happens is the dinosaur hears you and he goes to look but you is so fast you is gone from where they is looking! Then them dinosaurs just shrugs and thinks they just imagines they has heard something.
Now when you gets real real close to the dinosaur you has to jump into the air and bites them right on they big noses! Then you has to say, "You had better come with me dinosaur so I can tames you and makes you my pet!"
You would think that for a chance to be my pet that those dino's would just turns around and follows me home. But I told you they is very stupid.

Shelby1-28-2If they don't follow you then you has to runs all the way to they backs and then you grabs they tail and just drags them back home. Luckily I is very strong so that is no problem!

We didn't see any dinosaurs. I know they were out there. I smelled they tracks and I walked along a big ditch that was made from a lazy old dinosaur dragging his tail behind him!
We didn't see any dinosaurs cause David is just too slow! I know them guys would looks up and see David and say, "Hey, that's the guy who lives with that big fierce dog! We had better get out of here!"
See, dinosaurs is very stupid but they is very very good at hiding! When's the last time you saw one? See! That's how good they is.
But just you wait. One day I is going to get me that dinosaur!

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Posted by Shelby at January 31, 2006 9:50 PM

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I love this blog! Just found you on Blog Explosion and I look forward to reading more. :)
Beautiful dog too.

Posted by: Kourt at February 1, 2006 6:02 AM

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