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March 25, 2008

I is very very sad

Shelby I has just heard from my Gramma. It were terrible terrible sad news.
My cousin Abbi has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. That means I won't be seeing her no more.
That am terrible sad.
She were a great dog. Near as great as me.
My Uncle Hank were her dad. He probably tried to teach her to be great.
Uncle Hank were like that.
I will miss her and not cry for her.
She were a very happy dog.
My brother, Jimmy knew I was terrible sad too.
He tried to cheer me up!
That am smarter than I is used to boys being.
He knew I was to sad even to show you my new medal! So you knows how sad I is when I isn't showing you how great I is!
Jimmy That there am Jimmy. He looks pretty good.
I think he looks better cause he is still around so I can beats him up and bite his butt!
Of course cause he am a boy he has sended me pictures of himself! He should have sended me pictures of me! Them pictures of me always cheers me up.
I is just so beautiful, you probably knows that already.
What Jimmy did send were pretty good. When you looks at them pictures you am going to LAUGH!
Even though I is terrible sad I still laughed.
It am alwasy so funny to see somebody else gets them a BATH!!
Jimmy Gets a bath
He am getting water squirted right in his ear!
That am so funny!
If David ever tried to do that to me you know who's butt would be sore!
Shelby It helps when you is feeling terrible sad to have family and good friends to makes you laugh and to hold you and pet you.
If you is ever really sad I will tells you one of my great jokes so you can laughs and feels you a little bit less sad.
I will tells you great jokes anyway. You doesn't has to get all sad for me to tell you one of my jokes.
I think it would be better if we never got us sad at all.
I hope you never gets as sad as I feels. And I hopes none of you ever goes no place so we can always play together and makes each other laughs.
I really do.
I has got so many friends. But if I loses even one friend I feels terrible sad and all lonely like I has no friends in the world.
You has to promise not to goes away.
I promises you the same thing. I is even making dumb old David promise me.

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March 6, 2008

Ask Dr Shelby

ShelbyDear Shelby,
Why don't you write about visiting hospitals anymore?
Did you stop going?

Silver City, NV

Where I lives now they don't let dogs into hospitals. I think thems hospitals am run by cats!
I still takes care of my patients. Pretty soon I will has to go back to school!?! Can you believes it! Like I don't know too much already. When I finishes even more doctoring school I will then goes to work with old people. I has examined them and I think they could use a good doctoring dog.
You can always come and visits me if you needs doctoring! I only charges a nickel but you gets lots of kisses for that, unless you am a cat!

I have been reading your website for almost 2 years. Why haven't you learned to talk any better?

Detroit, MI

I talks just perfect! Has you ever heared another dog talk so good as me! I bet you has learned to read gooder from reading me too! It am a good thing you am my friend Wilbur!

Dear Shelby,
I like the way Robin looks but he hardly ever gets to say anything.
Robin Can you let Robin talk to us sometimes?

Cupertino, CA

You does know that Robin am a boy. Most boys am not smart enough to works a computer real good like me! Robin am also pretty shy. I is very generous you know and told him he could talk at my computer for free! He said, "Gosh, Shelby. I'm so darn happy I don't know what I'd talk about!"
See. I will works on him and makes him say something. It probably won't be very interesting but it will be something!

Dear Shelby,
I want a dog real bad. My mother says we can't have one because I can't take care of it and we have a cat! Shelby, Robin, Blue What can I say to my mom?

Leeds, UK

This am a serious problem. I has thought about it very clear. First you has to tell your mom that dogs takes care of theyselves! WE DO! All you has to do is feed us and opens the door!
Then you can tell your mom that dogs am very good for cats! WE IS! We makes sure cats gets plenty of exercise so they don't lays around and gets all fat and lazy! We keeps them alert so they gets smarter! And we teaches them gooder hiding places. Your mom will like her cat a whole lots more after a good dog has been teaching it! Even a dumb old boy dog can teaches a cat plenty!

BenDear Shelby,
You are very beautiful but I think Ben is the cutest thing! Can you show lots more pictures of Ben?

Sioux City, IA

Alec you must be smart cause you knows I is beautiful. I don't know if Ben am cute or not. He am my friend so maybe standing next to me makes him look cute! David am my photogetter so I will see if he have him any film left after taking all them beautiful pictures of me. If he do I will tell him to take some more pictures of Ben.
"Great cherry jello mold Alec, you sure have some good sense. I keep thinking there should be more about me here. Thank you!"

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