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June 18, 2008

My friend Ben has gone

I is pretty sad today.
My buddy Ben decided to go away and he am not coming back.
David explained to us that Ben has to go to Rainbow Bridge. That am a real place where dogs go to take care of peoples who has lost they dogs and for them good dogs to wait for they friends to show up.
Ben were a very good dog. We has had us some great adventures. We has caught us snakes, and dinosaurs and we has ate us a lot of pizzas let me tell you.
I wishes Ben was still here to play and fight with me. He were the smartest boy I has ever met.
Rainbow Bridge has sure gotted itself a great dog.

Posted by Shelby at 8:11 PM

June 9, 2008

Somethings are just too mean and terrible

It am't enough that I has beated up my enemy the lawn mower. It am't enough that I deserves me a good rest and sleep!
Nope. First old crazy David give Ben him a bath.
That were pretty funny, really.
But then he gived me a bath! It were terrible. And I hardly had me a chance to get me smelling good since the last stupid bath!
I has to go takes me a real long sleep!

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