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September 22, 2008

Busy am the word that means Shelby!

Shelby I is just about the busiest girl in the world.
You know why?
Cause you people keeps writing to me!
That am just the price I has to pay for being so great and so beautiful. I is just cursed that way.
You don't has to cry for me and you should keeps writing to me unless you am writing about stupid stuff like how great cats am or how all boys am not stupid. Everybody them knows that cats are terrible smelly things that goes to the bathroom INSIDE and that all boys am stupid especially boys named David and I has me plenty of proof about that!
You know what somebody has did?
Benjamin They has drawed me a picture of my buddy Ben!
Don't that look just like Ben?
I don't remember him having all them lines around him but maybe I just never noticed, me being all busy and all.
It don't smell nothing like Ben. I still recognized him right off. This girl, for of course it am a girl, am nearly as great a artist as I is has drawed him really good!
I has made David put the picture up on the wall so we can always look at it and remember our buddy.
David has done something that has made me very nervous and busy. Nervous means you know a boy am doing something stupid. Because he am a boy he don't listen to a smart girl tell him he am being stupid.
Washing Machine He has got a clothes bath machine!!
You know what a cleaning fool that David am. Once he starts cleaning junk he don't stop till he gets to his dog!
I can tell you I is not going into no big old machine. I is a beautiful great smelling girl who don't need her no bath!
I is very busy keeping me an eye on David and hims cleaning machines. So busy I is going to let a dumb old boy talks to you.
Shy Blue I don't understand people. A whole lot of you has writted me asking me questions about BLUE!
I has not time to be thinking about boys! So I is going to let Blue answer his own questions.

Hi. I am Blue.
I have never had to talk to so many people before. I hardly ever talk to people. They don't listen to me real well. I get used to it though.
I don't know why you want to ask me stuff. I just like to eat and sleep and play. I fight a lot with Shelby too. So if you got questions about eating, sleeping, playing or fighting Shelby I guess I know the answers to them questions.
Blue Answers
Glenda from Michigan wants to know: "How did Blue get so big!"
You are lucky Glenda. I am very good at math. Just give me a minute here to do some figuring. Questions about how big I am need long division.
I am so big because I am exactly so tall.
That was a very easy question. I'm glad. I like them easy.

Warren from California asks: "Is Shelby your best friend?"
Shelby is sure my friend. Without her around I'd never know how dumb I am! She teaches me to fight and stuff. One day I'll beat her too!
Shelby Blue Fight Robin is my brother and he is also my good friend. We fight all the time and we sleep on the same floor and share a sofa and he doesn't get mad if I eat his food! Try and eat some of Shelby's food and you'll really know what a bit butt feels like!
But I think my best friend is Shelby's brother, Jimmy. He drove all the way from Chicago to visit me. He even bought me treats! When he was here we had a great time together. We went places and did stuff and I let him The Trio play with some of my toys! Jimmy said I can come visit him. I have to give Shelby a nickel a week for fighting lessons but as soon as I save up enough money I'm going to go stay with Jimmy and we're going to start up a business!
Jimmy says we'll sell insurance. Jimmy is very smart. He says I'll go with him into china shops and crystal shops and stuff and people will pay us money to not come back! It sounds like a very hard job but I am sure I can do it! Jimmy says that it's not that I'm clumsy or nothing like that it is just that people don't know how to build things for a big dog like me.

Dan from Pembroke wrote: "Blue is really big. Does he ever get mad? He's be real scary if he got mad."
Angry Blue Gosh, you don't have to be scared of me! I only get mad when people don't play with me or if I don't get my MDP's (Minimum Daily Pets). Other that that I'm pretty happy go lucky. I like to fight but not for hurting only for playing. I get mad at Shelby because she teases me! She'll come in and steal your toy right while you're playing with it! I only get mad because I can't beat her up! Once I got mad because David wouldn't give me a ham sandwich! He can be very mean to a big dog.

Blue Thinking Maria from Texas wants to know how old I am!
Maria, I don't exactly know. When I was born I didn't know too much. Don't be mad at me. Its just the way I was. I'm a lot smarter now. I have figured out how old I am by counting my ears! I think I am two. What is important is that I am younger than Shelby!

Sleepy Blue That is a lot of talking for me. I need me a nap!
It was very nice talking to you. When I go visit my buddy Jimmy I'm sure he won't mind if you all come by and visit us. We can play some good games and then we can all take a nap!
I like a good nap! It just makes the day seem a lot nicer. Don't you think?

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