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October 27, 2008

Vote For Shelby or I'll Bite Your Butt!

Shelby This am my first press conference. You can ask me any question you want so long as it am one I has writted down for you.

Ms Shelby, your opponent has claimed that you want to share the wealth. Do you?

I is a very poor dog. And if anybody has gotted them some extra money they should be sharing it with me. I would say thank you ever so nice.

What do you intend to do about taxes?

I has never been to Texas and I will not go there unless they plays the Trojans or the Buckeyes in a good football game!Jack-My Opponent

They are saying that this is the most negative campaign ever run. You have said that your opponent pals around with cats!

I knows my opponent good. We used to be buddies! I has a history of reaching across the kennel to try and accomplish something for the greater good like Shelby talking to the crowdstealing cookies or having a good fight. My opponent he am him a boy! There am nothing more negative than that! But did you know that he has been seed with cats! We needs to know what he am thinking! Why he am not chasing them cats or even trying to bites them just a little bit on they tails!
All I is saying is that we has a right to know more about him and where he stands on the cat problem!
It am the first question I is asked, they says, "Shelby, does your opponent like him some cats!" We deserves to know!

Ms Candidate, their was a press release that said you have spent over $150 dollars on toys! Is this true?Toys

That am not true! I hardly ever plays with them! And if I did get all them toys I would be giving them to other poor dogs to play with when I is finished with them!
This am what am wrong with you reporter guys. You am Shelby fights Robin talking about toys when they is great problems facing us, like when do I get fed and how many treats does I get today! And whether my opponent hangs him out with cats! Them is what concerns us not how many toys I has or has not got!

Someone in your campaign has said that your running mate Robin has gone "rogue" and is not doing what you've told him to do. That he's running his own campaign!

Blue has been telling you stuff! Robin am a good running mate and when he does something stupid, which he am going to do because he am a boy, I has no problem in setting him right. He am the best running mate I could has that I could find in my back yard.

Its been said that you don't have enough experience to run a country. Would you comment on that?

I has had to take care of David for his entire life! Almost all of my life! Shelby tells a jokeNo country can be as stupid as David am! I has lived in a house with FOUR BOYS! I is the best bossy dog in the world. And I still tells the best jokes in the whole world! See there am me telling the joke about why does cats cross the road!
Robin and Blue
Why do cats cross the road?

To hold they pants up! No, I mean to gets away from me cause I is chasing them like a good dog should!

Ms Shelby, if elected have you given any thoughts to who would be in the cabinet?

I would not lock nobody up in no cabinet excepting maybe bad cats. Locking dogs up am bad!Shelby as Secretary of Defense

No. Who would your advisors be, your secretary of defense, secretary of the treasury and the Surgeon General?

You should learn to says what you means like I does.
I don't need no advice!
I is already the greatest fighting dog in the world so who could be better than me for Secretary of Defense. I is the greatest doctor dog in the world so I would be the Surgeon General especially if I gets to wear a new medal. I loves me them medals. Since I has them jobs I should get them paychecks too!Shelby Now David has more money than anybody I knows and he am very stingy with it so he can be Secretary of the Money but he don't get no pay!

Thank you Ms Candidate. Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

Yes. I is giving you all a GREAT PRESENT! And I is not even charging you nothing for it! NOTHING. FREE!
You can send people great postcards. Pictures of me! And them other guys. You know them other guys. Robin, Blue and a special Halloween card! Halloween am a great holiday cause you gets CANDY!Sleeping Shelby
Just click these words here and you can go sends a great postcard! It am free and you only needs email addresses. We don't saves them so you just sends them postcards and people will be so happy to get a picture of me!
You has to write you own words. I can't do everything for you.
See, now who am you going to vote for? A beautiful girl who gives you great free stuff or a boy who loves him some cats!
I is Shelby and I has approved this message and I is taking a nap!!

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October 10, 2008

I is now a politician!

Shelby I has gotted me an email from my old buddy Jack.
I likes hearing from old friends as much as I like hearing from new friends.
You know what?
You will never guesses no matter how many times you guess.
Jack am him running for PRESIDENT!
Tony and Jack That's right! I couldn't make up no jokes like that!
I know what you am thinking. There am their picture.
Now, what am wrong with this picture? You is probably thinking that.
I will tell you in case you am a boy. IT AM TWO BOYS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT!!
BOYS! Who would be stupid enough to let boys be in charge of anything!?!Blue
I is sure that you has noticed that whenever anything am really really messed up it am a boy who has done the messing and it am always a girl who has to come in and cleans up the messes!
It am true. All you has to do am thinks bout it for a minute and you will know it am so!
This am very worrisome. If Jack am in charge I just knows he will messes stuff up. Even though I has taught Jack pretty good I only teached him stuff for a few months. It takes you years Robin all hair cut and years to teaches a boy anything and even then boys will usually forgets the smart stuff you has teached them. It am so true.
Just look at David and you will know how true it am. I has teached him for 3 years and he still hardly knows anything. I has to watches him very careful.
So I has put my super genius brain to work on this problem because I knows that if a boy he am running things it will be just a terrible terrible mess. And I is not going to cleans it up!
Robin and Shelby I has figured out that the only way to stop Jack from messing things up is to take a job where I can bosses him and everybody else.
If Jack am going to be him a president I will has to be the Queen!
Queen Shelby. You has to admit that do sound just so right. Don't it?
To keep the boys happy. You has to keep boys happy. They am just so many of them and when they is unhappy they do so many dumb things trying to be happy that you just don't want to knows about it!
I has decided to let Robin be my Vice-Queen! Boys will say, "We have to obey Queen Shelby. She can beat us up! And Robin is a boy just like us so he will make sure Shelby doesn't make any rulesShelby and Robin that might make us be smarter or cleaner or other stuff us boys don't like to be!"
Boys! Only a boy could think Robin could bosses me even a little bit! But they will think that. Then they will votes for me! I is such a super genius!
I has picked Robin instead of Blue because Robin am very calm. He always says, "Shelby, I know you can beat up anyone in the world but sometimes you just shouldn't!" And Robin am always biting David and that makes me laugh.
Blue always is saying, "Shelby, can you beat up this guy for me?"
When I is the Queen me beating everybody up might start wars or something stupid.
Robin were him so excited to find out that he were going to be my Vice Queen he runned right out and got hisself a hair cut! Don't he look dumb!
Blue Sleeping I was laughing and laughing and Robin him said, "My mom thinks I look beautiful with my hair cut. She said I was gorgeous. That's the word she used: Gorgeous! That means really beautiful, almost as beautiful as Shelby!"
Of course I just laughed at him even harder. He will be a great Vice Queen.Robin
First thing I has to do is gets people to votes for me. Blue wanted to help. I said okay so he am my campaign manager. First thing he done was to take him a nap. That am a lot smarter than most boys usually is.
I said, "What we needs am a big parade!"
Robin said, "That's a great idea, Shelby!" That am why he will makes a good Vice Queen! He knows when to agrees with me.
Of course old Blue wants him to be in the parade.
Then my big brain starts thinking. We can't just have us no parade for nothing! I The Campaign Trail knows that people gets a thrill getting to see me but if I has to go out and walks around I thinks I should get paid for it!
So I has me even another super genius idea! I will have a parade so that people can looks at me AND they has to give us money to save all them poor dogs who don't has them no good forever home!
You is saying to yourself now, "That Shelby is so smart! She'll be a great Queen! I wish I could vote for her a thousand times!"
There am a picture of us starting out on our campaign trail. Blue am in front and I is in the middle! Blue's job am to yell, "Vote For Shelby!"Voter!
Blue am very good at yelling even if he do forget what he am supposed to be yelling sometimes!
People got so terrible excited when they learns they can votes for me! This guy comed running up to look Fast Dog at me and then he runned all over the place yelling, "Vote for Shelby! Vote for Shelby!"
And this little guy runned so fast you could hardly see him! He comed up to me and says, "Are you THE Shelby!" and before I could say, "Yes, I is!" he wasI want to be Queen off running around shouting, "I have seen Shelby! I talked to Shelby!"
Blue and Robin was working hard for boys. You see that there brown dog? See how his jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw that it were really me walking behind this parade?!
He said, "I don't know how to vote but I sure as heck am going to learn so I can vote for you Shelby! Can you make them give me more treats?"
I told him. "More treats is what I is going to Spotted Dog see to first when I is bossing people!"
He runned off yelling, "Vote for Shelby! Vote for more treats and ice cream!"
This spotted dog walks up to me and says, "If I vote for you Shelby will you make them take this stupid thing off my face?"
I told him, "First thing I is going to do is make dumb people wears them silly leashes and let smart dogs walk around and goes into restaurants and stores that sells good stuff for dogs!"
He said, "I'm voting for you Shelby and I'll beat up anybody who says they won't vote for you too!"Brown Pup
This guy walked up to me and said, "Shelby, there is a very mean cat who lives in my house and you know what?"
I said, "I bet that mean old stinky cat goes to the bathroom in the house and it swats you on your nose when you wasn't doing nothing wrong but smelling it to see if that terrible smell were coming from it!"
He said, That's right! Shelby, you are so smart."
"Of course I is!" I said, "First thing is is going to do when I is Queen is make all them cats get them rubber teeths and rubber claws so that if they swat a good dog it won't even sting. Then I will make them all goes to the bathroom outside!The Sign "Really! I'm voting for you Shelby!" And he Robin spreading the wordrunned away yelling, "Vote for Shelby! She'll put all them cats where they belong! OUTSIDE!"
Oh we walked up and down that campaign trail for a terrible long time. We kept getting everybody to vote for us, just everybody.
It went just like I expected.
I was surprised by one thing. Robin really did his job! That am amazing for a boy. He kept on spreading our message of "Vote for Proud Blue Shelby!" everywhere he went.
And BLUE! Him were so proud to be doing something important! He were really really Ladytrying. He even tried to talk to people! That did not go so good.
Blue got this lady to ask me, "Shelby, before I vote for you I need to know what you will do about the economy."
So I used my big brain and said, "Lady, the economy am it a very important subject and what I is going to do is have Blue looks it up and then I will gives you a answer later on!"
Two Black Dogs She said, "Why that's brilliant Shelby! I am certainly planning to vote for you!"
They was just so many questions. Its not everyday people gets to look on a beautiful dog like me and then when they finds out I will lets them talk to me it were just crazy crazy.
I is used to being popular so I has figured out how to handle it and the right way to answer all them dumb questions they has.
Like I told this guy, "First thing I is going to do is make a law that says no stupid scarves on dogs necks!"
Sad Dog And I told this guy "First thing I is going to do is tell them 'all big dogs has to be treated extra nice so that they never gets sad from being picked on!'"
I was so popular. Of course.
Soon all them dogs were running all over the place yelling, "Votes for Shelby, Vote for Shelby!"
Oh it were so beautiful hearing all them dogs yelling my beautiful name.
And you knows the very best part of my day on Shelby the campaign trail. We got a terrible terrible amount of money to save them dogs. It were a terrible amount of money. But it weren't enough money to save all of them.
The really very first thing I is going to do when I elected your Queen is make it be a law that people can't be mean to no dogs and to other kids.
It should be that way already but I don't think it is.
I has seed an awful lot people being mean. No dog should ever be scared or alone and no kids should be either, not even boy kids.
Everybody should has them enough to eat and a good place to sleep and not be scared of being hit by someobody bigger than them.
I is Shelby and I has approved this message.
Now I needs me a nap!

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