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May 10, 2009

Has you ever seed one of them days

Foster_Jake 5 2.jpg One of them days where you looks at at your yard and you thinks to yourself it will be a beautiful day today. It am just warm enough for some good sleeping, but cold Jake and Murphyenough for some good fighting. You thinks about breakfast and dinner and thinks to yourself maybe I'll even gets me some ice cream and pizza.
And just when you am feeling all cozy and good David shows up with Jake and Murphy!
Jake am a foster dog that David thinks I will teaches to be a good dog so he can find him a forever home! Like I don't has enough to do!
You know I will always helps me some poor dog who don't got enough to eats and Murphy Robin and Jake don't has him a good home to sleeps in. But don't you think David could have asked me first? Isn't that just a bit rude of him?
And to make it worse this new dog Jake am a BOY!!
Then this other BOY dog, Murphy, shows himself up to see his good buddies Robin and Blue! Only Murphy don't hardly get to see his buddies cause this Jake BOY dog is all about playing! Only he wants to play with Murphy!
Blue Murphy and Jake They were so busy playing they forgo to give me my birthday gifts! I know it am not my birthday yet but they could have bought me a pre-birthday present! That would be very nice.
You can see I has just got too much to do teaching these boy dogs how to play good games and to have them some manners and stuff so I is going to let my brother, who am also him a BOY tells you some stuff. My brother Jimmy am not so stupid as most boys. He has inherited him some brains from me. I has so many brains I figure he got him some of the left overs that spilled out of my head.

Jimmy Surprise everyone; it’s me, Jimmy! I told Shelby about the big excitement here, and she said I could tell you about it myself. That was pretty nice of her, don’t you think? The fun started when Grandma Julie showed up at my house. Oh, she was so happy to see me, and I was really happy to see her, too. See? Doesn’t she look happy giving me a big hug? Yeah, I know, I’m smiling, too!

Grandma Julie introduced me to her friend, Jim. Jim’s a nice guy, and he’s named Jim, so I liked him right away. Then we went outside for an even Jimmy and Gramma bigger surprise…more visitors! It was our mom, Reina, and our brother, Ballou! Pretty awesome surprise! But there were MORE visitors! Jim had brought his two dogs, Race and Kadee to The travelling crew meet me, too. Reina, Ballou, Race, and Kadee needed to stretch their legs after the long drive, so we all went for a walk. It looked like a Belgian Sheepdog parade! I stopped to take a picture of everyone.

After showing everyone around the neighborhood we went back to the house to play and hang out. It was a great time talking with our mom, Reina. She is pretty funny, and she’s sassy, too. Shelby must get that from her. Ha ha! It was fun to have our brother here, too, since there wereJimmy Reina and Ballou just two boys and three girls in our family. Ballou is not as big as I am, and not quite as handsome, but he tells good jokes, and he’s like the Energizer bunny! He keeps going and going and going! Here we are keeping the people company, and enjoying some pizza. Shelby’s going to be mad she missed pizza!

Everyone stayed for hours, and before you know it, it was late, and they had to go to the hotel and sleep. We said our goodbyes, and I thought about the night. I was a real lucky dog, having Grandma Julie, my mom, Kade Reina, my brother, Ballou, my Mom and Dad, and my new friends Jim, Race, and Kadee all in one place. I wished Shelby, Blue, and Robin could have been here, too. I was pretty tired myself after playing host to Race and Kadee everyone, and thought that was good fun, but…there was more fun to be had!

The next day, my Mom and Dad took me for a ride in the car. It was a long ride, but not as long as going to see Shelby. We went to a farmJimmy and Sheep! where there were a lot of people and MORE Belgian Sheepdogs. These people had HORSES. Horses are very big. Way bigger than me, even bigger than Shelby! I didn’t get too close to them, because they were in a barn looking out. I barked at them, though, so they knew it was me, Jimmy! You will never believe who else Sheep and Jimmy! was there…Grandma Julie and everyone else! Cool! That wasn’t all for surprises, there were SHEEP there, too. I don’t mean to be rude, like some dogs we know, but let me tell you, SHEEP ARE STUPID! They have tiny little brains and not much going on in there! I had to go in and talk to those sheep. I even sniffed the butt on one of them, which is very good dog manners, but the sheep had no clue, and…THEY STINK!! Wow! They needed a bath! Do you seeTrying to herd? me laughing? I was thinking since David likes giving baths so much, he should go give those sheep some baths! Ballou, Race and Kadee had to go meet those sheep, too, and they came to the same conclusion, sheep are stupid and stinky! After a while it was time for me to go home, and I said goodbye to everyone. I didn’t know there was still even more fun to be had!

The day after that my Mom and Dad took me for another long ride to…The National Belgian Sheepdog Show! And do you know who else was there?? Grandma Julie, Reina, Ballou, Jim, Race, and Kadee! That was a great surprise! I met some nice dogs there; Tease, Tater, and Beanie. Yes, they were all girls, and they were cute! I got lotsGetting the feel of it of pets from people, and had a super time. The best thing I saw was my little brother, Ballou winning second place in Rally! I was really proud of him he did a great job! I think he should have gotten first place he did so well. They gave him a ribbon to wear around his neck. Ballou was pleased, he was puffing himself up real big to show off that ribbon.Jimmy and Ballou

So, that was a pretty exciting time! I had lots of fun, and I hope you all have lots of fun, too! Thanks to Shelby for letting me share it with you!

This am Shelby again. I has noticed that Jimmy did not beat him up any of them sheep.
Did you see that picture with my mom? It am the picture with three dogs. It am Jimmy, my mom, and my crazier than Jimmy brother Ballou! Did you see how my mom am almost as beautiful as me!?!
It am true.
Happy mom's day mom!

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