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December 23, 2009

I is so exhausted being good

Jimmy and Santa You am probably thinking "look at that lucky girl Shelby hanging out with her good buddy, Santa!"
You is saying that cause you am not a detective dog like me. That beautiful dog am not me! That am my brother, Jimmy!
You is probably looking real hard now and thinking, "Why yes, that is a boy dog. Jimmy is good looking but he doesn't have that feminine grace that Shelby has! But wait a second. That Santa. Why Santa IS A GIRL! Shelby was right again. There are ladies who have big white beards!!"
Now since you am my friend we already knows you am smarter than average peoples so you is thinking next, "Wait a minute! If Jimmy is visiting a girl Santa then who is Shelby's buddy!! Are there two Santas? I hope Shelby explains this. I am so confused!!"Nikki, Jimmy and Santa Girl
Of course they is not two Santas. And you am silly for thinking they is.
Santa has to have him lots of helpers. LOTS!
Now I has proof that this girl Santa am not her the real Santa.
See! -->
You sees something in there doesn't you? That am right Santa am holding her a CAT!
Now that cat am Nikki. As cats go she am a pretty good cat but SHE IS STILL A CAT! Santa would not her be hanging out with no cats cause everybody knows that cats am always naughty!
Here am how they am naughty:
1) They goes to the bathroom in the house
2) they does not shares they food with good dogs
3) When you is nice and bites they tails for them they hits you in the nose!
Since this girl Santa am asking a cat what it wants for Christmas and we all knows Shelby thinking that you has to be extra special good to get loot from Santa the real Santa would not be talking to no cat!

<-- That am me working hard at being good.
Sometimes just lying real still am the only way for a fighting, tough dog like me to be good. It am so hard. Then I remembers something I does for you every year cause I is such a good girl who deserves her a good helicopter for Christmas.
You has either cheated and looked ahead or you am a great guesser so you know it am time for SHELBY'S GREAT CHRISTMAS LIGHT PARADE AND SHOW!
Down the street You should stop clapping now, so I can show these lights to you.
That picture up there am these guys who lives on my street. They am a boy dog and a girl Across the street dog. the girl and I has us some great bark fights. The boy he just kind of bark and runs around in circles. You knows how boys am.

This picture over there <-- am these guys who lives across the street from me.
I has no idea why they has them two trees! Maybe one tree am for good dogs and the other tree am for people. If that am so I can't figure out which am which!
I think they should has done just one really big tree!No dogs
See, we all knows that the reason for Christmas lights am to let Santa knows where you lives! A really bigger tree am the best way to do that!These guys got no dogs!!—>

This am the house on the corner. They don't got them no dogs either but you can tell Corner house they is embarrassed to not have no good dogs living there so they put up lots and lots of lights to fool Santa into thinking they does!
I kind of likes all the red lights and the pretend Santa and his sleigh. I hope Santa's real sleigh am bigger than that!! They isn't enough room in that sleigh for half the loot I deserves!
Little girl house
This house belongs to a little girl who likes to pet me. that am not the real Santa! It am only a statue. I knows cause I yelled at it. I yelled, "Hey Santa! It am me Shelby. What you doing there?" And he didn't answer! So I knows it am a statue. David would not let me smells it to be certain though.

Best house And this am my favorite house! You can tell why. They has got them TWO DOG STATUES. That am so great! The dog what lives there likes to bark fight me but she always loses. She says, "One day I'll beat you Shelby! MERRY CHRISTMAS!"
I think the Dog statues would be better if they were black dogs.

Winner! So you remember to be good and to tell Santa that Shelby is a very good girl!
You has you aMerry Christmas!
A Happy Hanukkah!
A Merry Kwanzaa!
And aI hopes you gets some great Christmas loot!
I near forgot. I has special visitors coming for Christmas. Boy. Are you guys going be surprised when you sees who it am!

Posted by David at December 23, 2009 1:09 AM


Cats are not that bad Shelby. Those are very beautiful lights. You should come visit us more.
Merry Christmas to you.

Posted by: Daria at December 24, 2009 9:19 AM

Merry Christmas Shelby Jimmy and Nikki!

Posted by: Yusef at December 24, 2009 12:36 PM

Dear Shelby,

Nikki and I wish you a Merry Christmas. We hope you were very good and got that helicopter!! Nikki also said to tell you that Santa asks cats which dogs are nice..and since you were good to Nikki she put in a good word for you.

Hope you had a great day!!! Thanks Yusef, Merry Christmas to you, too!

Posted by: jimmy at December 26, 2009 2:08 AM

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