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December 13, 2009

You only has to be good 11 more sleeps!

Shelby and Santa You know how famous I is, so well spoken, so gentle, so beautiful and such a great fighting dog! Well, they is problems to be so famous that most of you don't know nothing about!
Like when I gets me a famous buddy like Santa all of a sudden everybody wants something1 "Shelby, can you tell Santa I need a new bone?" "Shelby, tell Santa that I've been really good!"
Oh, everybody they wants me to do something. It am because they knows that I has to be good and I can't bites they butts or even say NO! It am amazing what counts as being bad this month. It am really terrible. I really needs me that helicopter Santa am bringing so here I is; being good. It am awful.

So here am all these guys wanting me to ask Santa this and ask Santa that. A lot of them even wanted to meet Santa!
Now I is also a great scientifical dog and I has turned this into a study.
Now then this is Leo. Leo am him a boy.Leo Leo wanted to meet Santa so that he could bite Santa and scare Santa into giving him all of the presents of Leo's list!
Only a boy would think that were it a good idea.
As you can see Santa am not him scared at all. I figure Santa am thinking, "Ho ho ho. Well, this a certainly a tough boy dog! But he won't bite me, especially when I remind him that Shelby is my friend! Not even a crazy tough boy wants to fight Shelby!"
Axl<-- Now here am a boy, Axl. Axl am him smarter then you average boy! He may be almost as smart as my old buddy Ben!
Of course the world's smartest boy am about half as smart as the dumbest girl. I has proof of that.
Now Axl has him a a plan. He am going to be Santa's helper and when Santa am delivering all them toys to kids and dogs Axl will follow Santa around and gets to eat all the crumbs Santa drops from all them cookies kids leaves out!
I has to admit that sounds it like a good plan unless you am a girl and then you knows they is a better way!
Gilda.jpg This here smart girl am Gilda. Her smarter girl plan am this. She has figured that since Santa am him a boy Santa would has to take him some coffee breaks. Now Gilda will be his helper and when Santa goes him on a coffee break Gilda will say, "Go on Santa, you take your break. Don't worry about falling behind schedule. I'm already dressed like you! I'll just keep making the deliveries and no one will know the difference!"
See, not only will Gilda get called a good girl by Santa when she am delivering them presents she will get ALL THE COOKIES!
Gilda am a genius! She am almost as smart as me!

Posted by Shelby at December 13, 2009 4:54 PM


Ahh...since you can't say no, what we want for Christmas is for you to be home!

Posted by: Robin and Blue at December 13, 2009 6:36 PM

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