Hi de hoe hiddy hi hoe, I’m Hardrock, I’m Coco, I’m Joe Remembered Christmas Cartoon

Christmas In The Park
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Feeling pretty good, got good music on my iPod.
Hearing from friends always helps on that front. And it should.
Listening to too much Christmas Music. Even enjoying stuff I normally don’t like, like George Jones’s Christmas tune, My Mom and Santa Claus. So you know the holiday’s fast approaching.
The Man Who Returned To Life It depresses me slightly, just slightly enough to not put a damper on my good feelings, but it does bring me down a bit to be the recipient of so many good wishes when all I can do is smile in return.
I hope that’s enough.
The one Christmas gift I am giving this year arrived today. It works. It made me giddy happy to give it.

The transition from WordPress to Movable Type is going easier than anticipated. More Thanks to Movable Type than WordPress.
I’ve even gotten all the links exported over. Some of them look a little bit gnarly and there’s all sorts of goofy stuff off but it’s shaping up.
I don’t think anyone cares about the “brass tacks” of doing this. Most people are concerned about the why of it.
Both WordPress and Movable Type are “free”. This is pretty recent for Movable Type. One of the cool things is that WordPress is open source.
That’s also the problem. The code is a mess and getting more and more kludged up. No one is cleaning up the code, they seem to just keep building. Also there seems to be no one concerned about legacy.
Like the way I designed this site to only have one column, all the junk that’s in the side bar is up in that little menu up top. “Links” doesn’t work anymore. They changed the code, all the identifiers etc. And I can’t sort through the code and find what they did! Not many comments and I follow a trail only to find its been killed far down the line.
Nutcracker Troop
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For all I know my layout may be impossible.
They have plenty of support on the WordPress forums but too often its of the “that’s the way it is, pard’ner” variety.
I like to fiddle with it myself and I am an idiot about this stuff. Stupid enough to think playing around with it is fun!
The other drawback, for me, to WordPress is that the xmlrpc does odd things. I can understand it. They wanted to make a kit that anyone could take out of the box and start working, always giving satisfactory results.
I admire that. Its not what I want for me.
Movable Type has its own issues. It can be extraordinarily complicated and befuddling.
I still have no idea what a module does, why they exist or why I need them.
It works in this odd piecemeal fashion (so does WordPress but to a far lesser extent). Each part of the page is segregated out. The body, the entry, the headers, the banner. And they have their own in house names for tags.
The Meanest Man In The World Where <$php include this?> works in all php files (WordPress is php if I hadn’t mentioned it) Movable type uses something like <$MTIncludeMTNameYoudNeverThinkOf$> which has requirements of before and after tags and complicated rules on nesting.
If your stubborn enough, you can make it work exactly the way you want it to. Boy, you have to be stubborn. Its also real easy to completely trash the whole site with a single misplaced tag.
They are a charge for it company, but they still try and make everything work out of the box. Again what they offer out of the box isn’t exactly what I want.
I am stubborn though and, I’m told, naturally crabby.
But the main reason for the change is my cruddy hosting service.
WIth WordPress and php when you request a page in your browser the server builds the page for you when you ask for it!
This is a rather pretty thing to think of. Its made just for you!
That puts a lot of strain on a server, hits a lot of cpu cycles. The cruddy hosting service just watches the cpu hit 100% until it dies.
When you’ve got 262 customers on your server and 60 of them are doing php request (like most forums are MYSql and php based) everything dies, the server drops the connection and everyone figures I’ve closed down the site.
Merry Christmas - Sarah Michelle Gellar
Click images for desktop size: “Merry Christmas” by Sarah Michelle Gellar
With Movable Type the perl scripts create an html page.
HTML is the easiest thing for a server to handle. I’ve timed it and it takes at least one half the time for the page to load, and often 3 to 4 faster than the WordPress page.
The hiccups come when I’m creating the page . . . but its easier for me to curse my cruddy server than to put you through it. And boy it drops a lot, usually in the middle of things . . .
I had set a deadline of New Years to get the move made. I’ll make that easily. I might even make it before Christmas and just let the kittle cosmetic imperfections to dwindle as time goes by.
I’m still using ecto to post. Its improving, but not fast enough!