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Cool And The Crazy 30

The greatest singer ever is Gene Vincent. There’s no discussion of this, no proof required. It’s a pure and simple fact, a syllogism. Gene Vincent was the greatest, the best singer there ever was or ever will be. Buddy Holly waited in a hotel lobby just to get Gene’s autograph. Every night Gene looked to the skies and sang to the angels, he entertained the angels and calmed the devils. Gene Vincent.
I saw him perform only once. He was fat and out of shape. The club was sold out. The band maybe knew Gene’s songs. It was the greatest show I’d ever seen or ever would see. It didn’t set a yardstick for other shows. It was a unique and once and never again experience.
Gene Vincent.
I’ve collected anecdotes about him throughout my life. Some are bizarre, some eerie and most wrong. The stories fascinated and titillated me. Most of the storytellers became close friends. We had Gene Vincent in common and that was enough to support love down through decades.
There are plenty of books about him. There need to be. There are plenty of reissues of his music. They’re all essential.
Gene died in his thirties. He was a sopped up alky. He was a bloated figure who looked like he’d been living for 60 years at least. I was reminded of the corpse of Charlie Parker.
It’s not true but it should have been that his last words were, “She took everything, mama. Even my record player.”

Eddie Cochran was Gene’s best friend. Eddie died before Gene but was still with Gene.
Eddie was a session player in Hollywood at fifteen. He was a mean guitarist and a talented songwriter. He was a teenager and knew exactly what that meant. Every musical generation has featured an Eddie Cochran cover as part of their canon of viva la diference.
He sweated talent. His work with Gene was superb but not his finest. He died too soon, but who doesn’t. His passing left a hole in the world and in our lives.

What’s here is their music. It could have gone on for 3 days and then started all over again. I’d not have complained.
There’s a lot missing in this little sampler.

Git It Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set
Be Bop A Lula Unknown – Rebel Heart Vol. 7
Bop Street Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set

Let’s Get Together Eddie Cochran – The Eddie Cochran Box Set – Summertime Blues
Gene And Eddie Stray Cats – Runaway Boys
Jelly Bean Eddie Cochran – The Eddie Cochran Story – Three Steps To Heaven
The Day The World Turned Blue Gene Vincent – The Day The World Turned Blue
Sweet Gene Vincent Ian Dury – Sweet Gene Vincent
Born To Be A Rolling Stone (Alternate Take) Gene Vincent – Rebel Heart Vol. 7
Rollin’ Danny Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set
Drive-In Show Eddie Cochran – The Ballads Of Eddie Cochran
Weekend (Stereo) Eddie Cochran – The Eddie Cochran Box Set – Somethin’ Else
Pink Peg Slacks (Alt) Eddie Cochran – All The Best
Just Like Eddie Heinz – 25 Rock N Roll Hits
Mean When I’m Mad Eddie Cochran – The Best Of Eddie Cochran
Lonely Street (Undubbed Version) Gene Vincent – Rebel Heart Vol. 7
Cut Across Shorty Eddie Cochran – The Best Of Eddie Cochran
Spoken Message Gene Vincent – Rebel Heart Vol 1
Over The Rainbow Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set
Unchained Melody Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set
Summertime Blues Beach Boys – Surfin’ Safari
Water Baby Blues (short riff) Eddie Cochran – Rockin’ It Country Style
My Love To Remember Eddie Cochran – The Eddie Cochran Box Set – I’m Ready
My Way Who – Odds And Sods
North Carolina Line Gene Vincent – The Day The World Turned Blue
Cherished Memories Eddie Cochran – The Best Of Eddie Cochran
I Got A Baby Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set
Three Steps To Heaven Eddie Cochran – The Eddie Cochran Box Set – Somethin’ Else
Blue Jean Bop Gene Vincent – Rockabilly’s Gravest Hits
C’Mon Everybody Sex Pistols – The Great Rock And Roll Swindle
Rip It Up (out take) Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set
Red Blue Jeans and a Pony Tail Jeff Beck – Crazy Legs
Vincent’s Blues Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set
Hurtin For You Baby Gene Vincent – Born To Be A Rolling Stone
Don’t Bye, Bye Baby Me Eddie Cochran – The Eddie Cochran Story
Am I That Easy To Forget Gene Vincent – Born To Be A Rolling Stone
Boll Weevil Song Eddie Cochran – The Best Of Eddie Cochran
Somethin’ Else-Pistol Packin’ Mama Flamin’ Groovies – Supersnazz
Cotton Picker Eddie Cochran – The Eddie Cochran Box Set – I’m Ready
Baby Blue Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set
Dance In The Street Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set
Lucky Star Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set
Hallelujah I Love Her So-C’mon Everybody-Somethin’Else-Twenty Flight Rock Eddie Cochran – The Eddie Cochran Story
The Story Of The Rockers Gene Vincent – Rebel Heart Vol 2
Race With The Devil Gene Vincent – Rockabilly’s Gravest Hits

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All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them Walt Disney

Her Blue Eyes Pain in my shoulder woke me at 4, again. Last night I updated some of the Apple software. The QuickTime update required a reboot. I hate rebooting. Now I can hate it with even more purpose.Teenage Doll
The restart began and then the computer turned itself off. Did that twice more.
I rebooted in single user mode (command line stuff) and ran a disk repair (fsck). The disk was unrepairable. The binary tree catalog had become corrupt. That’s the entire file system . . .
I’d gotten lazy and hadn’t done a full back up since Sunday. I was able to boot from my back up. 2 and 1/2 hours later DiskWarrior was able to repair the problem. At least for now.
I guess I’m going to have to start doing twice daily back-ups until I can find a replacement drive I can afford. DiskWarrior reported that I’ve lost 36 folders and 18 files . . . I don’t know what they were. A quick visual scan doesn’t show anything terrible. Maybe I got lucky and it was some cache files or something.
I replaced the drive in the iMac almost 3 years ago. A Seagate Barracuda. It was a terrible job. One I’m not looking forward to attempting again. What choice do I have? Last time I broke the DVD drive. Maybe I can fix that or replace it.
Working on the iMac is worse than working on a notebook.
If I suddenly cyber-vanish, well, you know why.
I remain grateful for IMAP. No fear of losing any emails, at least. Even when I don’t answer them I like to have them.

Yesterday was strangely busy. Five dogs had a lot to do with that. Five dogs and thunderstorms.
My friend got to come home early, she got to work from home. Her MacBook running Parallels is doing studly duty, I think.
Heroine We had a good discussion about the football tryouts this evening. I was just pulling out of my zombie state, where I’m resisting passing out. I hate naps.
My friend sometimes resists discussions. I think she sees them as arguments and with my propensity for going ballistic I worry that I engendered that. She was at one of the meetings about the tryouts.
At the meeting I heard, “The coaches won’t do anything but observe and evaluate the players.”
She heard, “The coaches will be assigned drills to run so best come prepared to work.”
Pretty contrary.
Somewhere in there she said, “You don’t approve of any coaches except the ones you trained.” I could immediately think of at least a half dozen coaches I worked for who I liked and also thought were pretty good, better than me in most ways.
The end result of the conversation was positive for me. It reminded me of a truism that I have The Blob and Dinosaurus always held but in the middle of the volunteer coaches I know it is easy to forget.
The main point of sport at this age and this level is to help the athletes to be better people not just on the field but in society, in their neighborhoods.
No person is really capable of teaching that sort of skill. But it can be taught. A coaches job is to train the athlete to be the best that he can be. The real beauty of football is that its teaches more than Doris Day I ever could.
My aphorism has always been, “I teach them how to play the game. The game teaches them about life.”
All men are, by instinct, competitive. For me to be successful as a coach, and I think I have been successful, it is important I rise above my animal instincts and not get sucked into who’s better, best.
Working with pros I never had an issue knowing that. Amateurs, volunteers who are giving freely and deserve love and respect for their efforts made me forget that, if only just a little bit.
Remembering that changes my attitude greatly. Remembering my place in the great scheme of my goals is important. Even though I made my friend uncomfortable the conversation was important to me for that and several other reasons.

The five dogs . . . oh boy. New foster and foster dog are tight buddies. Even if it involves a lot of humping. They are both doing better and better each day. New foster still gets too nervous but he’s starting to laugh and smile. When my friend or I upset him he now goes to look for one of us to protect him from the other!
He’s not housebroken and had another accident, urinating in the exact same spot! I need to buy a Geisha Dream by TitusBoy newspaper so I can cover that spot.
We had another small incident. Giant dog is incredibly jealous, He attacked, not viciously, the new foster. The little guy ran and hid under a chair but let my friend coax him out. Just too many dogs and giant dog doesn’t like us talking so much to the new guys.
Foster dog has had some intrest from forever homes. One was rejected out right. They’d adopted and returned two animals previously. The other two are lets wait and see right now. The new foster has a woman willing to wait for him until we can see how he really is.
My friend points out that with 5 dogs we cannot do a proper assessment as to how he’d do on his own with just him and a person.

I watched a terrible movie yesterday. A BBC documentary. In this country we have a strange idea of the BBC. I’ve disliked them and continue you do so. The doc was “The Rock and Roll Singer.”The Animal World
It claimed to be an impressionistic view of a rock & roll tour from 1969. It was impressionistic becasue it had no point of view, no story to tell, and no skill in resolving it.
Still the 45 minute film was fantastic becasue the rock & roll singer was Gene Vincent. It was his tour with The Wild Angels” as his back up band.
Even inept filmmaking couldn’t conceal the man’s genius, his talent as a musicain as he rehearsed with the band. His insanity and his charm.
Although he was 34 at the time of the tour he looked well over fifty. He’d be dead in two years, dead from excess. There are five live numbers in the film, shot with a static single camera. That;s all he needed. When Vincent sang he collapsed the world in on itself.
The only effective filmmaking was a couple of pointless moments of Vincent walking around London, dragging his crippled leg around his corpulent body looking sadly at the world. Then there were the Advocation moments after the show where he had to fret over getting paid. He was worried about himself but there was also the worry about getting the band paid that seemed pre-emminent.
Even when they attempted to provoke and in each spontaneous moment there was no scandal, nothing to uglify, all there was is a drunken, sad man who still held close to the idea of being a Southern Gentleman in all things.
Gene Vincent. Even talentless hacks can make art when you have a demi-god to point your camera at, a demi-god who was also so very mortal and so little different from you or me.

Doctor said I just need a pocketful of nickels and a juke box to cure all my ills Carl Perkins

Psychopulse by 4AM One thing I hate about objective opinions is they’re hard to ignore or argue against.
I thought I was holding it together but I guess I’ve been a bit of a jerk these past few days.
Overcompensating. I keep feeling bad, plugging away at the pain pills but I’m still being a jerk.Robot Monster
When that’s the case its always a good idea to find something to pin the blame on.
I chose the cats: The stupid cat that lives with us and the skanky cat who I have to feed who resides in the dog house.
See how easy that is?
I like that cats exist now. I think cats are probably responsible for the recession, Cheny’s ability to torture people and Bush’s ability to Melinda Clarke illegally detain American citizens. And me being crabby. Its all part of a package.
The skanky cat has now moved permanently into the dog house. The dogs don’t even care about it anymore. It has enough sense to not antagonize them and now that I’m putting its food out of the dogs reach they couldn’t care about it at all. Unlike the stupid cat the skanky cat doesn’t try and attack them and then run away thinking its faster than they are.
Cats. Grumble.
I forgot to mention that I’ve updated the film libraries. A bit over 3,300 movies now. Its slower updating thanks to the AppleTV. Where before I had to keep every movie I saw now I can just delete them. I wish I could delete them from my memory as easily. I still have shudders about “Semi-Pro” but I am pleased that I have absolutely no recall of “Eagle Eye” other than the trailer, I can’t remember a thing about it, which is probably a good thing.
I also cleaned a few things up, made corrections that sort of thing. I have to say it: I’m not selling movies or boot legging them. They’re for trade only.
Robert Crumb There’s no copy of “The Dark Knight”, which I thought was a turgid boringly long mess. Heath Ledger will probably get the Oscar. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences loves to give the Oscar to dead actors. I figure because the producers always vote them in. Any footage they have of Ledger become more valuable and dead actors can’t suddenly come back and demand 100 to 1,000 times more money and a percentage of the front end.
I still thought Ledger’s the Joker was a sloppy construction. Thew whole film was sloppy and sprawling in a bad way, like your fat uncle sprawling on the sofa watching baseball on a hot summer day way.
I still also don’t have a copy of “Gladiator”. I didn’t like that one either, even though one of my Seven Samurai better friends chides me over its exclusion. He thinks its the greatest movie ever made. He won’t trade me his copy. He and his girlfriend have just moved and taken on some new teaching positions so his plan to get a 50 inch plasma, and a Blu Ray player just he can watch “gladiator” over and over again have, thankfully, had to be put on hold.
You will find more Asian films, more action and monster movies. Some wannabee surfer thinks my By Kankei taste in movies is elitist. I think its cool that loving Godzilla and Chambara flics is now elitist.
Oh and click on the buttons and things in the movie pages. It will display the posters and descriptions.
After me picking Gene Vincent’s re-release of “The Day the World Turned Blue” and “A Million Shades of Blue” as my album of the year a friend sent me another 2008 re-release. Gene Vincent’s “Born To Be A Rolling Stone”. He’s right that “Rolling Stone” is a better over all album. The music is tighter, there are catchier tunes. “Rolling Stone” has been available for ever in one version or another. I have at least 3 CD’s of it. This new one is the best though. Remastered sweet and clean. They’ve bought up the lovely acoustic guitars and at times Parfume by Roebuck Gene’s voice shimmers. I’ll stick with the “Blue” albums though. Two first time on CD releases on a single disk. That’s very cool.
The album I’d love to see (hear) on CD is the odd one that Gene made in England with the Puppets. They were his band when he played the Blackpool Pier. Every day two shows a day. I think that was a happy year for Gene. The album is joyous, tight and exuberant as the days with the Blue Caps. Its almost all other versions of his hits but they are very very good. Having it remastered in the same way as these two disks would be very welcome indeed. The same with almost any of the Rebel Heart disks. (Reference for dedicated Gene fans – Rebel Heart has about 20 LPs featuring every scrap of Gene’s recordings, including stuff fans recorded in hotel rooms and the like – great stuff.)Secret Beyond the Door

The bowl season is looking interesting. Right now it appears that my opinion of the SEC and Big 12 are more accurate than the presses’. The Sec has decent defenses going against mediocre offenses and the Big 12 has good offenses going up against the worst defenses in the country.
Even Sports journalism has been caught up in the fall of journalism in this country. There won’t ever be another, “All the President’s Men”. They’ll just report the press releases as fact and go along with the hype.
Utah destroying “Number 1” Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and Misissippi dismantling Texas Tech yesterday sort of proves all of that. WHile the Pac 10 going 5-0 in the bowls while being called the worst BCS conference in the nation makes everything look kind of silly.
But nothing touches silliness as much as the NFL’s Wild Card Weekend.
Planning the Attack by Charles Russell I’m not a fan of the wild card games. Runner ups get a chance to go to the Super Bowl? It sells tickets though and I’ll, no doubt, watch all four games so, there you go.
I’m pretty much way out of the season prize but I’ll pick the games anyway.
In the final week of the regular season I picked an astonishing 9 games correctly. My friend, in her abysmal ignorance managed to get SIX games wrong. Pathetic. That she thinks her 10-6 record is superior to my 9-7 picks shows her woeful insight into this beautiful sport.
My picks are in bold.

Atlanta at Arizona – One of the more interesting games. The Cardinals only lost to the New York Giants at home. I’m still picking Atlanta and stunning rookie Matt Ryan. Although I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Cardinals jump out to an early lead and then just build on it this game smellsSpice World more like a shoot out. The Falcons have a better defense and the Cardinals have a better offense. It should be the most fun game. I’m still picking the Falcons because its fun to imagine Matt Ryan marching the Falcons down the field in the final minute on the winning drive.

Indianapolis at San Diego – The Colts are pretty heavy favorites here. Good reason. What is more embarrassing for the NFL, having the 8-8 Chargers when the AFC west or having an 8-8 team in the play offs at all! The Colts have managed to win on sheer will this season. They’re healthy and experienced. Tomlinson and Gates, the two best players the Chargers have sat out of practice this week. Normally that would bother me but the two of them are serious talents and probably benefited from the bye week. Philip Rivers is looking sharp and I can see them winning the shoot out. It took a great drive by Manning to beat them in the regular season. They should have learned something from that game.

Baltimore at Miami – The Dolphins are stoked by going from 1-15 to the play offs! Chad Pennington is stoked because they eliminated his old team from the play offs. The Ravens are angry. Angry because Matt Ryan got rookie of the year over their super rookie Joe Flacco. Angry that no one Beauty Contest Loser gives them a chance to advance to the Super Bowl. In the NFL angry always seems to trump happy.

Philadelphia 30 at Minnesota 27 – I don’t like the Eagles or the Vikings much. The Eagles have the D-Line to contain but not stop Adrien Petersen. They will make a joke of the lousy QB Jackson. The VIkings can pressure McNabb and contain Brian Westbrook but not all day. It should be close but only because the Eagles will let the Vikings dig out of a hole.

With my gaudy 60% accuracy rate at NFL picks only a total wastrel who wants to throw away his money would pay any attention to these picks . . . for amusement of my enemies only. You know who you are!