If you can hear this

Merry Christmas If you’re reading this it means that you’re at the new hosting site and your name servers have migrated!
I was looking at the old traffic meter I kept and it’s apparent that the old host had been dying for months and months.
Here everything just feels zippy!
I’m glad you found us again . . .
Comic Cavalcade Today was just a day of waiting. Me: I waited for the old Registrar to release the domain name. My friend had a bit more difficult time. She was waiting for her dream job to call.
No real reason to expect them to, except that each of her references would call her after they spoke to her dream job and they indicated they would probably make a job offer today.
No phone call.
She (and I for that matter) would be disappointed but would accept not hearing from them. I still stir up a lot of anger towards her jerk ex-employers. I have nothing but bad feelings towards them and it codifies all the bad I had felt about them previously only in a more grotesque gargantuan form.
There’s still tomorrow.

It was warmer today, which was justification to not finish all the snow shovelling . . . it justified it to me anyway.
My back is feeling about 90% right now but my right shoulder is cramping up.
We went for a walk, the blind puppy, my puppy and I. They rejoiced in the warmer weather and the sight of kids having snow ball fights and sliding around in the slush.
It felt like Christmas was really almost here.

Its time we said goodbye

Wild About Christmas
Click images for desktop size: “Wild About Christmas – Christmas Card 2005”

This will be my last post on Dot5hosting.
I’m not thrilled about that but it was becoming impossible. It took three hours of holding and 9 hours of waiting for “Live Chat” to find out how to transfer my domain . . . and they lied to me the first time . . . Its sorted now.
It Happened One Night I’ll be putting through the name change as soon as I finish here. They say it will take 24-48 hours to “propogate” and then, like magic, you’ll be at the new host.
It should be invisible to everyone out there.
Its 9 bucks a month with the new hosting service until I decide I’m staying with it. I can’t affordd it but the kids reading my puppy’s site are worth more than that.
It will warm me on Christmas, for sure.

If I needed affirmation that it was time to move I got it. The server is down . . . at least it gave me the time to add on this little lobby card . . .

This is fascinating. Tucows, who I always thought of as an online software reseller, are the Registrars of my domain name. They are as bad as dot5hosting! My domain isn’t being released to point to the new server. No reason, just apathy, I guess. It’s not moving . . . Law says they have 7 BUSINESS days to release it . . . it is usually done on an automated system but Tucows likes to hold on to them . . . I can imagine some ugly fiscal reasons for this, but I suspect its really just not caring.

Could you hand me the left handed monkey wrench?

Christmas Advert 1972
Click images for desktop size: “Christmas Advert 1972” by Coca Cola
Just got the new water heater. Two hours (approx) to a hot shower!
No headaches from washing my hair in cold water. I think that’s a pretty good thing.
Bugs Bunny Christmas Yesterday, aside from watching some modestly enjoyable football, I worked on updating the site, prepping for the move to Movable Type.
The hosting service is becoming totally aggravating. I’ve been using them for 2 and a half years. I picked them because Dot5 Hosting was and still is the cheapest hosting service out there. Domain registration and service is about seventy bucks a year!
At first they were adequate. They had fits and outages, but they remained barely adequate.
This year I debated about moving to another service but they were talking about getting new servers in and updating things. Mainly its just such a chore backing up the data bases, reinstalling, downloading the whole site, then reinstalling it, then figuring out why it doesn’t work etc etc.
In the last 7 months the service has been horrendous! Coming from a background of free servers, well it was worse than that. Customer service got moved to India . . . so where I used to be able to call or do an online chat and ask the guy to reboot the server now I have someone giving me answers out of a book until they don’t understand what I’m talking about.
They pass me off to a Senior Tech . . . which means I get an email a couple days later and nothing changes or gets fixed.
I was trying to live with the service. I spent a lot of time converting everything to Movable Type.
Movable Type works by using perl to create an html page. Html pages load faster than php. It puts less strain on the server.
Movable Type normally generates the pages in about .015 seconds per page. I had about 500 pages to generate. On free servers it could take about 10 minutes! On my wonky service it took about 32 hours. And it had to be monitored becasue it would suddenly fail.
Santas Treats - Christmas Card 2005
Click images for desktop size: “Santa’s Treats – Christmas Card 2006”
I’ve decided to change hosting services . . .
This wouldn’t be so bad if I were getting paid for it . . .
I guess you’re worth it.
Sure you are.
The page your looking at is Movable Type. I hope you noticed that it loaded really really fast!
There’s still some glitches and cosmetic things I have to sort out. I’m putting in the links one at a time . . . I know that’s important to a lot of people. I’ll try and get to them . . .
It was my original plan to make the move around Christmas, maybe even on to a new server! But the database for WordPress got corrupted. I had a back up!!! Which is close to miraculous . . . for me anyway.
Hopefully all of this will be invisible to you. It won’t affect my puppy’s blog at all.
Flash Gordon 1938 Her blog is important. A lot of kids sem to love her. They at least write to her.
That’s important to me.

Onto to football. The games were poor but the scores were exciting. I loved seeing Philadelphia rise up angry, and seeing the Redskins make a strong stand behind the old discarded veteran is engaging theater. I went 10-5 and managed to rise up to 1,793. 14 points out of first place with two weeks to go . . . and I’m optimistic . . .

There was an amazing amount of snow yesterday and last night. I am becoming an expert snow shovellor . . . No, really!
I even hurt myself badly today. Just my back killing me. I had to clear the driveway so the hot water heater guys could come in. I was having fun until I hurt myself. I was singing Christmas songs and I’m sure I was being a neighborhood nuisance. Why people don’t want to hear an acapella doo wop version of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer with exertion grunts in rhythm escapes me.
No one complained, if they had I would try and teach them the harmony parts or let them sing lead while I did the harmony.
No one does harmony anymore. Maybe they’ve heard me sing . . .
All else is well.
I think there’s enough hot water for me to take a shower.
Some of you might say I even need one.
That would be unkind.

Hi de hoe hiddy hi hoe, I’m Hardrock, I’m Coco, I’m Joe Remembered Christmas Cartoon

Christmas In The Park
Click images for desktop size: “Christmas In The Park” by Unknown
Feeling pretty good, got good music on my iPod.
Hearing from friends always helps on that front. And it should.
Listening to too much Christmas Music. Even enjoying stuff I normally don’t like, like George Jones’s Christmas tune, My Mom and Santa Claus. So you know the holiday’s fast approaching.
The Man Who Returned To Life It depresses me slightly, just slightly enough to not put a damper on my good feelings, but it does bring me down a bit to be the recipient of so many good wishes when all I can do is smile in return.
I hope that’s enough.
The one Christmas gift I am giving this year arrived today. It works. It made me giddy happy to give it.

The transition from WordPress to Movable Type is going easier than anticipated. More Thanks to Movable Type than WordPress.
I’ve even gotten all the links exported over. Some of them look a little bit gnarly and there’s all sorts of goofy stuff off but it’s shaping up.
I don’t think anyone cares about the “brass tacks” of doing this. Most people are concerned about the why of it.
Both WordPress and Movable Type are “free”. This is pretty recent for Movable Type. One of the cool things is that WordPress is open source.
That’s also the problem. The code is a mess and getting more and more kludged up. No one is cleaning up the code, they seem to just keep building. Also there seems to be no one concerned about legacy.
Like the way I designed this site to only have one column, all the junk that’s in the side bar is up in that little menu up top. “Links” doesn’t work anymore. They changed the code, all the identifiers etc. And I can’t sort through the code and find what they did! Not many comments and I follow a trail only to find its been killed far down the line.
Nutcracker Troop
Click images for desktop size: “Nutcracker Troop” by Unknown
For all I know my layout may be impossible.
They have plenty of support on the WordPress forums but too often its of the “that’s the way it is, pard’ner” variety.
I like to fiddle with it myself and I am an idiot about this stuff. Stupid enough to think playing around with it is fun!
The other drawback, for me, to WordPress is that the xmlrpc does odd things. I can understand it. They wanted to make a kit that anyone could take out of the box and start working, always giving satisfactory results.
I admire that. Its not what I want for me.
Movable Type has its own issues. It can be extraordinarily complicated and befuddling.
I still have no idea what a module does, why they exist or why I need them.
It works in this odd piecemeal fashion (so does WordPress but to a far lesser extent). Each part of the page is segregated out. The body, the entry, the headers, the banner. And they have their own in house names for tags.
The Meanest Man In The World Where <$php include this?> works in all php files (WordPress is php if I hadn’t mentioned it) Movable type uses something like <$MTIncludeMTNameYoudNeverThinkOf$> which has requirements of before and after tags and complicated rules on nesting.
If your stubborn enough, you can make it work exactly the way you want it to. Boy, you have to be stubborn. Its also real easy to completely trash the whole site with a single misplaced tag.
They are a charge for it company, but they still try and make everything work out of the box. Again what they offer out of the box isn’t exactly what I want.
I am stubborn though and, I’m told, naturally crabby.
But the main reason for the change is my cruddy hosting service.
WIth WordPress and php when you request a page in your browser the server builds the page for you when you ask for it!
This is a rather pretty thing to think of. Its made just for you!
That puts a lot of strain on a server, hits a lot of cpu cycles. The cruddy hosting service just watches the cpu hit 100% until it dies.
When you’ve got 262 customers on your server and 60 of them are doing php request (like most forums are MYSql and php based) everything dies, the server drops the connection and everyone figures I’ve closed down the site.
Merry Christmas - Sarah Michelle Gellar
Click images for desktop size: “Merry Christmas” by Sarah Michelle Gellar
With Movable Type the perl scripts create an html page.
HTML is the easiest thing for a server to handle. I’ve timed it and it takes at least one half the time for the page to load, and often 3 to 4 faster than the WordPress page.
The hiccups come when I’m creating the page . . . but its easier for me to curse my cruddy server than to put you through it. And boy it drops a lot, usually in the middle of things . . .
I had set a deadline of New Years to get the move made. I’ll make that easily. I might even make it before Christmas and just let the kittle cosmetic imperfections to dwindle as time goes by.
I’m still using ecto to post. Its improving, but not fast enough!

Badges? Badges. BADGES! I got to show you no stinking badges! Alphonso Bedoya

Christmas Lighthouse By Phillips '57
Click images for desktop size: “Christmas Lighthouse” by Phillips ’57
I’ve never coached in the NFL.
Really don’t want to coach pro athletes. I can’t see the fun or the sense of accomplishment in that, really.
That doesn’t mean that I can’t be outraged by the actions of Bobby Petrino. Not as a sports fan but as a coach and a member of at least one of the associations he belongs to.
Inframan I don’t want to go on about him. He’s not worth it as a coach. I’m more stunned that he could get a job.
If you don’t know, Bobby Petrino walked out on his contract with the Atlanta Falcons. He lasted 13 games. The day he walked out he took another job. Coaching the Arkansas Razorbacks.
If I were an alumnus I’d be raising hell with the athletic director. I don’t believe Arkansas are so obsessed with winning that they’d throw pride out the door. That they’d trust the young men of their institution to a man who would apparently desert them at the slightest whim.
Thing is that Petrino immediately mad me think of another coach who was some what under the gun this year: Joe Paterno.
I never played for Paterno. I enjoyed watching him coach twice. Once when he hammered USC in some bowl and once when we hammered him at the Colosseum.
He’s got class. In victory and defeat. He spoke kindly, forcefully, and without evocation both times. He was polite and smelled like you wished your dad smelt on Christmas morning.
As a coach he’s survived the 3 yards and a cloud of dust to move into the aerial circus years and now into the indomitable defense years. He’s done so without a blemish. No NCAA infractions, most of his students got their degrees. More than a few became Hall Of Famers in the NFL.
If you ever visit State College one of the things you notice is that there are a lot of buildings named Paterno. Not as a tribute to him but because he donated the money to build them – libraries, not Athletic Centers, class rooms, not gymnasiums.
Heavenly Angel
Click images for desktop size: “Heavenly Angel” by Anonymous
He said he wanted to give something back to the institution that had given him so much.
Sometime ago an NFL team, I forget which one, offered Paterno 3 million dollars a year to coach for them.
His response was something like, “If your not saving lives there’s nothing a man can do that’s worth a million bucks a year,” and he turned it down flat.
If you get to the practice field you’ll be surprised to see an awful lot of High School coaches. They’re always welcome. Sometimes he puts them to work, sometimes he or his staff teach them.
He loves this game and delights in what he learns from it.
I think that he and Eddie Robinson are the two greatest men to ever teach this game.
I’m cynical enough to be intrigued. Someone bought a big court case to force Penn State to reveal Paterno’s salary.
Invasion Of The Saucermen 1957 Now a days I’m always ready to have my drams crushed, and maybe the idol had clay feet after all.
After a lot of vourt room tantrums they finally gave up the number.
Joe Paterno makes $500,000 a year.
Its a handsome salary but doesn’t much compare to the millions Lou Saban is pulling down at Alabama, or the millions Bobby Petrino is getting from Arkansas.
He’s donated millions of dollars back to the people who pay him. He’s raised his family and raised young men to go out into the world with the same firm but gentle hand and eye.
There’s an argument for yin and yang.

I’m doing fine. Getting excited about Christmas. Why not. I don’t need presents galore to enjoy the day.
I regret not being able to give presents, but that a minor quibble that might have more to do with my pride than with altruism.
I wish my puppy and I were going to see kids this year. We’ll be fine.
My friend had her dream job interview today. It must have gone well as she had some very scant reasons why she wasn’t a shoo-in.
She should be a shoo-in.
Put up more decorations that only my puppy and I noticed. Lit the tree so my puppy could lie there in the dark and admire it. Although she does seem concerned that its not surrounded with good smelling packages. She’s being so good. She remembers Santa Claus Is Watchin’ You by Ray Stevens so she wouldn’t be bad.
Things are good enough here now to not mind the pains I’ve had. I went three days, almost, with no pain pills, before I caved in.

I’d walk two miles around trouble. If I have to. Borden Grant

Christmas Volcanoe By Vlad Desing Studios Put up our little disco tree and some decorations yesterday.
Nothing fancy, just a couple garlands and a wreath on the front gate. Felt pretty good.
My puppy was fascinated with the tree and had to inspect each ornament and watched me carefully while I hung each one.
It! The Terror From Beyond Space I’m pretty sure she’ll be happiest when there are presents to go under it.
Still working on her Christmas card.
It looks like we won’t be able to afford to send out too many, if any, Christmas cards. This is just a little jpeg one she can send to the kids. Kids love email in the same way I used to love getting regular mail.
I’ve got a feeling some of you may be getting the electronic version, which, you could always print out and hang on the string around the fireplace . . . I mean, that’s what I do and all.
In my Christmas decoration box I found all the Christmas cards we’d received in the past two years. Its a nice bountiful treasure. One of the pleasures of doing the decorations is looking at those cards and remembering, no recalling, each of the senders.
Never get much of a chance to tell people what they mean to me. Recalling them is the only chance I have. Doesn’t mean much cause its all in here.
The best card I ever got was of my friend’s new born son.
I’ve lost that. Pity me for only having the memory.

I was 14-2 in my NFL picks this weekend. Alarmingly that still dropped me over 300 places in the standings!
I watched the Bush-less Saints vs the Vick-less Falcons last night.
In the wake of Michael Vick’s sentencing it was an odd sight. All those people supporting him.
I tried to recall if anyone in Chicago had dressed outrageously when Jamall Anderson got sent to prison for drug sales (90 days) or when Tank Johnson got sent away for breaking his probation by carrying around guns.
Spidergirl I don’t think so. But maybe.
I’d like to think that these are fans so tightly bounded to their team that they are willing to forgive. But I don’t like kidding myself.
The wave of editorials I’ve read seem to forget that the victims were tortured cruelly to death. They stop short of saying “but it was only dogs”. But they stop just short.
They blame most of Vick’s troubles on PETA . . . and on his lying. One editorial in the Washington Post seemed to say, perhaps unintentionally, that it was the lying about his involvement that Vick was being punished for, not cruelly hurting innocent creatures.
Too many editorials pointed out the various manslaughter convictions, shooting incidents, rapes etc committed by NFL players. Pointing out how those players received lighter sentences than Vick. I guess this is in support of their factious expose of the huge power wielded by animal lovers. I Demand Payment None of them pointed out that maybe those other guys got treated far too lightly. My friend did right away, so its a pretty glaring thing.
It bothers me. I love dogs in general and mine in particular.
I don’t know what to make of it really. It saddens me to see a 27 year old man destroy his life. The Vick football players have both done that. And I can’t grasp why fighting dogs was something that so obsessed Vick that he’d put his life so at risk. I’ll never understand wanting to hurt an animal; especially to the point of death. I never will. Its one of those things where all I can say is, some people are just like that.

I’m hoping Christmas washes those thoughts out of my mind. I don’t need to think about the terror that’s in this world all the time, do I? Maybe I do.
Anyway I keep listening to Christmas music like the coolest whack version of Twas The Night Before Christmas while I try and move this site over to Movable Type. Its becoming a real pain but it might be worth it, if I can do it.

An Apology

Virgin And Child - Botticelli
Click images for desktop size: “Virgin And Child With Four Angels And Six Saints” by Botticelli
Last week I titled a post “Happy Hanukkah. The next day I posted a film poster that could be seen as glorifying Nazis.
Pretty stupid of me.
I swapped some posters with someone and I got a bunch of strange exploitation posters in exchange. The one about Nazi’s was one of them.
There was no hidden message there. I didn’t even think about it. I found the poster interesting in design and thought nothing else about it.
That’s by way of an explanation and certainly not an excuse.
I’m very sorry if the content offended anyone. I’m offensive enough without being rude unintentionally.
I apologize with sincere contriteness to anyone who might have been hurt or affected in any way.

What good are Saturdays without football

Unknown Lovers By Korn
Click images for desktop size: “Unknown Lovers” by Korn

When I was a kid one of my favorite bands was The Who. I soon realized that the reason I liked them was that after just one hearing I could play almost all of their songs better than they can! That was The Who’s real genius. Songs like “Call Me Lightning” come to mind. Its not Christmas music like Speedball Junior’s “Rudolph’s Secret” its just a smug thought I had out walking.
My NFL picks last week were a disaster!
I went 7-9! Fell from 60th to 2300!!
In this contest they throw out your worst 4 weeks. I’m stockpiling those worst weeks up. I still have fun. Football is always something I enjoy thinking about.
The Omen Even when I discovered that the cable company is grossly overcharging for the privilege of seeing the games . . . and with Bowl Season coming up fast I’m not keen on telling them to . . . you know.
We’ll see. Wait for push to go to shove.
The Drug Company sent me my money back for the drugs I never received. Maybe that’s a good sign of better things ahead.
My friend got a call for her dream job. Definitely signs of better things ahead.
The NFL week starts on Thursday now. As usual my picks are in bold.
Chicago at Washington – I picked the Bears. I thought they were better poised to reclaim some dignity and I figured the Redskins would be shattered from from funeral and the lack of practice. It was a terrible game but you have to admire the Redskins Back Up QB taking charge. First loss of the week!!
Carolina at Jacksonville – This is one of those “go long: games. The Jaguars played themselves out of first place last week, against the Colts. The Panthers are just good enough to take their frustrations out on.
Dallas at Detroit – A few weeks ago I was looking forward to this one. Now it seems that the Lions are a haunted team committed to burning out in flames. Roy williams being injured does not help their cause. The Cowboys are steam rolling and believe they are going to the Super Bowl. There’s no real threat in the NFC, that’s for sure.
Christmas Magic
Click images for desktop size: “Christmas Magic” by Unknown
Miami at Buffalo – Definite contender for cruddy game of the week. The Bills are an interesting team, better when the kid from Stanford plays at his level.
New York Giants at Philadelphia – This is a game that promises to be ugly bit interesting. Both teams are playing poorly at exactly the wrong time of the season. The Eagles have a nice revenge factor going after the way the Giants beat them down in New York. Creepily the Giants are the leading Wild Card team!
Oakland at Green Bay – I have confidence Favre will start and play until they have a lead. After the Disaster in Dallas they have a lot to prove to themselves. The Raiders new found running game will give them enough incentive to play hard.
People Who Own The DarkSan Diego at Tennessee – I’m taking The Chargers – the flops of 2007. The Titans are playing shaky football, particularly on defense. I don’t trust the Chargers to perform at all and if I keep thinking about it I’ll change my pick . . . Chris Brown is looking good . . .
St Louis at Cincinnati – I keep picking the Bengals . . . I can’t help it. I like that offense and their coaches! This week it should be a good pick. Bulger is doubtful for the Rams and Steve Jackson can’t win a shoot out!
Tampa Bay at Houston – I’ve never thought much of Gruden as a coach. If the Buc’s don’t obliterate the Texans I’m putting all the blame on him! I hate not naming the starting QB and making it sound like a strategy when all it is is indecision.
Arizona at Seattle – This is a cruddy game. Neither team is playing inspired football but the Cardinals are snake bit. The Cardinals should be able to handle the SeaHawks all passing game pretty well. The Arizona O is . . . well, a time bomb.
Minnesota at San Francisco – Very quietly the Vikings have played themselves into contention for a Wild Card slot. If they can’t destroy the 49ers then they’re just pretenders, not contenders. Most interesting thing will be seeing if Petersen comes back and if he does how much they’ll play him.
Cleveland at New York Jets – The Browns have been hiccuping as of late. The Jets just look cruddy. If the Browns can solidify they can go deep in the playoffs. As to the Jets, I’m trying to figure if they really want Lee Dorsey or just want to make sure the Dolphins don’t get him. (Bad reference to the NFL draft)
Click images for desktop size: “Wink”
Kansas City at Denver – Another game with cruddy written all over it. The Bronco’s seem to be playing for something I can’t figure out while the Chiefs are just looking shell shocked, as well they might. If Johnson were back or Homes hadn’t had to retire it might be different. But . . .
Pittsburgh at New England – Game of the week! The Patriots now look like God and the refs are on their side. The Steelers are predicting their own victory? They’ll run the ball but you have to think that the Patriots will have enough defense to stop them when it matters. This one could be awesome.

New Orleans at Atlanta – Here’s the cruddy game of the week. It pains me to think that but its true. Reggie Bush is probably gone for the season. The Falcons have gone beyond just being terrible. I can’t think of any reason to watch this. Brees might do something heroic. A game like this shouldn’t need heroics.
Planet Of The ApesIndianapolis at Baltimore – Rah. Can the Ravens play as tough against the Colts as they did the Patriots? Can they keep that ferocity up for two weeks in a row? Can the Raven’s coaching staff not screw them up? It would be great if that could only be. Or will Manning regain his composure and just flatten them. I think the answer is some where in between but the Colts are still too good.

As usual these picks are just for my friends to point at me and laugh.
After my picks last week I think using this worthless advice or taking it at all seriously would be evidence in a competency hearing!

Opening Day . . . Nearly

Candy Pop by THFM
Click images for desktop size: “Candy Pop” by TFHM
The dogs woke me up too early this morning. A notorious cat had invaded the yard . . .
Couldn’t fall back to sleep until late hence over slept . . .
No particular dog has stepped forward to apologize.
Out Of The Past
Some fellow in France has done a little review of this site. The link is over on the link page. I only think its fair to link and counter link. Networks . . .
Anyway, the site is in French so I’m semi-baffled as to what he’s saying. I do note the names Ring Lardner and CLR James are in the paragraph. Even if he’s only saying that I’m no Ring Lardner or CLR James I’m very cool with that.
Maybe it has nothing to do with me at all. My French is pretty poor.
Anyway, the mention of CLR James and Lardner reminded me that Opening Day is less than a week away.
I love baseball. Not so much as a MLB fan but of the game itself.
It has become a world wide sport. I saw the Boston Red Sox play at the Surrey Oval in London. I was able to play in a well organized league in London.
Baseball is the one American sport that truly has become international. They’ve always signed Hispanic players and now they’re bringing in Asian players as well. I watched a Korean pitcher play in Triple A ball.
I resent my body for not letting em play anymore. It might be a matter of “The older I get the faster I was” but I think I was a pretty good player. Not Major League good, but good enough to love playing and good enough to enjoy having people watch me play.
I don’t make predictions on baseball games. The greatest teams lose 1 out of 3. The greatest batters lose more than half the time. Its what makes baseball more than a spectacle and a game that nourishes and allows heroes today to be the goats of tomorrow.
I once missed baseball so much that I got into cricket. Ball And Glove
Click images for desktop size: “Ball And Glove”
I followed the County teams in London. I enjoyed it and marveled at some of the players skills. Cricket taught me a lot about British society. Our worlds are mirrored in the games we play.
One thing I realized about baseball is that it has never produced any great books about the game. I mean there’ve ben great movies about players (“The Lou Gehrig Story”), great books written about teams and seasons, great articles written about some of the games, (my favorite baseball quote – “Watching him pitch was as easy as trying to buy a friendly drink for a whore” I’m not quite sure what it means which only likes me make it more), great works of fiction (“Bang The Drum Slowly”, “Ironweed”). But there’s never been a great book about the beauty of the game. Nothing that can compare to CLR James devastating treatises on cricket certainly. (“He who knows only cricket knows nothing of cricket”).
I can’t imagine why. Maybe its because the time spent in the stands or on the field Where Danger Lives allow for enough rumination that the thoughts we have become too personal, something that we can’t bear to share. Unlike cricket (where a match lasts 4 to 5 days) there isn’t enough time to think it through and let those personal thoughts graft onto our own imagined coda’s where we can distance ourselves to the point of being willing to share.
All I know is I love baseball, all the dreams its giving me, all the times it let me succeed and all the times it let me fail.
That kids in Singapore, in Greece, in Utah and in Chile all know what I’m talking about; that a pickup game in a sandlot is as important as a game in the play offs and that its been this way and always will be this way despite the scandals, despit the players, the game is bigger than them all.

And lest we forget this is the start of spring practice in football. USC has the Mark Sanchez (Gatorade Player of the year and my friends personal choice for Trojan of the year) vs Mitch Mustaine (8-0 for Arkansas as a freshman!!) battle to look forward to, the usual log jam of superb players at running back; the worries about the D-Line and the LB’s now that some all world players have moved on; the questions at WR and CB.
This really is a beautiful time of year . . . if the snow would finally melt.

Why didn’t the Ramones have a horn section? OrAge is a degenerative disease

Old Baseball On The Grass
Click images for desktop size: “Old Baseball In The Grass” by Sandra Cunningham
I have a strange factoid: If USC were its own country (and there are plenty of people in LA, particularly on the West side, who already think we are) the Trojan athletes would have placed 13th in the medal standings at the Beijing Olympic Games and been tied for 8th in the Gold Medal standings.
I have no idea what that really signifies. It just seems cool. The past and present Trojans won 21 medals overall.
The Asphalt Jungle And I still wish USC was not ranked Number 1, at least not yet. I wanted Ohio State to come in with there uncompetitive schedule and be 7 point favorite. I want them at full strength so they couldn’t offer up any more of their lame excuses when we throttle them. I hope we do beat them. I sort of like this years Men of Troy.

My friend went back to work today. I miss her a bit. I was rotten company on her 6 day weekend. I just kept feeling sicker and sicker. Its not that bad. Its really how I feel “normally” about three quarters of the time. I just didn’t want to feel that way now.
We went and test drove cars today. She needs a new car. We can’t come close to affording one but it was fun driving new ones.
We looked primarily at Hyundai’s – The Tucson and the Santa Fe (plenty of room for dogs). And the Kia. I thought the Kia felt kind of tinny. The Nissan X-Trail was too big and kind of oppressive looking to me.
For the final dinner we grilled p two salmon steaks she marinated in some sort of glaze-y teriyaki sauce. We had them with wild rice. There was nothing to be cynical about while we ate.
Click images for desktop size: “Spiderman” by Marvel Comics
We watched the great dog movie, “Soldier In The Rain”. Its a cool movie that is inexplicably not available on DVD. I got a hold of a TV capture that was pretty low Q. The movie is so cool it doesn’t need a great copy to be wonderful.
Watched intermittently the documentary about Hunter Thompson “Gonzo”. Interesting stuff.
It made me sad that the country has ended up in exactly the state that a drunken, drugged out madman brilliant writer predicted. It was so easy to for see, and we let it happen anyway.
This Sarah Palin fiasco could not have been for seen. What a vile mess. And its been less than a week.
This woman wanted to BAN BOOKS!! She condemns to hell those who think differently than her. She abuses the power of her office for personal vindictive reasons and then because she wriggled through a legal loop hole she behaves like a career criminal Andy Warhol's Dracula and takes her “alleged” offenses even further. Actually, unless they were making good money most career criminals would have enough sense to walk away from a crime if they were lucky to walk away from it on a technicality. It takes a sociopath to continue on the same mad path, a sociopath with psychotic delusions of grandeur who would think that their wrong actions are excused by divine right.
McCain is an idiot but even he should know he needs to ask her to step down. The damage will clearly only increase.
Obama has behaved well throughout all this. He impressed me here. If only he believed in freedom and personal liberty I could vote for him. As it is I have to consider him as just the lesser of two evils.
I can’t believe that none of the third party candidates have stepped up and clearly made a stand about all this insane stupid folderol. That they haven’t makes them look even less attractive.
I might have to vote for Obama just to keep the country out of the mad man McCain’s hands. People elected Bush. There are enough cowards to elect McCain and his hate filled savage Alaskan.
This morning I woke up to discover my iMac was having a system crash.
A corrupt coreservicesd file someplace. I rebuilt the launch services and tried everything else I could think of. So far it seems to be holding.
Very fatiguing.
I would suspect the dogs of sabotaging the computer. They did get an extra long walk today while I let the system files install and update.
I realized that there sabotage would include more bite marks. So I have to blame the guys up in Cupertino . . .
Who is Apple supporting in the election? Why?