Yesterday’s Hero

Doc Savage by Baum
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I bought a Switch on Woot. Cost two bucks. I got it because I needed extra Ethernet connections. Wireless N does’t always cut it for streaming movies. Hard wired connections always seem to work.Kiss Me Quick So right now I’ve got seven connections.
It’s worse with my USB. I’ve got a powered hub with 10 ports and they’re all filled. So is my FireWire port.
I need a new computer.
I want to go post-PC, surviving with my iPod and my hacked nook but there are still a few jobs I need a desktop for.
I wanted to get it next paycheck but I want my puppy to get some bloodwork done.
My puppy and my trophy wife are more important than a computer.

USC 14 Arizona State University 9

Orangeness by LawnElf

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Its been another exhausting week. Being sleepy is my natural state.
I work and go to physical therapy. That’s about it. All I can handle. Oh, and fight with the CanadianMountain of the Cannibal God government.
Physical therapy has entered that stage of really doing me some good, but that means a whole lot of pain.
I do get excited about the improvements. Its hard to tell anyone about it because they’re so small but important. I can reach in my front pocket without squealing. I can put my wallet in my back pocket and not have to do a 5 minute twirling dance to get it out. I can brush my hair with my right hand.
My shoulder blade has finally separated from the rib cage. That was hard. Now there’s a dull burning pain surrounding my shoulder blade that intensifies when I do the 3 exercises to keep lifting it back to normal.
For the rotation which was the most damaged because of what the cops did to me, I have to stand with my hand braced waist high on a door jamb. Then I simply turn. I hurt myself pretty badly doing this.
I like my physical therapist, we talk about martial arts films and various techniques for strengthening thigh muscles in kids. He takes me seriously and often starts our visits by telling me the results of his research into one of my more difficult observatory drills. But he doesn’t remember what kind of maniac I am. Like most of us when we like someone we assume they’re sane and more like ourselves than anyone could actually be.
Assuming I’m sane is risky and foolish.
When I was doing the rotation drills I’d put all my weight into it. More strength means faster recovery, right? I did them until the pain was nearly causing me to black out, pushed right through all the pain and when the soreness didn’t leave I continued with the next set on schedule and just Cole Phillips

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kept pushing through the soreness and pain.
Turns out that’s pretty stupid.
I’m supposed to do the twists with light pressure and only to the point of where the pain starts. The pain is supposed to stop as soon as I release the pressure. He was incredulous that I was doing them my way. I was incredulous that he didn’t tell me not to hurt myself . . .
The soreness went away pretty quickly doing them his way but i don’t think I’m seeing as rapid a result as I was with my methods.
Today I raked up the leaves in the yard and now my shoulder feels only tired without a trace of soreness. Two months ago it would have been an impossible chore.
One bright spot of the week was that the Apple Store exchanged my retro keyboard for a brand new one with no hassle or skullduggery. As distasteful as I find a lot of Apple’s new business techniques and their shoddier manufacturing they keep winning me back with the superb customer service.
Like I still love my 2nd hand iPod Touch (what a clumsy name). I like the little casual games, I love Never Trust a Gambler finding wifi hotspots and checking my email anywhere. I like reading news feeds and while I’m on the bus or waiting for the transportation to pick me up from the doc’s I like watching movies on it. “Riot in Cell Block 11” was totally cool. And it plays music. Its become an indispensable part of my life. I can see wanting an iPhone but not while its tied to At&T or, rumored, Verizon and their exorbitant fees and slip shod service.
The other delight is and will always be my puppy. She’s dealing okay with the rescue dog. He’s too aggressive with her and resists learning Brigette Bardot

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how to play “properly”.
One of the neighbors commented that my puppy was the most elegant lady like dogs she’d ever seen. She said my puppy always acted with grace . . . which I sort of doubt but I don’t mind that being the public perception of her.
One of the traits of her breed is their sensitivity and their memory. I’ve never struck, swatted, kicked or struck her. It sickens me and enrages me when I see someone strike a dog, almost as much as it does if it were a child. But my puppy reacts to harsh words like they were knives cutting her flesh.
I fell asleep and forgot where this was supposed to be heading . . .
Anyway, while we were out for our walk today we stopped into a drugstore. I lashed my puppy to a garbage can so I could see her through the door and make sure no one messed with her. While I walked past the counter a dark voice barked at me, “COACH!”
It was one of the kids I coached when he was in high school. As I think he was voted the student most likely to get 10 to 20 years I was pleased to see that he was working. At first I thought it was a cruddy job he had but then decided it was at least a better job than the one I had . . .
Indian Camp by Charles Russell

Click images for desktop size: “Indian Camp” by Charles Russell
He came form behind the counter and asked me, not how I was doing or some such but, “Hey, where’s Coach Puppy?”
I told him that she was outside. He said, “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind but the manager probably get upset if she came inside, but heck, she’s the Coach!”
We went out together and bought her inside. She seemed to remember the kid and probably asked if he’d been scoring any TD’s. He scratched her butt which pleased her. They talked while I got the few things I went in there for.
While we walked he told me how he still lived with his grand mother. He also told me something I didn’t know. His grand mother had been in the hospital with a heart attack. She’d been one of my puppy’s patients. He said she still tells people about the black dog who’d come and peek around her door to see if she needed any doctoring.
He said that he can always make her laugh by telling her some of the stories about the doctor dog being his football coach.My Gun is Quick
I’m always proud of my prim little puppy but sometimes it is nice to be reminded of why.

Last week I was a stunning 8-5 in my NFL picks . . . my friend was a mediocre 9-4. I think she has hacked the server and manages to change her picks, not enough to attract any attention from the guys running the game, just enough to beat me!
Despite her ability to cheat I still feel confident that this week I will over take her and prove my innate superiority in all things football!

My picks are in bold.

Washington at Atlanta – This is my Survivor pick this week. There are only 14,000 still left in this contest! The Redskins are a manic depressive mess. The Falcons are facing being eliminated from the play offs if they don’t win. Easy choice.

Arizona at Chicago – The Cardinals are schizo’s. Their stunning win over the Giants was a fluke or a Orion Nebula by NASA

Click images for desktop size: “Orion Nebula” by NASA
pure revenge game. They’re bewildering. The Bears are a good enough football team that are still working out how to play together, the defense without super stud Urlacher has joined up to play fierce football while the offense still has not adapted to its new super stud diabetic Jay Cutler. They seem to take a step forward then get flustered. They’ll need a complete game to handle the Cardinals. There’s no reason to think they won’t pull it together.

Baltimore at Cincinnati – Game of the Week. And it should be a burner. The Ravens brutally exposed the Denver Broncos last week while the Bengals have discovered defense and inspired play from Carson Palmer. While Chad Ochocinco has been spending the week bragging on what he plans to do to the vaunted Raven’s D while NOT giving them any bulletin board material! This is pretty much a must win for both teams and both teams are capable of mashing the other. That certainly excites me! I’m picking the Bengals for no real good reason. I just love the way Palmer and Ochocinco play.Night of the Living Dead

Houston at Indianapolis – The Colts’ defense is an injured shambles and as much as I dislike the Texans and their football I can’t ignore they’ve been throwing up a lot of points lately. The Colts have Manning and there’s nothing in the Texan scheme that makes me think they can stop him. This is a game of the week contender, a contender because I don’t much care for games that are evened out due to injury.

Kansas City at Jacksonville – Cruddy Game of the week contender. No Larry Johnson, who I met as a high school footballer and thought the world of, for the Chiefs so an underpowered O gets weaker. Their D is incapable of getting any worse. The Jaguars are under achieving and totally exposed. Jack Del Rio won’t let them lose to a vastly inferior opponent.

Miami at New England – I think the Dolphins’ running game will gouge the Patriots D for plenty. Ted Ginn has finally shown he has some talent but I can’t see him getting any TD’s against the Pat’s special teams. The Dolphins can hang with the Patriots now but they don’t have much to answer Brady, Welker and Moss.

Green Bay at Tampa Bay – This is one of those boring games that is killing the NFL. The Packers are a team and the Buccaneers are a discombobulation wearing jerseys. If the Buc’s do win I’d demand a congressional investigation. Too many of those guys seem to think sports are more important than things like health care anyway.

Carolina at New Orleans – The Saints are undefeated! The Saints. The Panthers are playing far Dracula's Daughter

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below their talent. They’ll step up their game against the Saints but I hope it’s not enough.

Detroit at Seattle – Cruddy Game of the Week. The Lions haven’t won a road game since the Great Depression. They don’t deserve it but the Seahawks should win this one, probably on a last second field goal.

San Diego at New York Giants – Two of the seasons great under achievers. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the two teams trying to lose this one. Might be entertaining.

Tennessee at San Francisco – the 49er’s will make the Titans rethink starting Vince Young. Mike Singletary has them playing inspired football far above the talent level to that point where the high level IS the talent level. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kerry Collins reappear.

Pittsburgh at Denver – One of those solid games that used to make up the bigger part of the NFLNo Way Out schedule. The Steelers’ strength on offense is pretty well nullified by the Bronco D, but the Bronco’s O will be negative oxygen reserve against the Steelers’ D. It should get pretty smash mouth and close. I have to trust Rothliesberger in the close ones. This one and Dallas and Green Bay are the only away teams I picked this week!

Dallas 22 at Philadelphia 21 – The Eagles Dismantling the Giants last week doesn’t make any where near as strong an impression as them getting manhandled by the Raiders. Dallas is a mediocre football team that was designed to beat the Eagles. I’m willing to let that play out.

USC 20 Oregon 47

Happy Halloween by Julia Nikolaeva

Click images for desktop size: “Happy Halloween” by Julia Nikolaeva
I’m not feeling too great. Mostly in my head and heart. My body feels mostly like it always does.
It was a pretty good day. Got things done that pleased me. But then the letter A stopped working on Maniac my keyboard and that started the slide.
I couldn’t avert the slide, even when I discovered the keyboard is still under warranty. Now I just have to get it there to exchange it. Another task. Just means that’s the keyboard wasn’t the root of the issue, just the last straw sort of thing.
My job is pretty horrible. The hours make it worse. Not only am I always exhausted but I deal with the degenerate gambler types. They’re not very nice or polite. After the first week they’re not interesting. Their differences are all overwhelmed by their identical compulsion. This is pretty low rent legal gambling so I guess I shouldn’t have been distressed to discover the compulsion is something for nothing. Most of my “customers” don’t have jobs. They describe sitting in a chair and clicking a mouse to make the electronic slot wheels to spin as hard work. Maybe it is. I tried it and found it boring.
There’s not even a rush. For this to be legal, and right now it is legal, this is a sweepstakes. The winnings are determined as soon as you sit down and log in. The slot machine aspect is simply a reader to hook you in. What they spend hours doing could be accomplished in about 10 seconds. But then they wouldn’t keep spending money.
People do win, the biggest winner was $9,000. It doesn’t really matter to me. These people don’t tip. They run me ragged but it never dawns on them to tip. Their attitude is that it’s my job and they feel no need to show gratitude or pay a gratuity. So I clean up their messes, protect them from the predators because it’s my job and I’m paid plenty . . . I’ve heard them say often, “Don’t pick up the garbage. It’s his job, let him do it.”
The women are almost all enormously fat. They don’t want to sit on the toilet seat so they crouch Death

Click images for desktop size: “Death” by Unknown
sort of over it but they are so big they mainly urinate all over the floor and then complain about how the bathroom stinks. I clean it up.
I bought three bags of Halloween candy. I figured it was too much for any trick or treaters. We got one here. So I was giving it away to some of the people. It made me feel human. One person said thanks. Mainly they wanted to exchange it for something better. Most came up and demanded their free candy. Nearly all complained about the selection . . .
It wears you down. When they lose they get nasty. And I’m the only one around who they’re pretty sure won’t slug or shoot them for being nasty.
And I need a job. I make enough to be broke. I’m still far enough down the poverty scale to still be eligible for food stamps and free medical. Without a job I’d be even more lost.
Then there’s my continuing war with governments. I wonder why I suddenly became so important that they need to fight so viciously. There’s nothing bureaucratic or professional about it. Its just cruelty. Ridiculously I understand it. People want me to fight. I want to fight for justice, just like in MAgnum Force the comic books but I am so weary.
I miss my things. I never thought that I’d be one of those people that’s defined by his possessions. I like my music. I like being able to watch football. I like my clothes. Maybe the broken keyboard reminded me that the only thing I have left is this computer. It keeps my music. It stores my movies. I watch them here now. It’s not satisfying. Its hard to get lost in a story on a computer screen. At least it is for me. I keep checking emails.
Betty Hutton

Click images for desktop size: “Betty Hutton”
I just feel beaten up. It will pass. Depression doesn’t scare me. I’m not suicidal really. Never have been. But sometimes I get in these moods. Fortunately I have a good dog who loves me nearly as much as she loves her Kong, her ice cream, her treats, her food . . . I’m sure I’m in there somewhere.
The first time my puppy and I met she bit me! After being separated by the heart attack episode she snapped at me. We have that kind of relationship. She knows I’m depressed so she acts the clown. That’s hard for her. She’s a pretty beautiful dignified thing most of the time.
I can’t be depressed too long. If a cure consists of more than a kiss and scratching her butt or chasing her for the Kong she gets confused. She needs to know that what she does works. She needs to know that I am okay. Its those traits in her that make her a great therapy dog and why the children love her.
Right now I smile because I think of how incredibly tickled she gets when she makes me chase her for the Kong. She is so overjoyed she looks like she could explode with joyousness. If she were human she’d have to sit down and laugh for 10 minutes while wiping away tears. Right now she’s awakened and looks at me just long enough to make sure I’m okay. If I weren’t she’d come over and doctor me, whether I wanted doctoring or not.
Dracula's Daughter

Click images for desktop size: “Dracula’s Daughter” by Universal Pictures
When I’m not here she spends most of her time waiting for me. That saddens me.
Halloween was fine. My favorite pet store is going out of business. I went to their last day sale and got some good bargains.
The crazy people on the corner, the ones who over decorate their house. (Spiders crawling up the wall, a graveyard with animated figures, giant cats and purple spiders, billowing smoke , music and sound effects – it almost sounds slick. It isn’t. Its WalMart cheesiness run rampant) The husband dressed up as Leatherface and was chasing the trick or treaters with a toy chainsaw. It was enough of a show that the street was blocked with parked cars and kids waiting their turn to ask for candy and get chased.
They did this for themselves, not for charity or for profit but for the fun. Somethings are nice in small towns.
I went to the Chinese restaurant and spent my last 6 bucks on some Mu Shu chicken. When ever I get mu shu I always wonder why those pancakes are so valuable, I mean they give you a pint of muThe Midnight Story shu and four pancakes!
I watched the USC-Oregon game on-line. It was pathetic but I’m still a Trojan. Always will be. It’s okay to gloat over our worse loss in 8 years, cause its been 8 years and seven consecutive championships. We’ll probably still go to a bowl game. It was a bad loss but that’s all it was.

I don’t feel much like going into great detail on my NFL picks this week. But so many people like to ridicule me over them it feels like it would be selfish to not make them public.
Last week I was 8-6. As usual I was pretty happy about losing half the games and flummoxed by the other 3. My friend somehow stumbled to identical record. Her cheating ways have stopped paying off! She remains five points ahead for the season. But you can sense that I’m about to make my move!

As always my picks are in bold.

Denver at Baltimore – Denver is not as good as their 6-0 record . . . which is probably one of the Fashion Plate

Click images for desktop size: “Fashion Plate” by NFL Films
ridiculous things my friends like to hear me say. The thing is that the Broncos think they are a perfect tam and that kind of belief very often works. The Ravens are a lot better than 3-3 and they know it. Attitude and home-field advantage make me pick the Ravens.

Cleveland at Chicago – I’m sleeping through this one, if the Bears can stay awake they should throttle the dispirited Browns.

Seattle at Dallas – The Cowboys win last week was one of the games that bugged me. I don’t like this team much at all. The SeaHawks are the new trademark of the NFL completely erratic.

St Louis at Detroit – Cruddy game of the year, perhaps the decade! I have no memory of what prompted me to pick the Lions. Who cares who wins. Maybe they can figure out how to tie.

Houston at Buffalo – The Texans have become the flavor of the month recently. They won two games they had no business winning and did it convincingly, I still think they stink. Their wins arMondo Cane e more a product of the diluted NFL product than talent or skill. The Bills have looked surprisingly better, like they whipped the schoolyard bully and are now going after all comers. It should be interesting.

San Francisco at Indianapolis – I really like the 49ers and where they’re going. They’re playing good football and have a definite future except they lack a lot of talent. The Colts don’t lack much of anything.

Miami at the New York Jets – The Dolphins played the game of their lives and instead of a win they ran into the Dru Brees, Reggie Bush thrasher. Incredible game, good enough to keep faith in the NFL. Can the JEts stop Ricky Williams? Probably not but I don’t think the Dolphins can stop Mark Sanchez and the hot dog!!

Oakland at San Diego – My Survivor Pick of the week. Not chosen cause the Chargers are so good but because the Raiders are so bad.

Jacksonville at Tennessee – The Jaguars are starting to play good football while the Titans are 0-6 and bringing head case and USC destroyer Vince Young back as starting QB. So I’m picking the team in disarray because it just feels like them winning would be the better story.

Carolina at Arizona – After their great win at New York last week it’s a sure bet they won’t be ready

Click images for desktop size: “Face” by MK20Face by MK20 to lie down against the enigma team that is the Carolina Panthers.

Minnesota at Green Bay – For some reason the big story if Brett Favre returning to Green Bay and Lambeau Field. I think the big story is that they’re coming off a loss and Adrian Petersen ain’t happy.

Atlanta at New Orleans – Game of the Week. The Saints are undefeated . . . The Falcons are rising rapidly but the Saints are undefeated . . . A good one on Monday Night!

New York Giants 30 at Philadelphia 28 – Now we no longer have to hear about how the NFC East is the best division in football. They stink like the rest of them.

Everybody’s talking about Working Annie

Click images for desktop size: “Modesty” by Unknown
I like professional rasslin’.
When I was nearly 5 I saw an apparition on my mom’s 14 inch b&w TV. The apparition was “Dick the Black Samurai Bruiser”. He was wearing those tiny black speedo’s that pass for wrestling trunks, and a striped tank top-muscle shirt. He had on wrap a round shades.
Under each arm he had a keg of beer. There was a big Havana type cigar clamped in his teeth. Even on B&W TV you could tell his crew cut skull was a healthy pink.
With his enormous barrel chest and clutching those beer kegs in his massive wildly gesticulating arms he delivers a lecture in a voice that sounded like wind blowing over grinding boulders. He told us kids it was bad to drink beer and bad to smoke. He set one beer keg on a table, tapped it one handed then hoisted it to his mouth like a giant stein.
He poured the keg down his throat, spilling very little of it. He dropped the keg and said, “See boys and girls all that beer is bad for you.”
He puffed the cigar that had never left his mouth, “Smoking is bad for you too. Don’t do it.. Cause if you do you will make me mad!”
Up until that moment I had two heroes; Sandy Koufax and Ernie Banks. All Koufax and Banks offered was athleticism and other worldly grace combined with an attitude that belied perfection.
Dick the Bruiser offered something else, something big that miles and years beyond my comprehension. All I knew was I suddenly had another hero.
Wrestling was on TV Saturdays right before baseball and after Bug Bunny. A perfect Saturday morning.
I watched, marveled, cheered. I learned all the wrestler’s names. I was appalled at the sheer evil of M3 by Jason C
Click images for desktop size: “M3” by Jason C
the bad guys. They personified bad clearer than anything I’d ever imagined before.
The Bruiser’s TV matches were all “squash” matches. He’d go into the ring and just pummel and maul whatever lamb had been thrown to him. If another wrestler did that to an opponent I’d have thought him an evil bad guy. But when Dick the Bruiser throttled them it was poetic, brutal and beautiful.
I was 5 and about to enter kindergarten when my mother took me to the Olympic Auditorium to see a real wrestling match. The opening matches were okay. I don’t remember a thing about them. It wasn’t until the Main Event, a world championship tag team match. Dick the Bruiser and the Crusher vs Yukon Apple Jack and Moose Cholak..Two out of three falls to determine the winner.
When I watched Dick the Bruiser walk down the aisle, the only music being the coarse cheers of a rough adult crowd, I remember thinking that it was impossible for a kid like me to be so lucky.
The match was all I could have dreamed. Yukon and Moose were huge ugly men who reminded me of my friend’s fathers, the father’s who yelled they were going to kill us if we didn’t hold it down.Blonde Venus
The Crusher and the Bruiser just beat them down to win the first fall. They were beating them down in the second fall but the stupid ref missed the Crusher pinning the Moose and then didn’t see Yukon Jack smash the Crusher in the face with a chair!
I think that wrestling ref’s have influenced my opinion of sports Lauren Bacall
Click images for desktop size: “Lauren Bacall”
officials ever since.
The Bruiser and the Crusher easily won the third wall to win the World Championship. Apple Jack and Moose, being the sore losers bad guys can’t help being, used all sorts of foreign objects to beat the Crusher senseless even though it would change nothing! The Bruiser went berserk and mopped up on the two cheaters.
As Dick the Bruiser walked down the aisle I was cheering. He looked at me and gave me a rough salute. In that moment I was a peace and filled with a happiness I was unfamiliar with. The Bruiser offered a view of the world I could never before understand, a view that 5 year olds cherish.
Dick the Bruiser was proof that it was possible to beat up everyone in the world. When you’re small, weak and alone seeing that certainly expressed in physical terms, not just in imagination but in bleeding flesh, that is a knowledge that gives more than mere hope.
I remembered that on Tuesday; Tuesday was a very good day.
I went to my orthopedic appointment. The medical complex is by the largest shopping mall in the area. The mall is obscene, a corpulent dripping monster of excess.
Rob Harrell
Click images for desktop size: “Untitled” by Rob Harrell
They have an Apple Store. I got my keyboard. Third keyboard in 4 years. I think that’s excessive.
This is the new Apple keyboard, ultra thin, ultra light. At first I thought it would be as nasty to use as the Logitech. It’s actually pretty pleasant, like typing on a laptop keyboard but with more stability. It makes it almost feel like I;m using a new computer.
Then I managed to get a battery put into my pocket watch. I love this watch. It means more to me than the trophies I’ve received. It was a gift from my players. They noticed I was always shattering wrist watches during practice and, as a team, they came up with the pocket watch solution. I felt a lot of emotion when I paid the $7.95 for the new battery. Now I can pull it out and look at it and know that I can always see exactly what time it is.
Then it was time for my doctor’s appointment.
The facility was huge, an enormous building that could almost be called a campus. When I entered Borderline everything moved quickly. Thanks to the computer shared database I didn’t have to fill out any tedious forms or present any documents. I was just whisked along.
In less than 5 minutes I was talking to the doctor. He was younger than I anticipated. The first question I recall asking him was, “How long have you been practicing?”
He said, “Five years.” I figure he must have been an ace student. I liked him. He was this side of 30, about 5′ 11″ and 170 pounds. Brown hair and glasses. He was dressed all in Polo, Ralph Lauren Polo. I used to dress that way, a long time ago and it made me feel a kinship with him.
He checked out my shoulder. It was definitely frozen. He checked out the nerves and said I had no permanent damage yet. He said the damage was due more to me trying to avoid the pain the frozen shoulder brings, compensating and holding my arm in weird positions that was compressing the nerves and veins.
He said at its worst I was loosing about 80% mobility, at its best about 20%. Rah! Kind of rah.
I told him the Canadian doctor’s prognosis – 18 years of pain. He was perplexed. He said that the Malicious Resplendence by Robert Williams
Click images for desktop size: “Malicious Resplendence” by Robert Williams
story of the frozen shoulder was right so far as that went but it was sort of heartless to not treat the pain. Treatment was really rather easy: Surgery – but that weird surgery where they knocked me out and then just bent the arm around to get past the lesions and things, or steroid treatment and physical therapy.
He’s a sports doctor and you could see his training lent him towards not recommending any course of action except to lay out the risks, benefits and possible consequences. I asked for recommendations.
He said surgery was pretty extreme. It could work but would be painful and still require physical therapy afterwards. My right arm is badly atrophied and surgery would not help that.
The steroid shot would reduce the pain to manageable levels and permit me to do the physical therapy required to increase the arms mobility and work the atrophied muscles.
We decided to do the steroid shot.
This was interesting. We went to another room with a fluoroscope. He got out a long needle andThe Brides of Dracula using the fluoroscope set up the path of the needle so that it would avoid the arm bones and enable him to inject right into the dried up capsule. (The shoulder capsule is where all my problems lie). He used a numbing agent with the simple theory that he got the steroids into the right place if the pain reduced.
The shot hurt but not as badly as when they take bone marrow samples from your hip (leukemia diagnosis). And then it was miraculous. For the first time in I’m not sure how long I was pain free.
It was liberating. It felt joyous. No pain.
The doc explained that the total pain relief was temporary and would wear off when the numbing agent wore off. It would take 6 days for the steroids to completely kick in but I should experience the same sort of pain relief then.
All I could think about at the moment was the happiness of not hurting. Although the thought kept gliding through my mind that the Canadian doctor was willing to let me suffer for 18 months. A five minute procedure freed me from a tyrannous amount of agony and they would have deprived me of it.
I went home and even when I felt the numbing agent wear off the pain was reduced. I slept for 6 hours straight. Its been almost a year since I’d done that.
As time progresses I’m using the arm almost normally, except for the fact that it is pretty fiercely locked up. I’ve hurt myself some from not being aware of it and over extending my arm. But the pain is negligible.
Worse are the neck and shoulder cramps. They were expected, still, even though I don’t like the stiff Shiny Sky by Maxine Perron Caissy
Click images for desktop size: “Shiny Sky” by Maxine Perron Caissy
neck and the stabbing shafts of hurt it’s a fair tradeoff.
Steroids have another side effect: My blood sugar levels have skyrocketed. It was predicted. I still have to slog and try and keep them down. Again, this is a fair tradeoff.
I start physical therapy on the 9th. Twice a week for 2 months. I get another steroid shot on the 28th.
Its odd feeling human.
I went to work with a light mind. My puppy is coming back to me this Sunday. It feels like life is coming back to me.
I truly hate my job. A few times it has based past the level of being endurable. I’m still looking for a good job. I’ll hold on to this one for as long as I can. They might have to move or I might not be able to take any more of the wearisome abuse of the place. The people aren’t bad but they forget that I’m a person too. They see only their needs and wants and forget about the rest of the world and that’s just creepy.
But nothing can overwhelm that my puppy is coming back. I’m out of pain.
The world seems wonderful.

One thing I never will forget is the beauty of a friendship that’s not ended yet Roger McGuinn

High Life
Click images for desktop size: “High Life” by Unknown
It was my birthday up until a few minutes ago.
It didn’t seem to mean much. Thanks to the people who remembered.48 hours1xs.jpg
My sole celebration was to go to the Chinese Buffet. It was better in my memory than in reality. Probably its just the world of memory. And not having a puppy to filch tidbits for.
I still rather enjoyed it but in a softer way than I usually enjoy these things.
I was tired. Had to run around a bit and get my shoulder x-rays. I finally got an appointment with an orthopedist. For Monday. It’s a bit Doris Day
Click images for desktop size: “Doris Day”
dull that I have to hand carry my x-rays in. I got to look at them at least. I can’t tell a thing, other than it’s my shoulder for sure.
Other cause for birthday celebrations was I got my first pay check. It was at least 8 hours short, 8 hours that should have been overtime. I didn’t want to talk to the boss about it until I’d studied and confirmed the figures. It will have to wait until the next paycheck anyway.
I got my new debit card but I have to go make the long trek to the bank to activate it. Probably do that tomorrow/today. I can’t really touch the money until then. Even though it’s a short check there’s still enough to make a dent in my debts. That’s important.
My friend has waived enough of the debt payment so I can get a new Apple keyboard. I hate having to buy it but the Logitech board is horrid to use. I hate the key feel but the monstrosity is that the keys are just small enough to force a ridiculous amount of typos. And whenever I type an A or hit tab, I also hit the Cap Lock . . . So it’s frustrating.
The thing I did mostly on my birthday was play with Snow Leopard. the newest update to Mac OS X.
Back in the day an update to OS X was a sort of geeky thrill. Now that Apple has gotten so big and Life by Cole Phillips
Click images for desktop size: “Life Cover” by Cole Phillips
Microsoft continues to crumble its lacks the joy of participation.
There are a couple of things I like about Snow Leopard. Its faster and feels snappier. Too many of my standard daily apps don’t work. A couple required upgrades but a couple are just dead. It also seems to have a problem burning to my external DVD Burner. Which is a stone drag.
But what I like the least is that way too many icons now look distorted and fuzzy! Like hell really. I can’t figure out why. Some of the 128 px icons look fine, but others are a real mess, including some of the 256 px ones. Since OS X now permits 512 px icons this is annoying. Even stranger is that several of the pre-installed icons look terrible too. Disc Utility looks amazingly bad. It also crashed several times while trying to repair permissions. Creepy in a way I associate more with Windows than with Apple, which just goes to show how the two have grown closer in feel and philosophy.
Apple was better when it was a decided underdog, trying to appeal to the hardcore. iPods and Doomsday Special iPhones have pushed them into great wealth and success and then into tyranny and sloppiness.
The rest of the day was spent sleeping and dreaming of my puppy coming home to me. Hopefully next week. I’m on edge enough about this to need constant reassurance.
I miss my puppy. She’s okay but chances are she misses me too.
My days have been filled with working nights while only managing to sleep 3 or 4 hours a day. I’m in a bit of a constant daze. Its endurable. I don’t like the job at all and am sort of glad that they’ll be moving at the end of September. Probably moving to a location that will be inaccessible to me.
I get asked questions.
About the girl who used a high speed grinder to make sparks fly from her body. No. I did not find that sexy. I did find it terribly cool.
It would have been the same if had been a guy up there 90% naked and touching tender body parts with power tools. I wouldn’t have stared as hard at a naked guy but watching people potentially do great harm to themselves in the realm of entertainment is a rush that guys seem to enjoy.
Like I had a gay friend who got drunk and decided he wanted to get a tattoo on his rear end. He wanted a bunch of blue birds, hearts and flowers flying out of his rectum.
Whatever you think of that pales beside his decision to go to the Pike in Long Beach to do this. There are plenty of tattoo parlors on the Pike. If you don’t know the Pike is a beat to death amusement park out on a pier. The area is filled with bikers, dock workers and hard drinkers. The tattoo parlors are not cute and cool artistic studios. They are old school and cater to the man who Still Life by Jan Lievens
Click images for desktop size: “Still Life” by Jan Lievens
wants his girl friends name tattooed on his chest or a naked mermaid tattooed on his bicep.
This was not the place that you would figure an effeminate set designer should be going. Of course I went along because I knew there would be trouble and none of the trouble would be my responsibility.
We got to the Pike and the set designer was sobering up. We stopped in a bar. Behind the bar was a low stage with a band where I knew the guitarist. it was a surprise meeting.
I told him what the set designer was planning to do as an explanation as to why I was in a sea front bar known for broken teeth and smashed skulls. He was there for $100 bucks a night, as the band was cheaper than replacing the juke box that invariably got busted during the nightly bar fight.
The guitarist tried to talk the set designer out of his plan. He explained it was dangerous and that none of the tattoo artists on the Pike would welcome his custom.
The set designer stood on his rights as a human being, which are true and accurate in a civilizedA Dog's Life society but this area really didn’t respect individuals too well. People in the bar were already giving the set designer, who was sharply dressed, all 5′ 6″ of him and muttering some pretty nasty comments.
The guitarist implored the set designer to reconsider. This just made the set designer more trenchant and determined. So having done his best the guitarist joined us. he felt he deserved to see the fun after he’d worked so hard to do the right thing.
We started the search of tattoo parlors. As soon as the set designer described what he wanted to the bare chested men we were thrown out of their joints, usually with threats of violence.
I was impressed with the little guy. No matter how much the much larger, dangerous looking tattoo artists threatened and berated him he stood firm and talked about the stupidity of discrimination and his refusal to give up his right to have pretty birds, flowers and hearts tattooed around his rectum. I was also surprised that with all the yelling and swearing no one tried to punch us out.
Only one guy offered to do the job and I pulled the set designer out of there as it was obvious the guy was going to get him into a compromising position and then just hurt him.
Pin Up by JW McGinnis
Click images for desktop size: “Pin Up” by JW McGinnis
The set designer wouldn’t give up. His insistence on walking into places that clearly wanted to hurt him was a lot of fun. Much better than TV.
The only negative was he finally did find a female artist willing to do the job. Since her work displayed was mainly of burning skulls and various devils I thought she might not be the one to render the set designers artistic vision. She spent a few hours doing the work. I went and listened to my friends band while I waited for him. (I drove so I had to.)
The negative was that the set designer made me inspect the finished product. The woman had seriously done her best but the work was crude. It wasn’t artistic. The hearts looked like they should have been bleeding or had daggers shoved through them. The flowers were blobs and the blue birds looked like hawks. That and the fact that staring at guys naked butts is not a fave past time of mine was depressing.
The set designer went to one of the trendy tattoo artists on the strip. I can’t remember his name butAdventures of Captain Marvel he was famous for doing Cher’s tattoos. He cleaned the work up quite a bit. My punishment for my violence tinged voyeurism was having to inspect the new work as well.
So watching the sparking woman was a lot like that. Seeing her dance and striking the grinding wheel on the tiny strips of metal to generate the sparks, and knowing that she could hurt herself severely with a simple wrong move of a half inch or so was what fascinated me. And she was fit . . .
The other question I’ve been asked a lot here rather surprises me: How much longer do they give you to live?
Since I have nothing of huge value to leave anybody other than a huge movie collection and a beautiful puppy this is rather startling.
Since other doc’s had given me erroneous time lines I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. I called the doctor who was happy to discuss this morbidity with me. I knew it was going to go well when the conversation started off with something like, “Frankly, I can’t quite accept the fact that you’re alive right now!”
The leukemia put my body through a serious beating, the diabetes is a progressive disease that just wears you down. The techniques used in Canada are different then the preferred method in America but I have to live with it. They have no idea how I managed to survive the second heart attack, the one intentionally induced by the Canadian Government which they refused to treat. They said the damage caused by that heart attack was more severe than the first one.
But I am alive and the damage to my heart, while serious is nowhere near as bad as it should be or as bad as the scarring indicates it should be, I guess.
There’s no real answer to how long I can live. If I stay on my diets pretty well and keep swallowing Head Hunter
Click images for desktop size: “Head Hunter” by NFL Films
the handfuls of pills they believe I can return my heart to about 98% (Before the second heart attack it was believed I could get it back to 100%)
In other words I stand a good chance to make it into my 60’s . . . maybe.
All I can guarantee is that I will live at least one more day than my puppy. After this episode I will not ever let us be separated again.

Even with the job and my constant exhausted (but not fatigued) state I can still follow football. I’m surprised and concerned that Pete Carroll has named Matt Barkley the starter. Matt has the chance to be one of the greatest QB’s of all time but his senior season in Orange County was solid but far from spectacular. In practice he’s looked brilliant and incredibly young by turns.
I’d just feel more comfortable with the equally talented Aaron Corp playing QB against Ohio State. The Asphalt Jungle Next week San Jose State is just a tune up game. A game I’m irked USC is playing. San Jose State has a talented Div 1A defense. Its quick enough to give Barkley a look and some problems. I hope Corp gets some time in because I still think Corp is the key to a successful season.
These 12 games a year – 12 days that these kids have spent a life time getting ready to play are too important for experiments.

I’ve got another year to start. I think I get to say when that year starts. It didn’t start today. Today was as disappointing as Obama’s plan for health care reform. It is certainly not going to start until I can start to use my right arm again, I’ve got my puppy beside me telling me doggish jokes, and I can get up in the middle of the night and talk to my friend. Interestingly I’ve compensated for the arm so well that I have either deceived everyone that my arm is fine or else everyone around me is too self obsessed to notice . . . I don’t know how to compensate for the lack of puppy or lack of friend.

I get around Brian Wilson

mc by Richard Mohler

Click images for desktop size: “mc” by Richard Mohler
Another bad night.
My careful construction of pillows and positioning failed me. I was awakened 4 times with sharp They Drive by Night pains. Did manage to sleep well until then though so I feel pretty well rested.
Miss my puppy.
Last night I had to dip into my work clothes fund (or interview clothing fund) to buy a new keyboard. I wouldn’t buy a new Apple keyboard. Don’t have $50.00 to spare. And as this is the third keyboard to just go bad it seems futile.
David Bowie

Click images for desktop size: “David Bowie”
The keyboard was working absolutely fine but then abruptly the space key and six keys stop functioning. I have a thesaurus so I could do without the letter keys but copy and pasting spaces was pretty time consuming.
I got a Logitech board for $15.00. It works okay. It is cheap and the Apple keyboard certainly looks and feels better and the Apple has all those hardware function keys (volume, eject, screen brightness). But for 15 bucks I figure this one will last and do just fine until I start working.
Yesterday was also tough as my friend spent most of the day at the doctors and then at the hospital getting tests. She’s going to be okay but right now she has three separate viral infections. Viral meningitis, which is nasty but not as nasty as bacterial meningitis, a kidney infection and a general infection. Rah.
They gave her something. Hope she’ll be okay.
Being separated by imaginary borders heightens the worry and the frustration.
I’m still looking for work. Still applying for at least three jobs a day.
I’m worried now.
People have been on me for bum rapping Canada. I’m not. I’ve traveled enough and lived in enough foreign countries to draw a line between the people and its government. Even in the most Mist's Edge by Luis Royo

Click images for desktop size: “Mist’s Edge” by Luis Royo
entrenched democracy the government seldom coincides with its people. Its worse in a capitalistic society but it is usually pretty evident.
Most foreigners bum rap America as being too litigious. They don’t understand that it is those massive payouts you read about that shape and form our society.
Like in India Union Carbide negligently murdered thousands of innocents with a poison cloud. Its still in court over there decades later. Union Carbide is still appealing and fighting the size of the payout. I gather the damages to the surviving family members who were victims of the slow painful death Union Carbide inflicted on them want so much money it would eat up nearly a week of Union Carbides normal net profits. That’s NET profits.
In the USA the damages would have bankrupted the corporation and then the lawyers would have gone after the corporate officers and bankrupted them.
And I think that’s a good thing. Corporate America doesn’t fear prison. They fear losing money. Corporate America was poisoning dogs and cats for a long time. They figured it was worth it.The Killer that Stalked New York
They saved so much money by putting a known poison into dog and cat food that they figured they’d still turn a profit based on how many animals would likely die. The law suits wouldn’t be large enough to offset the tremendous savings.
They continued to poison animals for months until judges started to hit them with stiffer and stiffer penalties and allowed the pain and suffering of the pets owners to enter into the settlements. That’s when it finally stopped.
But America has an entire history trying too fight for and to find a balance between freedom and justice. It is only in the last 30 years when America bowed to corporate domination that our laws have gotten screwy. I mean the old, “Better 1,000 guilty men go free than 1 innocent man suffer,” sounds cool. It is cool but we can’t seem to deal with that anymore. Still its so ingrained that the conservatives haven’t been able to totally dismantle the structure.
Even in France, where the fight for liberty runs deep, if you are arrested you are presumed guilty. Your task is to prove you’re innocent not for the prosecutor to prove your guilt.
In the U.K. they revoked the right to silence. Being confused, dazed or lost isn’t sufficient. Not answering a cop’s (a COP’S) question will be held against you.
In Canada you do not have the right to speak to an attorney before questioning. They state that you have a right to one phone call. You don’t. You can ask the cop to call a lawyer for you and he may or may not choose to do so.
You can sue the cop for refusing to make the call. It will cost you about $25,000.00 and if you win you’ll get a written apology . . . and that’s it.
The quality of cops has been declining world wide. Mainly because of the quality of the men who want to be cops. See, fewer and fewer want to be police officers, protecting the innocent, helping Hie Sanno Festival

Click images for desktop size: “Hie Sanno Festival” by Unknown
the helpless sort of men. Most of them want to act out some control fantasy, carry guns and shoot people and get away with it. The UK and Canada are both giving more and more types of cops guns. They didn’t need guns for hundreds of years but now they do. Well, they really don’t but they want them and they have unions.
So I’m not really bum rapping Canada so much as I’m noticing that any society that attempts to run essential services at a profit will eventually work most to appear it is following the letter of the law while intentionally ignoring the intent of the law.
Any country that does not prize the rights of children and the rights of the individual over all other rights is out of necessity going to become a cruel heartless torturing nation.
And I still miss my puppy. I still hope my friend is okay.

The good times never felt as good as the bad times felt bad

I managed to cajole an extra 50 minutes at the library.
So, we get back from the doctor’s and get the lecture. My6 ex-friend then explodes and throws me out.
Being an idiot I go and walk around for a couple hours in the rain. I walked about 5 miles in a straight line then start to feel faint and turn around.
I get back to her house and find she installed new security locks since I was there! She lets me in and I do my new medicine regime and then I pass out. I wake up in a panic, pretty disoriented. My puppy is at my feet and moves with me.
I’m moving around and my friend yells from the bedroom to get out of the house. I hug my puppy and take off, more than a bit lost and confused. I think about going back and asking what is going on but since most of what she’s been saying to me has been hateful and not very true anyway I figure it would just be provocative.
I walk around all night and day, deciding to come back to her house, I’m in pretty bad shape but pleased with myself that I’m still alive and functioning.
I knock on the door and my friend lets me in. She tells me to gather up my stuff and get out. I tell her I understand that whatever it was we had is dead. I’d like to just relax and have time to get out. She also tells me that people have decided I’m not fit to take care of my dog and that she’s sending it away Sunday so she can be given to a proper home.
That set me off. I called the person she was working out all these details with and said I was not giving my puppy up. It was hard for me to hear through the meds, the pain and the emotional upset. I got very upset and profoundly sad. The way I am right now I’m not fit to care for much of anything. Barely myself.
I was gathering up more meds and medical junk when I saw my friend get into her car and drive away. I figured she was going to go get alcohol. I felt relief and concern. Relief she was gone. I played with the dogs some and was heading out when she came walking up. I thought about dodging behind a tree and avoiding her and realized I wasn’t 9 or 19 anymore, and as ridiculous as the scene was I should remain who I am.
I stepped up and asked, “Hey. Just leaving, you’re car okay? Why you walking?”
She said, “Come here!”
I went to the gate and saw she’d come back with an ambulance. I almost turned around to leave the way I’d originaly planned but decided that would never work. So I trudged down there and listened as she bansheed at the EMS guys that I was dangerously insane and needed to be put into a psych hospital! RAH!
The cops showed up and she continued her rant. I said, “I’m not insane. I’m not a threat to myself or to others. I intend no harm to anyone,” as cool voiced as I could.
She was dialing her mobile saying that the party who I was speaking to wanted to talk to them becasue she knew how crazy and dangerous I was.
The cops showed up about now. They asked why my friend went and got an ambulance. She said that I had refused to let her use her own phone!!
She back tracked and then said it was becasue I was on the phone and that I hadn’t restrained her or anything of the sort.
It was madness and bickering. I still don’t know what changed me from “the love of her life” at 11:15, into a “rat bastard” at 11:30.
To defuse the scene I agreed to go with the EMS guys to emergency. Just to get me away from there and the madness, hate and rage.
At the hospital my numbers were pretty bad. My EKG still showed the heart attack but no worse.
The leg was an issue. About a pint of blood had hemmoraghed. I’m not supposed to be walking at all, let alone for hours.
There was a counselor who told me to go to a homelss shelter about a mile and a half from the hospital. I went. They let me stay for a couple days.
Its not so bad. I was relived to be able to take off my clothes and lie down. I slept no better or worse than I have in the past month.
The homeless guys are okay. Not people I particularly would trust with a dollar but not revolting. In the morning one of them started a sing a long. I was pretty surprised that they did a pretty interesting version of the old novelty record, “They’re Coming to take me Away Ha! HA!” Then That Mary Poppin’s tune “Supercalifragilistic etc.” It was as real as a dog’s head on your knee.
I had breakfast. A big bowl of museli. I hadn’t eaten anything for two days. I still hated it.
I took a shower. The hemmoragh is halfway to my knee but the pulse is strong and there’s no real pain.
My friend sent me a text message. It said, “U can stay here till arrangements r made”.
My instincts said it was a ploy. It was. I guess I was supposed to walk in there and then she’d call the cops and say I broke in or somet5hing and then she could have me arrested. I called the cops and then waited. She basically gave me the old cop restraining order. Where the cops make threats they shouldn’t but where they mean well. I take it seriously.
If you don’t hear from me on Monday its becasue my friend has had me arrested for some reason or other and I’m in jail.
I’m innocent. Honest guv.
My time is up!

When you live on the street you’re obligated to accept anything; a haircut, a clean shirt; your only power is to let people be kind Dean Moriarity

It’s been a long week.
Last Friday the guy who was replacing the hard drive on my iMac said the video was broken, either the cable or the lcd.
On Sunday I had a heart attack. I didn’t realize it. I can’t say for certain whether the iMac was to blame.
My thoughts were that my frozen shoulder had gotten worse and that the pain was extending across my chest.
On Monday, at 10:05 in the Morning I had a more severe heart attack. I went outside with the dogs and walked around. I still thought it was just my bad shoulder. After about 45 minutes I decided this was nuts. I was very distressed.
I called the doctor to demand an emergency appointment for this damn shoulder pain. The receptionist told me to call 911. After some light cajoling she was afraid I was in the midst of a heart attack.
I woke my friend and told her. The paramedics came. I was indeed have a heart attack.
They rushed me to the hospital. Within minutes I was in an operating room. They were performing an angeoplasty and installing a stint (which is a wire tube designed to keep the closed artery open).
I was awake through the entire thing and got to watch the whole procedure on the TV screens all around the operating room. It was fascinating so long as I stopped remembering it was my body I was watching.
They were shouting out so many numbers and abbreviations I really felt I was watching some high drama. Until they got to blowing up the balloon in my heart. For some reason that was excrutiating. I guess I started singing over the pain. The nurse, whose main job seemed to be to stroke my head and tell me not to move, told me after she thought I did a beautiful version of the Pogue’s “The Bioy From County Hell”. I don’t think I know the words to that one. When I remember the scene I suspect I was singing the Pogues version of “Waltzing Matilda”. Both tracks might be on the same album.
After the surgery and the reconstruction of teh vein almost all the pain abruptly stopped. The doctor showed me pictures of my old damaged vein and the one he had just built. He was very proud of the work and described the difficulties he encountered. Believe me, it feels good to hear the doc feeling proud of his work when the work is you.
I’m writing this at the public library. I only have 10 minutes left of time. So I’ll buzz by.
I checked myself out of intensive care two days early becasue of the money involved. The doc’s made a lite effort to talk me out of it, but they understood.
My friend picked me up and brought me home. That night we made a fruitless trip to the emergency room. My fermoral artery had started to heommorage slightly.
The next morning we went together to see my doctor. He looked me over and gave us a lecture about my recovery, what I should do and should not do. Though I had a severe and significant heart attack (as oppossed to an amusing and insignificant one, I guess) the damage to my heart was moderate and I could heal it to 100% especially if I followed all these instructions for the next few weeks.
We got home. Less than an hour later my friend became my ex-friend, through me out of the house broke and alone to go walking in the rain. She said, “I wish I’d never let you call the ambulance”. And , “I followed you to the hospital (she did, I saw her and waved) praying you’d die before you get there.”
I’m on a lot of drugs with a lot od side effects but her actions have pretty much born out the sincerity of those words.
I’m homeless now. My ex-friend is threatening to give my dog away in attempt to hurt me further. My friend is not an inhuman monster so I don’t really know what has over whelmed her so to act so. Even if a friend of mine was suddenly announced to be a dog murdering pediophile I’d want to talk to them first and see what went wrong. But that’s the way I am. And since my friend and a couple of others seem to be in agreement about how I should be treated I guess I’m wrong on that front too.
I have to go. The library computer just beeped me. I have to find a home, a job and a way to get there.
I’m fine enough. Only had to use the nitro twice for chest pain. The hemmoraging is slightly worse but less than a pint. I’m not supposed to be walking so . . .
I’ve no plans to die and no plans to let my puppy and I be stolen from each other.
I can use this computer again on Monday.

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on Robert Frost

6-12: Still no computer. Looks like a lost cause now.
I lose.
Looney Tunes The iMac is going into the shop. Third hard drive in 4 years. The original Seagate drive lasted 13 months. The Western Digital just over 3 years. I don’t think this is very good. I don’t know who or what to blame.
Hopefully I’ll have the computer back this evening.
Football practice was OK. Foster dogs vet visit went well. Will probably meet some potential adopters this weekend.
My puppy loves me.

I’m an idealist. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way Carl Sandburg

Irises by Vincent Van Gogh Woke up in screaming pain from my shoulder. Very bad.
I see the doc’s today at 3:30. I hope they have some sort of miracle pill to calm this thing down.The Devils Rejects
I’m far from impressed with the miracle of Lantus insulin. I thought it was starting to kick in. I got hypoglycemic trembles. Had to eat the glucose tablets to get them to stop, but it appears it was more from me not eating anything for 12 hours than the drugs.
Here’s to today.

Football last night. It was good for me. It wasn’t good in general but it was far from the worst session I’ve ever been involved in. The organizers’ hearts are in the right place they just don’t have the skills to pull it off.
The Equipment Manager and the Team Manager are stellar.
Saw 118 kids yesterday. No stud athletes. That’s no big deal. They were kids. Some showed potential. Potential is all that they need right now. In general the kids seemed eager to learn, eager to play they just have no clue as to how.
I ran the agility section with the 6 inch agility hurdles. This is one of my and a lot of other coaches favorite sets of drills. We used to run these drills with “step over bags” which were about the same height as the hurdles and about six inches broad. One of the evolutions in sports science is how even this small thing has changed.
Originally the step over bags were about 12 inches high. The point then was getting the players to get their knees high, like stepping over arm tackles and flying bodies. Gradually it dawned on us that getting the knees high slowed the player down, it was not efficient use of kinetic energy. The step over bags got shorter and shorter. Virginia Tech was then using one inch plywood, eight inches wide and five feet long, as step over bags, getting the placement of the player’s feet and legs while letting their knees and feet stay low and Indominitble flowing to the motion instead of chopping against the motion. And now we accomplish the same thing with little plastic hurdles.
Part of me resists the change over. There are certain elements I think need the five foot long bags to properly implement. Since they don’t have any step over bags and as raw as these kids are my normal concerns about finding a replacement drill aren’t needed here.
I started with the “Bunny Hop”. Six hurdles, 1 yard apart. The kids are supposed to keep their feet together and hop over each hurdle, one hop per hurdle. I had intended this as just a warm up and not part of the evaluation. Two thirds of the kids could not keep their feet together at all. One third could not clear each hurdle with one hop per hurdle. About 10% faded out and couldn’t complete the drill.
They wanted to grade three drills. The single step, where the kids run through the hurdles taking one step to clear each one, come to the end, turn left, explode forward five yards turn left againThe Chosen and run through a second set of hurtles.
Then there was the side step, same drill basically.
The final drill were the in and outs. Just a weave going forward, side step, then backwards. What I look for are eyes, good football stance and good arm motion.
In West Texas and California high school ball 95% of the kids would have been given a 1. I gave most of them 3’s. I only graded three kids as 1’s and 4 kids as 4’s. No 5’s. I figured I should use a bell curve and not a rigid standard.
Gloria Swanson Even the experienced kids kept their eyes on the ground trying to watch their feet, had no arm movement and no sense of precision. I tried to give them visualizations of what they were doing and why. They liked that. I gave the 4’s more based on effort than skill. I like effort.
My friend ended up not working with me. She had to start and do the 10 yard time on the 40’s. During a water break I glanced at her sheet. I was impressed I saw a few 5’s and several 4’s! Kids hitting 4 seconds in the 40’s make my heart glow. Until I realized I was looking at the wrong column and the 4’s and 5’s were the 20 yard times!
Watching a few of them run it was apparent they all needed just some fundamental work. With times like that I can get some massive miraculous seeming improvement. I think the kids will work hard enough to accomplish that.
Since most of you know that my coaching technique involves trotting along the athlete and encouraging and exhorting I realized I trotted about two miles yesterday! I was pretty shattered Hug Me Forever by Jana Jelovac after practice. But it felt good.
We have to go again on Thursday. I’m going to push to take over my friends job and run the 40’s. The kids clearly need some coaching there. That was my biggest surprise. I didn’t hear any coaching, just instructions.
Oh, after practice we stopped and bought whistles! Just regular whistles. I still like loopy ones but that could terrify the parents.
That was the oddest part of the day for me, the 200 or so parents who just sat in lawn chairs on the side lines. I still don’t quite know what to make of that.

New foster dog has decided he likes us. He spent much less time humping foster dog and more time hanging out with me and my friend. Yesterday he had no accidents in the house.
He was crated for about 4 hours while we were at practice. I hung out outside for 10 minutes before we left. There was no evidence of the bad behavior his previous fosters experienced.
New foster is a good little dog. He wants to be loved. Boy, does he not know anything! I think as heThe Giant Behemoth gets a bit calmer, he’ll learn.
Foster dog has two more applications! No word on whether they are acceptable. Foster dog is pretty special. He’s struggling to learn, struggling to find out how to fit in. He’s a pretty great guy.
I took the Original Trio, gentle dog, my puppy and giant dog, on a walk with just the three of us. They needed the reassurance. My puppy not so much. She;s been through all these fostering things before. She stays steady. Gentle dog needed reassurance that he’s still special the most, even more than giant dog who is is very insecure and jealous.
My friend bought me a new hard drive! A 500 gig Western Digital.
I’m not looking forward to installing it. The iMac case is NOT user friendly. There’s so much tape and putty etc that it can get pretty overwhelming. Too many tight gentle windings to break, too many glues to distort.
Ella Fitzgerald by Bernardine I did it before. I’m going to check around and see if I can get someone to instal the drive for 50 bucks or so. I figure 50 is about how much my fear is worth.
I feel oddly reluctant to let the computer out of my hands.
No issues from the “lost” files. I’m hoping it was just cache files or something.
I’m worried that I’ve loaded all these responsibilities on my friend, football practice, vets and doctors when she got hit with some ridiculous deadlines at work yesterday. I have to think of something reasonable so she can get her business and recreation done while I handle myself better.
I mowed half the yard yesterday. Not much of a contribution to her ease of mind.