USC 42 Syracuse 29


Fire & Brimstone – Boss Martians
Fox On The Run – Lolas
Dollar In My Pocket – Come Ons
Mercy, Mercy Percy – Joe Penny
6 1/2 Years – Fire Apes
I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend – Junkyard Dogs
My My Kind Of Girl – Ramones
Whatever You Please – Dream Syndicate
You Can Stay With Me – Mary Weiss
So Sad To Say – Mighty Mighty BossTones
Locked Up In the State Of Illinois – Scotty Moore & DJ Fontana
Muswell Hillbilly – Tim O’Brien
Valleri – Rubinoos
Why Why Why – Nashville Pussy
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker – Los Plantronics
Wind Your Spring – Shonen Knife
So You Wanna Have This Dance – Redondo Beat
(You’re So Square) Baby, I Don’t Care – Buddy Holly
Walk Away – Del Shannon
City Of New Orleans – Me First & The Gimmie Gimmies
Little Red Bird – Lisa Marr Experiment
Shingaling With Me – Ben Vaughn
Baby, Let’s Play House – Astronauts
Bye Bye Charlie – Lori Burton
We Became Snakes – Ribeye Brothers
Better Start Right Now – Rooks
Basket Case – Rockapella
Someday, Someway – Robert Gordon
Fever – Dion
Here, There And Everywhere – Flying Pickets

Feeling pretty miserable physically, aside from the pain dragging me down, pretty great mentally. So I made a podcast. Click on the poster. Right click to download it. I put in chapters and plenty of artwork.
It should take you there and back.

I’m so weary, sick of trying, scared of living but afraid of dying Rogers And Hammerstein

Untitled By Equinox
Click images for desktop size: “Untitled” by Equinox
It looks like I fought the snow and the snow won . . .
Near crippling pain in my back today and yesterday. Still I managed to walk to the store. Either I’m tougher than I think or food and addictions are rougher to deal with then mere pain.
Giant Behemoth 1959 Part that irks me is that I’m starting to feel a bit better.
I’d give up feeling better and double the pain (or at least let it increase by 50%) if my little blind dog would continue to get well.
He seems to have reached his own plateau.
I understand plateaus. They’re hard to explain to other people.
You want to convey that you’re not feeling any better but your nerve synapses have calmed down and the pain that is there your brain and body have adapted to. You can function nearly as well as you do when you’re feeling 100% perfect.
That last part is probably the lie your brain tells you to fool you and encourage you to keep going. Who am I to argue with an evolutionary tactic like that.
Especially when it works.
My little blind dog kept me up past 4:30. He was having a bad time and just wanted comforting.
I wish I could give him something more. I wish he didn’t hate taking his medicine. Or hate me for making him take it.
He’s finally sleeping now. At my feet. I guess he’s forgiven me.

Still adoring the Apple TV.
I’m growing fonder of the H264 codec. Its definitely more efficient and sharper than DivX or Xvid. The only drawback is that the H264 is so damnably slow!
When you could rip a movie in about 90 minutes using Xvid, it takes H264 about 3 to 4 hours.
I’m ripping some DVD’s and such to H264, so they can be easily available for my friend, so she can watch the 3 Stooges every Sunday morning kind of thing.
I also like that H264 recognizes Chapters! Makes it easy to scan a movie and gives me some ideas for all the old time serials I like to drift off and think to.
I’m still enthralled with podcasts. Equate By Envy
Click images for desktop size: “Equate” by Envy
It reminds me of when I liked listening to the radio. When they played new music, when there was such a thing as local bands and it was a rush to hear the guys you saw Friday night get played on local radio.
It seems a shame that podcasts have become so popular that the major networks have rushed in to try and monopolize. I’d still rather listen to a guy with a squeaky voice play stuff I never heard before than be fed the latest payola scam artist.
For the record, my fave podcasts (at the moment) are “Coverville”, where the guy plays nothing but covers of big hits . . . I guess the title sort of explains that, and “Blues In The Night” where this down home voiced guy plays, well, blues. Both these guys are genuinely excited about what they’re playing, so even when you don’t like the track you can still enjoy trying to hear what’s fired them up!
Other than that, just holding on. Being happy.
Pain never trumps happy.