Whiskeyman’s my friend, he’s with me nearly all the time
John Entwistle


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I’ve been re-reading Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”. I may have to “revaluate Bradbury. I always remembered him as a high school type writer. The kind of guy who appealed to nerdy pimply kids Though Shalt Not Kill Except and their lost host fantasies.
“451” is a lot deeper than I recalled from when I read it in high school.
There’s a longish speech from the Fire Captain, who represents, pretty much, the mores of the future society, that pretty neatly encapsulates the present state of the United States. The captain lays out and nearly justifies the epic rantings of the tea party ilk. He praises stupidity as the great leveler, as the ultimate path to total equality.
That seems to be where the Republicans are leading us, to a world of the mediocre, where the rich make the rules and force us to see the exceptional as dangerous and malformed.
I remember a conversation I had with a teammate back in college after, what to us was, a devastating loss. In football a loss produces a strange mixture of feelings. You’re physically depleted from the game, nerves are twitching, muscle fibers are screaming for nourishment and craving adrenaline and there’s nothing.
Self recrimination sets in for some; what could I have done? Most get flooded with those buried traumatic memories, those glimpses of the past we’d buried, the casual cruelties our loved ones inflicted on us without thinking.
Some, the less well balanced would blame someone else. And a select few just didn’t care but had enough sense to keep quiet about it.
So, that was the mood that I was in slumped on the bench in front of my locker when the guy next to me, still in pads and jersey starting talking to me. He talked about life. He talked about success and succeeding. And he said the one thing I’ll never forget. I can still see him, his brown hair spiked from helmet hair and sweat, his dirty face streaked with tears and sweat, three pimples on his chin, “If you want to win you have to be like them. You can’t stand out; be too smart or too pretty you have to kiss ass and be like them.”
I probably said something back like, “Yer nuts,” and went back to the shelter of my own misery.
I thought he was nuts and succumbing to fatigue toxins but now/ Look, I’ve got nothing, except a Untitled by Reginald Birch

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loving wife, a great dog and a fistful of gadgets. Last I heard he was rich with property and kids. Maybe he was right and the wolves have been driven to ground by the lambs. Being fat and drug addled is future and the path to power.
I think the main reason I trivialized Bradbury’s book was that he got away from the point; he got obsessed with his McGuffin and ended up seeing the symbol as the reality. Books aren’t important it’s ideas and communication that important. It’s the ability to dream dreams that aren’t dolloped out to us by those who’ve decided they are our betters and must know what’s best for us.
Bradbury got lost in his symbol, and the symbol is actually pretty trivial compared to what it represents in particular. Francois Truffaut made a banal and bizarre movie out of the book. It fails for too many reasons but the biggest failure is that it latches hardest onto Bradbury’s tunnel vision, and that tunnel vision is that books are somehow the most important conveyor of ideas.A Gem of a Jam
One of the most terrifying concepts I could ever dream of is the conclusion of book and movie. What a terrible fate and how more horrifying that this horrifying fate is presented as somehow heroic, or uplifting. Truffaut would try and convince us that foregoing humanity to become literally become a Victorian novel is somehow an image of hope instead of the grim ugly doom of mankind.
People walking in bright shining snowflakes not talking, not conversing, not sharing but instead reciting the thin useless things that they have become is a nightmare. Why we’re supposed to view this as bright hope of a revolution won will forever escape me.
And while I can appreciate the focus of the book on a single middle class working family it beggars the issue of the governing class, the rulers, the TV program directors. While Bradbury acknowledges that no armed force was needed to stop people from reading (thinking) he sidesteps the issue of who led mankind, or at least Americans to this step.
Like, I went to Buffalo a couple weeks ago. Fist time I’ve flown since the TSA became.
When I was in Europe I used to think that the Brits were incredible wimps. They thrived on that perverse Chandlerian logic, “A drunk driver hits a child and kills the child ergo we ban cars.” It’s a cowardly and stupid thought process and I felt a twinge of pride that Americans were that craven.
I was wrong. Some twerp of a wannabe terrorist puts some explosives on his shoes AND IT DOES NOT WORK but now the rest of America is forced to take their shoes off for special inspection.
A bigger moron boards a plane with explosives in his underwear AND IT DOES NOT WORK so now the entire country has to have their genitals fondled by government employees, and they’re not 7th Street by Mike Campeau

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fondling for our benefit or even their own.
(By the way, seeing my wife was great and even in a seedy motel we enjoyed ourselves and for 3 days were able to forget that such a world exists.)
While waiting in line to be fondled I speculated as to whether this was a government plot a Bush doctrine supported by Obama to reduce us to the serf level that they want but it seems to be not so deep. We are already serfs. This indignity is foisted on us so that the elite, the CEO’s who earn more than their entire workforce combined, can feel safe and not have to clutter their purified minds with needless worry about what we might do.
So the terrorist won. The revolution is over and we, the people, lost.
That’s part of what is missing from Bradbury’s book. The allusions are all there but there’s never a peek into the present he’s depicted, never a hint as to who maintains and designs this dead formed A Lady Without a Passport life. Obviously people who’s comfort is more important to them than yours.
It’s a shame the Bradbury avoids the confrontation. It’s one of the several gaps in populism in his books. In fact Preston Sturges evinces more humanism in one scene (In “Christmas in July” when a lower level manager stands up to the owner of the company and says in simplistic but direct terms, “You should care. These are your employees, your family. Everything that happens to them happens to you. To not be concerned is inhuman!” Being a movie the owner takes this harsh criticism.)
So while it was pretty unfair of me to trivialize Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 as adolescent pap it falls far short of being literature. But it’s good enough that this shortcoming saddens instead or angers me.

Baby, please don’t reincarnate me. I just want to live on in your loving memory
Jet City

Childhoos Poems by Maxfield Parrish
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Life has evolved into wake up, shit, shower, shampoo, shave and feed the dog. And I am not unhappy.The Man With X-Ray Eyes
Lot of that has to do with things like, next weekend I’m going to upstate New York. Going to have a weekend with my wife.
That is already nice just thinking about it so I have normal expectations.
The bad part is I have to fly in. It already feels worse than entering Russia. I mean, it is true: the terrorists won. The lying and the cowardice of the USA have done more damage to the American way of life than the despicable jihadists who flew the planes into buildings and killed my friend.
Who’d have thought it. Bin Laden has been on his rampage longer than Dillinger and we can’t catch him because we’re weak sissies who join Tea Parties instead of being proud and brave.
Some moron, one moron, sticks some explosive in his underwear so now all America has to be fondled by guys who struggled to finish high school and couldn’t score well enough on the SAT to get into Community College.
In the rest of the world everyone always knew I was an American and in a good way. I was laconic, got things done, walked proudly like I owned the planet but still cared enough to be polite and courteous. As opposed to the kind of Americans we’ve become: Loud, bellicose scared little bullies, too weak to care about anything except our own own corn syrup filled butts.
Despite that I’m going to have a great weekend. I’ll comply with the TSA’s perverted regulations so I can get to see someone I care about.

The Republicans are still trying to foment a civil war. They’re disgusting. There’s that Jackass from the south who laughed at the pin head who asked, “Who’s job is it to shoot Obama?” Instead of Summer Girl by TitusBoy
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having the pin head arrested and cavity searched he laughed and agreed with him. And I blame Obama for not having the Republican arrested and charged with sedition and then executed for treason.
It used to be that the Republicans and the Democrats actually respected each other and respected the office. He may be a jerk but he is still the President and demands the respect we must give to him and his office.
James Watt, Raygun’s Secretary of Interior, was fired for making a public racist joke. Now that racism is applauded in terms of taking our country back. Back to about 1920 with 7 day work weeks and children working in sweat shops for 16 hours a day.
Why isn’t Obama standing up to the Koch Brothers and Roger Ailes? Why does he let them have the country and simper in the White House. I voted for him. I wish I’d voted for Clinton. She’d never have stood for the sort of abuse the Republicans are handing out to my country.Zomies of the Stratosphere
Obama has disappointed me.
Why hasn’t he called out the National Guard to protect the demonstrators in Wisconsin. The police are standing with the demonstrators. The people are with them. Against them are the Republicans, corrupt Supreme Court Justices who have violated their terms of office and billionaires who think they deserve even more money.
Why isn’t he in the lines with the people.
Instead of protecting the RAIA why isn’t Obama protecting the people. I thought he believed more in people then he did in corporations. Apparently not.
Why hasn’t he challenged Rush Limbaugh’s drug addled corpulent self to a One on One match to demand he stop insulting Michelle Obama and his children? Why does Limbaugh get to lie and say he’s an American when all he does is try and destroy this great country. Limbaugh is in the pay of the Emirate and the Corporations. He needs to be brought into the light.
When the revolution comes I thought it would be led by the people but instead it’s apparent it will be led by billionaires against the people.
It’s just me. I’ve never trusted anybody who remotely believes in The Rapture. How can you trust anyone who wants everybody except a couple of their friends and a few of the family dead.
I don’t want anybody dead. The Dead leave vacuums. Even Saddam Hussein dying left a vacuum. I’m pretty certain he didn’t see himself as evil, but the vacuum he created means some innocent child will have to grow into it. The same way that the collapse of the USSR meant that America had to reinvent itself as Stalinist Russia.

First time I ever heard of the Dorktones was when someone sent me a cover they’d done of one of my songs. It was pretty good. But better than that was the cover the Dorktones did of Balloon Farm’s “A Question of Temperature”.
I found out the band comes from Rotterdam! Rotterdam, for those who don’t know Rotterdam is like a rougher tougher version of Amsterdam but without the tourists.
Pop Go The Dorktones I like the Netherlands. It’s a wild, crazy cool country as afflicted with issues and blight as any place is but the Dutch just seem to handle it better.
They have a tradition of working hard and playing harder, of respecting each other and not being too concerned with what you might be doing. If I could make a living there it would be my second favorite place to live.
And if there are bands as good as the Dorktones it would be a wise choice.
If you visit their website you can download most of their stuff. You can get their latest “Pop Go The Dorktones” here.
It’s worth the trouble. This isn’t their best. That would probably be “The Sound of Music” but it’s very good. Percussive guitar, good harmonies and all covers of great songs, and the song is always the thing, I think.

Love, I thought, is stronger than death or the fear of death
Ivan Tourgueniev

interfirst plaza, houston, texas

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I was examining my body in the mirror. Inspecting my scars. Not the scars that needed stitches or emotional scars, but the marks the ravages have laid on me.DC Holiday Special
First one I notice is the droop in my left eye, the remnants of the Bells Palsy attack in El Paso. Then there’s the arm that is still weak and stiff from the frozen shoulder.
And on and on. For some reason I can look at all this detritus and the final impression is that I’m still a pretty good looking guy . . . Yeah. Kidding myself or facing reality. Who can tell?
I did wonder if the frozen shoulder, a by product of diabetes, was aided by me spending one summer as a baseball pitcher.
Throwing a baseball is fun. The manager of the team asked me to pitch because I routinely threw the ball in the mid 80’s making the play from short to first. I had a world of fun that season but it’s an unnatural strain to place on an aging shoulder. I don’t know if it caused or worsened the problem. I’ll have to ask.
Now I’ve got the same problem in my left wrist. I’m right handed and use my left wrist about as much as a right handed person would, so I have no empirical self experience proof.
Now, I got asked to pitch because I not only throw the ball relatively hard but I have pin point accuracy, at least if by pin point you mean within a 12″ square . . . I shot my arm throwing a tennis ball for the old dog. We were at a dog park and about 200 feet away I watched a dog. It’s always been my standard to idly aim at something when I throw the ball for a dog so I aimed at this dog and whipped it. I felt something unravel in my elbow and a big brief hurt. I forgot the pain when I saw the tennis ball plonk the strange dog right on top of its head!
I was terribly embarrassed and worried. Clearly the dog was fine as he immediately went and chased the ball, at least as soon as he assured himself the sky wasn’t falling. But I felt bad about nearly hurting him. I felt bad then and I still do. Not as bad as the time I was a teen and I hit a Xmas by WallCell

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squirrel jumping across one of the roads up in Griffith Park. I had a car load of buddies with me and they were aggravated that I stopped and went back to see if the squirrel could be saved. I still stopped and looked. The poor thing was dead. I still feel bad about that too.

Last week I was pretty hacked off that Homeland Security has blocked 80 internet sites. Supposedly this was due to the fact that these sites allegedly offered up “pirated” material. Who knows if they did? They’re blocked so no one can check, at least no one in the USA. No take down notice, no chance to appeal. They just took them down claiming that these sites stole American “intellectual property”.
Now, the first thing I notice is that none of the sites were accused of spamming; browser hijacks; loading trojans or viruses, just the dubious charge “intellectual property theft”.
I think its noteworthy that Obama’s government doesn’t give a damn about sites that cause serious harm to individuals, they’re only concerned about protecting the rights of the MPAA and the RIAA. Fables The rich win against the poor. Didn’t I vote for him to try and slow that attitude down?
Now add to that the fact that Obama has blatantly lied about his vision of Net Neutrality and I get really irked. The plan put forward by the FCC basically gives the Telco Giants everything they want and nothing that the people need. It’s an odious plan worthy of John Boehner and John McCain. Obama pledged an open and free internet. He lied and is now involved in taking away another American freedom, hell, almost a world freedom.
So, you will soon no longer be able to get to this site. Instead you internet provider will take you where he wants you to go. I’m sure I’ll be offered a chance to pay them a thousand or so a month to allow people access but otherwise it will be the same restricted nonsense we now get to enjoy on Fox and CNN and the networks.
And again Obama proves he is too weak to lead by offering to “compromise” which means giving in to the sick plan of the Republicans who don’t care about us, they only care about the rich.
This Republican cry that taxing anything above $250K is going to hurt small business is, to quote John Bohner and his opinion of the middle class and the poor, “chicken crap”. Any small business that is showing a profit of $250K NET is not a small business.
Doesn’t matter. Obama is going to give them what they want and screw the people over. He won’t get on TV and say that the Republicans have said, “Screw the middle class! We refuse to give them tax relief!” Instead he’ll just compromise, which in his mind means giving them everything they want so they won’t pick on him, maybe they won’t.
Obama has become like that little kid in the schoolyard who’ll never fight back. You can go defend Christmas

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him but he’ll be back in the same jam tomorrow and there’s no chance for him to survive, except to transfer schools or give up the job.

This is the crunch week in the NFL. The time to clinch a play off spot and to secure your momentum and spirit for the long slog. Week 131
In the On Line NF picking game my wife and I are tied at 111 correct picks each. This just proves that she has been cheating and clearly has been just plain copying my carefully thought out picks and choices. Of course I am too big a man to point this out to anyone. I will just suffer the indignity in respectable silence!

My picks are in bold.

Houston at Philadelphia – As much as I despise Michael Vick no one can deny his pure talent.Action Comics

New Orleans at Cincinnati – Poor Carson Palmer. At the start of the year this was a game I was anticipating!

Chicago at Detroit – I guess the Bears are for real.

San Francisco at Green Bay – The 49ers and the Bengals are fighting it out to be the disappointment of the season.

Jacksonville at Tennessee – The smart money is picking the Titans’ Chris Johnson to continue his habit of just gashing the Jaguars. I think they are too banged up to ride a steady diet of Johnson runs and slashes. Of course, this could be the week the Titans remeber they picked up Randy Moss . . .

Denver at Kansas City – I’m so pleased that Matt Cassel is keeping the grand tradition of USC QB’s alive . . .

Cleveland at Miami – An unpredictable game that still doesn’t offer much in the way of entertainment value.

Buffalo at Minnesota – Cruddy game of the week contender, spared that because of the talent on both teams. Still, a lousy game.

Washington at New York Giants – The NFC East my Aunt Trudy! Who cares game of the week.

Oakland at San Diego – The Raiders have improved tons but they run into the hottest team in the Christmas Night Lights

Click images for desktop size: “Christmas Night Lights” by Unknown
league right now. An upset would be sweet though.

Carolina at Seattle – Pete Carroll has done a decent job with the SeaHawks. Maybe he’ll dump Jeremy Bates as his OC and get real successful next season. The Panthers just stink.

St Louis at Arizona – Sam Bradford doesn’t keep this from being the cruddy game of the week. The NFC West should be barred from the playoffs this year.

Dallas at Indianapolis – The Under Achievers bowl1 The Colts are stinking it up a little less than the Cowboys.

Atlanta at Tampa Bay – Must win for the Falcons as they fight for home field advantage in the play offs.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore – Game of the Day! The blood will flow and the bruises will blossom. This game can be all you want in football.

New York Jets at New England – Game of the Week! The Jets won the first one and it was a fine fine win. The Patriots don’t forget those things easily. Also the two cutest QB’s in the league and both talented. Brady battle tested and proven, Sanchez growing with every play. Can’t wait for this one.

Fate loves the fearless
James Russell Lowell

Love Memories by Alicia De Frietas

Click images for desktop size: “Love Memories” by Alicia De Fritas
My job has been legislated away!
This has never happened to me before. Its kind of interesting in a Chinese way. (The worst ChineseGrand Illusion curse is, “May you have an interesting life.”)
I guess the biggest surprise is that this bill to wipe out about 3,000 jobs is being driven by the Democrats. For quite a while it looked like the Republicans were going to stand around and let the Dem’s pass the bill and then when the spike hit unemployment rates they’d comfortably sit back and accuse the Democrats of neglecting their constituents and general bad policy. It makes sense that the Republicans would allow the country and the people to die a lingering death so long as the Republicans got what they wanted.
But that sniveling strategy got trashed when my boss, amongst others, got organized. They started to proclaim to anyone who’d listen that this was unfair and that banning “Internet Sweepstakes” would cost the state 30,000 jobs (!?!) and at least 1 billion in need tax revenue (!?!).
They also organized a poorly conceived e-mail campaign that was transparent only in that it was bought and paid for. They tried to get me involved . . . not smart, but nothing about these guys is. My stand is simple: This is a lousy job, but the only one I can find. I make about 60 bucks a day while you net about 200,000 a week. I understand your concern but you have to understand my apathy.
So they paid me to send some e-mails. I did. They paid me to help our customers to send out their boilerplate e-mails. I did that too. I never knew I was such a mercenary.
I pointed out that it would make better sense to create a form where all the customers would have to do is fill in their name and email addresses and then push a submit button. It would be easier and Red Bee by Lou Fine

Click images for desktop size: “Red Bee” by Lou Fine
permit personalization. I said I’d charge them $250 to design it and it would take about 4 hours to have up and working. That was too expensive for them.
So in the face of all this “outrage” the senate passed the bill 47-1. Pretty much a slam dunk.
The one nay vote wanted them shut down but to preserve jobs and tax revenue her plan was to have the State Lottery take over operation of the “casinos”.
The general consensus was that the operators were scum whose goal was to suck all the money out of the poorer communities while giving nothing back. The owners response was that if they made them legal they’d have a rack of Gambler’s Anonymous pamphlets . . .
The other contention was that the jobs they offered were not jobs that benefited the state. The owners violated all the labor laws, offered no protection, benefits, lunch breaks, rest breaks or safe working conditions.
All of this is true. So the owners response was to call the senate corrupt without offering up a clueGirl Boss Revenge as to who would benefit from bribing the entire legislature to close them down.
Now the bill goes to the house. The owners then decided to rent buses and force all the employees to trek along. I refused to attend this one. It was a disaster. No customers attended. Oddly the media wrote it up as a massive protest while the legislators saw it for what it was. How nouveau riche are the employers that they rebelled at the idea of making campaign contributions to the legislators who, while not supporting them, balked at the idea of losing jobs in the Fergie

Click images for desktop size: “Fergie”
present economy. So instead of talking to them intelligently the owners bragged about how they set those idiots right. So instead of building up allies in a fight they managed to reaffirm the incredibly negative image they seem hell bent of justifying.
Their only hope, as I see it, is that the House decides not to debate the Senate bill until after the election. Then the owners have to throw their support and considerable extra cash behind any candidate who might support their cause.
They won’t do that. They are as bad as the legislators depict them. There’s no misunderstanding there. These guys whole goal is to suck up every nickel the customers have period. They have no social conscious and are not bright enough to see how faking one will benefit them. They can’t even figure out to be deferential and listen and rebutting instead of dictating. I’ve seen it before just not as so base a level.
For me I’ve got a job and I’m searching for another one a little bit harder. My job sucks, dealing with sore losers, drunks, drug dealers, hookers and other creatures of the night. But even a crappy job is better than looking for work.


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My spare time now is spent on getting my wife into this country. It’s arduous and confusing. Too many forms, too many arcane racist laws. Immigration. I want her and my two other dogs with me.

I’ve had to keep comments switched off. It’s creepy. The spammers have made 12 attempts to hijack the site in order to post comment spam? How utterly worthless. I give Movable Type props for catching the attempted exploits. I’ve add to remove some of the little things I like to prevent the access at all.

My puppy is losing weight! She has her little waspish waist back! She loves me and I love her. She even tolerates the tiny bit of food she receives, I just have to pet her more.

I’ve seen the future; it looks like yesterday

Fairytale Land by Monica Corduneau

Click images for desktop size: “Fairy Tale Land” by Monica Corduneau
“I’ve never said this to a white man before. I love you.”
I don’t get nervous about things being said to me like that. It was a customer as I counted out herAlien vs Predator $3,200 winnings. She didn’t give me a tip.
Nowadays most people don’t understand the use or the power of words. Crack, meth, liquor and TV have minimized the impact of everything but mostly words have come to mean less and less.
The sounds of words get used to mesmerize and manipulate. The clarity and evocative power of words and sentences has been lost to soundbites, which tend to be meaningless emotion grabbers without depth.
Sarah Palin, who used to faqscinate me until she quit the job she insisted she craved so that she’d be free to be greedy. She uses soundbites. She doesn’t even bother with words. She makes up sounds that sound like they have portent. It seems like the grunting of a caveman in a 10 thousand dollar suit.
Frank Capra made a movie. It was called “Meet John Doe”. It was one of those great populist dramas. Gary Cooper was “John Doe” a baseball pitcher who blew his arm out. In the middle of the great depression that meant he was now a hobo, riding the rails, looking for a days work. Barbara Stanwyck is a newspaper columnist who just got fired. In an act of spite Stanwyck publishes a shaggy dog story about how John Doe was mad about the state of the world. John Doe is so mad that he plans to commit a Zen Bhuddist protest and throw himself off of City Hall on Christmas Eve.
Gary Cooper gives radio speeches that barbara Stanwyck writes for him. They’re populist speeches that hold a pure clean vision for America. Mainly the populist themes of the times: employment, self esteem, distrust of the decadent rich, distrust of elected politicians who forget their constituency.
Hal 9000 by Maurico Fernandez Rosino

Click images for desktop size: “HAL 9000” by Maurico Fernandez Rosino
Gary Cooper’s character becomes a national hero. Clubs, form up: “The John Doe Society”. They agree with Cooper and the clubs form to collect signatures begging Cooper to not commit suicide.
The John Doe Clubs keep springing up all over America. Then Eddy Arnold comes forward. He’s a rich guy and begins to bank roll The John Doe Society. He turns a grass roots organization into a powerful political third party. He spends depression millions creating the clubs, controlling the people. He plans to ride them into the White House, making himself a ruler. A ruler not with populist ideals but with fascist Stalinist principals that insure the success of white upper crust Americans while grinding the poor and the middle class into a bloody stew to grease the corporate wheels of his personal progress.
Eddy Arnold rests by building his own private army and by installing the movie world’s best ever Christmas tree.
There’s a lot more plot to the movie. Cooper finds out about Arnold’s plans and plans to expose him. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Arnold, rather than be exposed, destroys Cooper and the John Doe Society. If he can’t use it. He writes it off as a loss.
It all reminds me too much of Sarah Palin and Roger Ailes. Except there’s no Gary Cooper around to save us from them. And, like they say, there’s a sucker born every minute.
Palin has no mystery. She’s just a greed machine who couldn’t even finish out her sworn term of office because she was too greedy and feared her flame flickering out before she struck true gold. She’s the Marylin Monroe and Jane Russell

Click image: “Marlyn Monroe & Jane Russell”
Paris Hilton of politics.

Next night at work was the night of the crack heads. There’s an armed security guard who works with me. Most of the time he just sits and plays the games, he gambles almost 8 hours straight. I don’t know if he was absorbed in gambling or intimidated by the crack heads. Either’s possible. There were 14 of them in 3 cars: an Escalade and two Cadillac coupes. They were the sort of scum who couldn’t afford Caddies but sold enough crack to make a big enough down payment.
It didn’t mean anything to me. I kept them in line. They’d get aggro but aggro and bragging don’t impress me. I know tough. Been around plenty of scary people in my life. These jerks were just loud and used to scaring little old ladies. After each confrontation they’d come up to me and wanting to make friends. Like I’d want a coward for a friend.
No head cracking ensued. Mainly because taking even one of them out probably would have killed me. And mainly because I’d look at them and just feel pity. I hate the drugs. I hate the lizard brained monsters crack turns people into but I feel saddened that crack was all they have and turning them into lizard brains was the best choice for them, as they see it. Because creeps like Sarah Palin want to take away any dream of a future and leave all but their select few as despairing multitudes begging for just a little more.
Marek Okon

Click images for desktop size: “Untitled” by Marek Okon
The next night was worse, worse than crack heads. There seems to be a type of woman who hangs around these places. Usually they seem pretty harmless to me. They beg for gambling money.
They scam and hustle but its pretty harmless stuff to my mind. Its more their gambling addiction than purer forms of poverty. Usually they “borrow” a couple bucks in exchange for bringing the fatties money to me. As in, “Eighteen bucks on Miss Ambrose’s account and two on mine,” while they hand me a crumpled twenty. For many of these women the effort of standing up and walking 6 feet is worth 2 bucks. Or “loan me five and we’ll be partners and split anything I win.”
I don’t like that stuff but it’s better than robbery. I’ve talked to a few women about it but it doesn’t seem to have any impact. It annoys most of my co-workers, these people. I don’t see why. They only bug me when they get rude but most of the time they are only obnoxious to me.
There’s one of this group who fairly attractive i.e. not fat. She’s pretty low life. One of the securityApocalypse Now guards was hitting on her as was one of my co–workers. In the introductory conversation she always swings it around to her time in prison and how proud she is of her mother who is like Queen of the Yard.
Depressing stuff.
The girl talks but she comes off as just a tease. She’s just playing things out for the money and the attention.
So Thursday she’s working this dude, Ronnell. He’s a tall guy, a wanna be pimp sort. Wears tiny braids and a derby hat! In 2010 a derby hat looks pretty stupid to my eyes.
So the girl hustled him for a whole five bucks. It made me nervous because I dislike this guy Ronnell and get the idea that he thinks he’s suave and dangerous, in a way a guy who’s never set foot out of a small town can think he’s suave and dangerous. Too many movies, too much TV and very little life other than street corners.
Ronnell decided to collect on his “investment”. Fortunately caught him when he led the girl outside and slammed her against a wall and pressed hard against her. Fortunately stopped him before it My House

Click images for desktop size: “My Home” by Unknown
went any further than that. Sexual assault is slightly less disgusting than rape.
I asked the girl about calling the cops. She was startled. She was upset but nowhere near as upset as I’d expect. She hung around a couple of more hours.
The next morning my boss didn’t fight me about banning the guy permanently.

I was supposed to see the neurologist on Friday. I got an email canceling the appointment and rescheduling it for April 21!!
I think I’d rather have a slightly worse doctor who was a little it more available.
I called the office and found out the guy was sick. Occupational hazard style sickness.
This Wednesday I get to see the cardiologist. I have some high hopes here. It’s the stress test. I’m hoping to find out that the heat attacks have healed. I’m also hoping that the damage done by the Lyrica was only transitory.
So the weekend is nearly over and all I’ve done is recover physically enough to go into work tomorrow night.
It’s going to be a short week. I’m taking off the night of the stress test and then the next night as well. I want to pass the stress test and be deemed healthy.

When foolish men stand at the top the people under them suffer needlessly Shinoro Honrio

Chain by KRM Photos
Click images for desktop size: “Chain” by KRM Photo
I saw the space station in the sky tonight. It was cool. The humidity has cast a haze of the stars and The Avenging Conscience made them feel soft and distant but the light from the space station cut through the haze and seemed to burn pure and white.
Because I look all white sometimes people say the most outlandish things to me; hateful bigoted things. The things they say are so inflammatory and stupid and they prove the stupidity because they say them to me thinking that because I look white I probably agree with them. I don’t.
It bears repeating. I’ve been around the world. There aren’t many places I haven’t spent some time. I know instinctively and in my heart that no person is better than me and I know that I’m no better than anyone else. Same way I know that all governments are inept, cruel and corrupt. The governments started with the softest and best intentions usually end up being the most vile.
My personal politics is closest to the Great Depression inspired Humanitarian Populism. Which in simplistic terms believes in the general absence of government with deep misgivings about the essential governmental services. There’s also the belief in communal living with all members of society contributing to each other in a genial barter system inspired not by amassing wealth but in group survival. I’m not anti-wealth but it makes more sense for the guy who provides the best products and services to amass the most of others stuff. A middle man, a reseller is a predator, and a government that steals from its people’s stuff to enrich itself is best avoided.
I think its just reasonable. Taxes are needed. People are what they are so you need cops. We have to educate our children and they need to have decent paths to school and home. It has to be paid Queen of Her Home
Click images for desktop size: “Queen of Her Home” by Unknown
for. But the people entrusted with seeing these things done should look to the community to aid in the building, not to pay to profit people outside the community. And I;m foolish enough to believe we don’t need massive armies and billion dollar planes because I don’t think you can ever conquer a free people.
So because I believe in freedom right wingers think I believe in what they believe in. Because I believe that we are all part of a single community liberals think I believe what they do. Sometimes I do.
Right now I am severely disappointed in Obama. He has done nothing of what he promised. He has been weak. He has kept in place the draconian crap laws that steal our freedom and lead to revolution. The only progress Obama has made on any issue is to criminalize our children should they download the wrong song. He’s protected and further enriched the most scabrous contemptible non-essential greedy industry in the history of the world. I figure the next move would be to The Battle of the Sexes criminalize not paying pimps their fair share. It makes as much sense as helping loan sharks collect the interest on their street money.
He has acted in a cowardly fashion in being afraid to stand up to the right wing lunatics who attack him with impunity.
There was the idiot walking around with a loaded semi-automatic rifle at an Obama rally. First off why was there no hero going up and tackling this dangerous lunatic, this Presidential assassin, tackling him, disarming him and then kicking his face in until the cops could arrest him. There are laws Models in Space
Click image: “Models in Space” by Unknown
about bringing weapons around the president. We don’t need anymore of them shot. Bush killed off our heroes. Sent them thousands of miles away to die unseen. Obama is keeping them there.
It feels like if this maniac had bought his gun to a Bush or Cheney rally he’d have been shot dead before he got within a hundred yards of the event. And even I would not have been able to raise to strong an objection.
Obama, afraid to ruffle feathers did nothing.
I don’t understand why nothing is being done about the people on TV, radio and in the churches who are trying to foment violence. Who preach death and attempt to incite riot. There are laws that should cause a sweep of these dangerous domestic terrorists.
See, I didn’t vote for Obama so that he could appease the Republicans and the right. They are a tiny minority who are using classless unethical tactics to steal my voice and to obliterate the people’s will. And the President keeps trying to appease them instead of telling them that the trains coming and they had better get on it or get crushed under the rolling steel wheels of the people.
Obama has screwed up the health care reform. It’s not going to happen. This is going to please a handful of multi-millionaires and leave the rest of us in a sick quandary. Suddenly Lyndon Johnson Korean
Click images for desktop size: “Korean” by Unknown
has become a genius.
When Johnson rammed through the Civil Rights bill, probably the most important and far seeing piece of American legislation since the Bill of Rights, no one wanted it. Johnson twisted arms. He threatened. If they were a democrat and threatened to vote against the bill Johnson let them know he would destroy their political careers, he’d see they never got another nickel of Democratic money. He bullied them to do what was right for this country.
He did worse to the Republican dissenters but he got it through, a law that said that all Americans were simply that, human beings locked in a struggle to live happy productive lives and we all had a right to that struggle.
Health Care, the right to live period is vital to us all and Obama has blown it because he can’t get down there and kick the Democrats in the ass because he won’t get in the Republicans face behind closed doors and show them the FBI pix of the Senator with his mistress and tell him vote right.The Big Sleep
Instead he lets them add hundreds of amendments to gut the most important legislation of the century, and then they go on TV and laugh about how they’re still not voting for it.
Obama hasn’t undone Bush and Cheney’s commie Stalinesque laws. He hasn’t repealed the idiocy of the Patriots Act, he hasn’t returned the country to the people, He’s kept American rights and freedoms for the rich, for the corporate and for the politicians.
I feel harsh. I’m tired of a tiny group of people preaching at me in the media. I’m tired of them encouraging the scant minority of dangerous bigots I have to deal with. I’m annoyed that the President hasn’t done anything to make us proud.
I miss my puppy. I miss USC having Mark Sanchez at QB. I miss having a body that does all I imagine it could do and a body without pain. I’m tired of my country not working together not cooperating to make this place better for us all.
I probably just need a nap.

When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President; I’m beginning to believe it Clarence Darrow

Division by Robert Randtoul I was feeling somewhat better. Up at 4:00. Just over 3 hours of sleep but no where as bad as I’ve been feeling until . . . Satan's Sadists
I set my pills out. One of them started to roll off the table. Without thinking I caught it. Wish I hadn’t. The quick move made me see black. Vision back in just a few seconds but the pain doubled me up for nearly 15 minutes. Still feel it 40 minutes later.
The deep nausea is much better this morning. Maybe I’m getting used to the insulin. Its not doing me much good as far as I can see. The injections still hurt. It makes me feel edgy right afterwards. I went to sleep with a good blood sugar count of 7.0 and woke up with a 12.4! Stupid body. Stupid pain.

Were getting a new foster dog today. An emergency placement. The dog was surrendered by the owner with another dog. It was one of those things, “Surrender the dogs or face jail time”. So you can tell the guy has had a nice three years so far. He was going to be put down. Clearly fair. His abusive owner avoids jail time but the dog gets the death penalty. That’s justice. Clearly being victimized was the dogs fault.
His front teeth have been knocked out. He’s not housebroken. He’s not crate trained. He has bad separation anxiety. I don’t see much there that justifies the death penalty. Five dogs in a tiny house bothers me just a little. My flailing health and dealing with two fosters bothers me just a little bit more.
Looking ahead next weekend we’ll be gone most of the day. My football teams “evaluation”. I hope that a week with us will get the new foster enough time to know he’s safe here and that we can be gone without him panicking.

Elegance by Richard Mohler I am totally bugged by Obama. With all of the rhetoric he’s going totally 19th century when it comes to consumer rights. And he’s showing a deep hatred for the handicapped. I thought he was avoiding the sickening presence of lobbyists? It was one of his big promises, wasn’t it?
There’s the International Copyright Treaty convention going on. The Obama administration has presented an opposition to the treaty. He opposes books for the blind and for the handicapped. You know, people with no arms, people paralyzed from the neck down. Obama is sickened that these slackers have been getting a free ride at the expense of poor down trodden publishers. You know those poor publisher guys who need to park their Escalades in the Handicapped parking spaces at the grocery store.
The RIAA, MPAA and the publishing lobbyists are recorded as having open access to Obama. TheyShield For Murder decided that the Handicapped have had it their own way too long. No more free books in braille, no more handmade books on tape. The handicapped, according to Obama, have got to start pulling their own weight around here. I guess he figures they’re handicapped, what right do the handicapped have to be informed or educated. They should just stay inside in the dark and out of sight.
This is the most repellant thing imaginable. The only reason for their opposition, at least the argument they presented to the conference was the verbatim page from the copyright lobbyists website, so you know Obama is watching out for us and not being unduly influenced.
More revolting is that come election day no one will remember this gross cruelty. No one cares much now. Its only the lost, the powerless, the disenfranchised. And that we will allow them to be exploited and forced into the shadows, deprived of basic human rights is revolting. It’s not a country I can be proud of.

Death is the same for everyone; life is not

Hot Robot by Lavakillu When I went to bed my blood sugars were 6.8. Acceptable. When I woke up this morning they were 11.6! It used to be the reverse of that. 11.6 is not good.Dracula Has Risen From the Grave
I’m up to 15 units of insulin. I have no idea how long before everything stabilizes.
Early Saturday morning I woke up with the worst headache of my life and I’m a guy who fractured his skull and had 3 concussions. It felt like a cheap description of a migraine. They warned me that headaches might be an early side effect to the insulin. I never imagined it would be like that.

We started the vacation project. Scrapped the entire porch and got the front porch 80% primered. It already looks better.
I tried wrapping my shoulder in an elastic bandage. It help considerably. I had a few twinges but only one drop me to my knees killer hurt. I worked through it. As everyone knows I’m stupid that way. It gentled up to an ache after a half hour.
I got whacked with overwhelming fatigue twice. There’s no doubt that the fatigue from the insulin is a lot easier to push through than the leukemia fatigue. I’m pretty happy with how much work I got done. I expected to get more done than I did but, well, who wouldn’t.
First coat today then will primer the back porch, there should be time to do that. Then have to bring everything back onto the porches. It is supposed to rain late tonight. I think the rain will come late enough to not mess up the paint.
If it rains all day tomorrow then we’ll get to go to the Chinese Buffet!!
That will please the dogs no end. They deserve pleasing. They were very good through all the activity. Foster dog has settled in just in time to get adopted! There’s been an application to adopt him and it has all checked out. They’ll do the home visit this week. The potential adopters might Korean Girl come today to meet the foster and to be harshly judged by my friend and me.
Harshly judged in that we want what’s best for the dog and for them. The important thing is everyone be happy. I’m always predisposed to anyone who wants to have a good dog in their life. The foster is a pretty good dog. Not as great as my dogs but pretty great for all that.
One thing about all the painting is got to spend a lot of time with the iPod. Anything would have been better than the sound of paint scrappers on wood.
I like the new Green Day album “21st Century Breakdown”. There’s nothing as grabbing as “American Idiot”, “Basket Case”, or even “Geek Stink Breath” but its alright. I’m pretty disappointed with the new Queensryche, “American Soldier”. I’ve been disappointed with Queensryche since “Empire”, but one always has hope.
I’m surprised that my favorite album so far this year has been Offspring’s “Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace”. Weird. Since I only knew them from “Pretty Fly for a White Guy” it is shocking to discoverEraserhead that a novelty band could com out with a nice crunchy set of pop anthems. I particularly like “Stuff is Messed Up”.
I’ve been trying to get my RIAA-Free jukebox up on the site. Its a complicated affair. One of those things I thought would be dead easy but is turning into a chore. It has mostly to do with permissions (unix file permissions) and folder structure than anything else. I’ll keep on it. It will be a cool way to display music that needs hearing.
I wish I liked Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead more than I do. They’re two bands who get it. They understand the world has changed and refuse to stick with the stupidity that is epitomized by the RIAA and the MPAA.
Got to be brief. Life is catching up to me and I don’t want to miss any of the show.

Does in run in your blood to betray the ones you love Papa Roach

Engineer's Libido I’m really getting bugged by how much Obama is disappointing me. I viewed the guy as the lesser evil, I didn’t really support him any other way and yet I am still severely disappointed.The Clutching Hand
I’m not willing to blame him for the economy yet. I don’t know enough to tell if his plans are working or if they’re just adding to the boondoggle.
What is bugging me is how much Obama has disregarded the people. I keep remembering that he’s from Chicago, arguably the city with the most prolific record of organized corruption in American history. Illinois itself isn’t very untainted either.
What prompted him to appoint FIVE RIAA lawyers to the Department of Justice. Maybe I am stupid but in my stupid view the DOJ was there to bust criminals. I knew two US Attorneys socially and through work interviewed four others. Opinions of them aside the fact is that their job is going after the bad guys.
The job I was working when I interviewed these guys was crazy but crazy cool too. I was interviewing the worst criminals in Federal Custody. Not Jeffery Dahmer, Charles Manson type criminals but the robbers, the thieves. The producer was looking for stories for a TV series. He Hawkman by DC Comics figured that since I was an adrenaline junkie I would get along with hardened career criminals. His theory that criminals were just a sociopathic group of adrenaline junkies. I don’t agree with that.
Two guys come straight to mind. They prey on it at times. One guy was busted by the Secret Service for counterfeiting. When they had him he also confessed to 104 bank robberies in a 7 year period. Over 80 of them were single handed robberies.
I mean this guy walked into a bank, looked at all those people and walked out of their with the money. Pretty scary, pretty smart dude. I couldn’t do it.
The other guy I remember as being chilled beyond comprehension. Like all of them he was interested mainly in how much money the producer would pay him for his stories. He told some funny stories. None about himself, always about someone else, always stories he had heard from someone else. About 2 months after I saw him he walked out of Federal Custody without permissionThe Cowboy and the Blonde . . . no explanation was ever offered up as to how. He stole a plane and fled to parts unknown. Before he fled its alleged he killed the US Attorney who was prosecuting him. To my knowledge they’ve never found him.
Now then, the RIAA attorneys practice the lowest kind of law. Its on the same level as those PI lawyers who advertise on late night TV between the Cal Worthington used car ads.
They’re used to standing tough in civil court busting pre-teens, The Beatles single moms and grandmothers. Its hard to see a guy who loses cases to grand-moms standing tough against the types of guys I met. They’re legal bullies, cowards pretty much. Cowards because they are afraid to view the people they’re persecuting as people. Cowards because they refuse to persecute children because they’re afraid of going broke. They think their need for cash is greater than society’s need to feel secure.
Can you see that kind of low level guy standing tough in front of an organized crime enforcer?
Its evident that Obama is setting things up to give the RIAA what they’ve always wanted. They’re going to criminalize kids swapping music. The RIAA has wanted this since about 1920, back when kids traded 45’s at parties and when young kids made audio cassettes to give to the girl they had a Cherry Blossoms at Arashiyama, Kornai Ki (Genki) , 1747-1797 crush on, hoping a pop star could convey to her how much love he felt. The RIAA viewed and views that love sick kid as a despicable criminal for sharing music he bought.
Right now Obama is out there saying he favors $150,000 CRIMINAL fines for kids sharing music files! So it would be smarter for a kid to go shoplift than it would be for him to email the latest Rhianna single to his buddy out of state?
Obama has made it clear that this is one of his primary agendas. He’s ignored hundreds of thousands of petitions to stop hiring these RIAA guys. He ignored them and hired a fifth one.
A few days after hiring tis latest RIAA mouthpiece he stated quite firmly that torture was unimportant. He clearly stated that there was no value in his looking any further into Americans torturing people. He said extending resources into looking into one of the hugest blackest momentsCurse of the Faceless Man in American history would distract from his agenda. His agenda appears to be prosecuting instead of protecting children.
I disagree with this. I believe that the Nuremberg Trials where the crimes of the Nazi government where laid bare for the world to see started a process where the world could begin to heal. It showed the banality of evil and showed how clear and simple it would be for us to fall into that deplorable evil all over again. It gave us a sign post and a clear view of what to avoid.
With the little tiny bit we know it becomes clear we’re no longer the cowboys in the white hats. We haven’t been for my entire life but we like to believe we are. I do.
We tortured people to get them to say what we wanted them to say. We became the bad guys because of a memo. No one has to answer for it.
It won’t end there. There’s a phrase criminals use to indicate respect. “He’s a stand up guy.”
It doesn’t mean anything about his beliefs really. It has to do with a police torture method that was, probably still is prevalent. They’d cops would handcuff a guy then loop a suspects hands over a door so he had to stand on his tip toes or dislocate his shoulders. Of course they’d pummel him until he “pissed blood”. They’d leave him there for as long as they felt. In the cop shop there’s no time, nothing but cop time which doesn’t have a clock.
There’s a cop boss in Long Beach. When he read about the insanely draconian anti-terrorist laws Bush enacted he sprang to use these against the gang bangers. Other cops did to. They, at least in their minds branded the gang bangers as “terrorists” and then used the same techniques that the FBI used against terrorists.
Study Table by William Harnett So its far from unreasonable to see some cop reading Bush’s torture memos and self righteously figuring that the same rules should apply to him.
I know a lot of cops. A lot of my kids became cops. I still feel that the persons who should most fear the cops are the innocent.
Obama has proven he’s going to ignore the people who elected him when it comes to his agenda. I fear we may have re-elected George W Bush, only a smarter, more competent Bush.
Protecting law breakers because they work in Washington is wrong. Protecting people who destroyed our country is wrong. Obama needs to expand his agenda to make sure that this sickness does not ever occur again anywhere in the world so we can walk proud again and not be ashamed of what we are.

Tomorrow the dogs go to the vet. it will be . . . interesting. First time at this vet. Its all annual checkups, shots and needles. I keeping it quiet. The pups wouldn’t kill us in our sleep but they wouldDawn of the Dead (French) set all the clocks to the wrong time so we;d miss the appointment.
We’re not getting the foster pup tomorrow. Very disappointed. Very frustrating. Just some sort of red tape that has nothing to do with us or the sanity and safety of the dog. It will work out. It has to.
I go to the doctor on Monday. I’ve got my little diary of blood pressure and blood sugars all kept. I still have to make it legible . . .
The good thing is I have the door open and the furnace off! The dogs are wandering in and out. My pupppy keeps coming in every ten minutes and looking at me then running back out.
I wish this was all there was to staying alive.
My friend was nearly as crabby as I am last night. Her meeting was long and tiresome and capped with a near two hour drive.
She’s still my friend. I’m happy about that.
Its funny all the rest of its endurable so long as that one fact remains.
Busy weekend. Vets, dog food, Indian reservations and getting my act together for the doc on Monday. And plenty of movies to see.

Argument is meant to reveal the truth, not to create it Edward de Bono

Night And Day by Michael Parkes On Tuesday for some reason I decided to wash my phone. In the washing machine with my jeans. I don’t understand why I next decided to dry it in the dryer, with my jeans.
When Women Had Tails I heard something clunking around in the dryer but put it off to heavy jean zippers. It wasn’t until I emptied the dryer that I started to find all the parts of the phone. Four of them to be exactly.
As my phone is the cheapest Samsung model made, free, sort of, with a pay as you go plan, I didn’t have much hope but I Robert Mitchum reassembled it anyway and I was surprised that it worked just as well as it did before.
There’s some peculiar stippling on the screen but everything is still legible. I figure the stippling adds character and will be prove positive, should it ever be stolen or lost, that its my phone.
Comforting. I now have a bit of respect for Samsung.
This goes along with me not getting my blood work done today. The doc told me it was necessary to fast for twelve hours before the test.
I have to take four pills a day with food. Every morning I convince my body that coffee is food and I take two of the pills with coffee. Works fine. The doc insists that coffee is NOT food.
Last night I started the fast. Not that big a deal. This morning I went to the lab and was told I had not been fasting as I had a cup of coffee.
August Night Fire by Moving Insect This does not upset me as much as it pleases me. I now have proof that coffee is food and my pill regime is totally justified and with expert testimony!

I’ve been asked why I spend some much time worrying about chambara flic’s like those of Kenji Misumi.
I think Misumi is a world class filmmaker. As much an artist as anyone can be who makes movies. I think that in understanding his movies we come closer to understanding parts of ourself and parts of others that were previously dark and maybe hidden. A part of humanity that no other filmmaker is dealing with or at least not dealing with so clearly and concisely and intentionally.
I think that we all relate to movies and art based on a lot of different factors. One of the most important ones, right after being entertained, is identification. Identifying with a situation, a fantasy or hope but most often with a character.The Woman Who Needed Killing
If you look at the top grossing movies, something like the “Titanic” the first movie to do a billion bucks in business, shows the identification factor pretty well. Men related to DiCaprio, king of the world, dying frozen, sacrificing himself for love, a selfish sacrifice that will forever lock his pale features into her brain and extol their love to mythic proportions at least to her. Women related to the lady being old and rich having that golden memory to cling to, a memory crystalized in a trinket.
I hated the “Titanic”.
I feel the same way about Misumi’s films. His lead character’s provide me with something I can relate to; a character with no hope who refuses to die. What this says about my mental state compared to a guy who wants to die gloriously frozen in the dark Atlantic doesn’t seem worth speculating about.
The fact that most of Misumi’s resolutions seem to be that the lead simply kills everybody is the fantasy element and the entertainment part of the equation.
What is fascinating is how each character arrives at his moment of despair, the time when he discovers his dreams are gone, and with the dreams gone so is his life. And the fact that the lead has to think through and discover a solution to not dying is instructional.
A character like “The Mute Samurai” who merely goes mad and decides he has to make enough Old Mill by Maxfield Parrish money to go to Spain and kill holds almost no interest to him. The blind Zatoichi who fights to keep his humour and his vision of a world at peace and in proper order are his main interest.
His Ito Ogami who seeks reprieve by adhering closely to the tenets of bushido, rightness and politeness interest him, that the man stays sane in the face of lies and duplicity and condemnation is his meat. Staying this righteous, sane and pure enables Misumi’s heroes to have the strength, mindset and ability to destroy small armies single handedly.
Misumi understands he needs to show us this blood letting power in a way that lures us into the tale and does not turn us away in horror, hence he constructs his bloody flowers of overwhelming peace extolling a loveliness of death and carnage.
So after seeing a minor Misumi film, such as his modern “Sword” where a kendo student seeks absolution in the glory of steel as opposed to wood, I leave the viewing with a different sense of the world around me and the people who inhabit it. I always thought, I was taught, that this is the main function and aspiration of all “art”.Zombies of the Stratosphere

Yesterday was Tax Day. I’m chagrined about all these Tea Bag protests. Seems silly even as Roger Ailes tried to hype them as significant. Ailes is all about the dollar. His plan to try and get a grass roots thing going smacks of the loser tactic that has been in place since Caesar.
I forget that as stupid and transparent as these sorts of scams are every millennia or so they actually work. So I can’t really be surprised that a rich white guy would try this silly stunt.
I wish people were protesting real things though. I’m sickened that Obama is fulfilling some of my worst nightmares. He’s loading the DOJ with RIAA attorneys, the worst scum bag lawyers in existence are getting power.
Time Warner, the scuzziest of the mass media companies wants to restrict people’s access to knowledge and information. With their plan you’d pay fifty bucks for enough internet access to make 10 minutes of VOIP calls, pay half your bills on-line and visit no other web pages while being allowed to receive about 3 unsecured emails a day. All of this based on an infrastructure that was built by us, the tax payers. An infra structure they have not updated or done decent upkeep on even though showing massive profits.
They justify this by claiming they have a responsibility to their share holders, conjuring up images of your granny not having to eat cat food because she got that sweet TWC dividend check. But the reality is that the guys demanding this outrageous increase in price are the major shareholders. So they’re raking in massive unfair profits for themselves.
The latest figures show that CEO’s still receive a wage 300 times larger than the workers.
Where the hell is Obama here? Why is he not threatening to force TWC and AT&T to repay the money they were given in the form of right of way and land use, municipality funded cable and monopolistic contracts by reducing the tariff? Resulting in free internet for a generation?