Maybe ever’body in the whole damn world is scared of each other
John Steinbeck

Merry Christmas!
This years podcast for Christmas: Well, it’s big. Took a while to prune down to this size; nearly two and a half hours! And I think it’s pretty fine.
Lydecker Santa and Boy I let it get big because it’s been a cruddy year and we may be facing the end of the country. I mean, Donald Trump is the worst president since Nixon. Trump is going in declaring he’s a racist bigot crook and claims it doesn’t matter. We knew what he was when you elected him. Elected him with all the crime and corruption and hatred you knew he’d bring.
Yeah, the year was a mess so it’s all the reason to celebrate because it may be the last time. There’ll be times coming when the celebration means more but the last time we can rejoice in freedom is always memorable.
Too many of my friends died this year. All tragically because all dyings are tragic. More reason to wonder why I’m still hanging around. I dropped a 150 pound hunk of steel on my head this fall. It didn’t kill me. Then O tried to face plant myself while driving my shoulder into a brick wall. It hurt but I wiped the blood out of my eyes and finished walking the dogs. I’m still here. Maybe as punishment? I doubt that. I can still sing.
We had some fun this year, at least in this house. Had three foster dogs, two of them are in a better place already. One, Big Samson the Gentle is going to be ready for a forever home sooner than we’d think. He’s really a loving kind.
We moved. It was hell and torturously expensive. Still deep in debt over it.
It’s one of the small reasons this might be the last Christmas PodCast. BlueHost, who I’ve been pretty happy Getting The Tree with have announced a jacked up rate increase, about 70%! I don’t think I can afford that. I’ve made a point of ignoring all entreaties to monetize the site. Sometimes that gets me taken advantage of. It’s a small thing and doesn’t mean much. The site will vanish is all. But maybe I can find a cheaper acceptable alternative. I’ll look.
The site has had over two million unique visitors just to the main page, about seven million other people just looking for some music or to look at the pictures. I think that’s fine and gratifying. The pictures are worth seeing and the music worth hearing. HEY! Check out Material Issues great Christmas track “Merry Christmas Will Do” And Chris Von Sneidern’s track Holiday Special “Santa Claus,” for me they’re the new Christmas Anthems. But all the tracks are memorable, I think. I will always enjoy how spell correct tried to change Vibeke Saugestad into Vitamin Suggested. The podcast has already had about four thousand downloads and that’s just from the way I slop things around with all my non-announcements.
I do think you’ll like the music and I think it will make your spirits gladder and take you away from this place and to the place where dreams seem like yesterdays and hopes happen every tomorrow. It’s Christmas time and that means something. It’s the time you can believe Old Man Potter got arrested for stealing Uncle Billy’s money. A time when kindness is repaid with love and mercy. It’s that time when WWI troops stopped killing each other and sang carols to themselves and to their enemies and didn’t start shooting each other until December 26th. It’s a time when people are bigger than nations and we can take a minute and see the other person hiding there too afraid to speak. It’s Christmas.
As long as you can reach out and find a hand or a fuzzy head to hold and pet nothing is as bad as we think and all we are doing is what we need to do. And we believe that somewhere we are all trying to do the right thing.
Merry Christmas. Happy Chanukah. Feliz Navidad. To a brighter New Year.

CandC 39
Aloha Christmas – Dukes Of Surf
Ski Party – Wondermints
Are You Ready For Christmas – BBBs
Merry Christmas Will Do – Material Issue
Even Santa Gets The Blues – Eugene Ruffolo
It’s Xmas (And Everyone Is Miserable) – Dirty Sidewalks
Help Me Forget – Solicitors
A Christmas Carol (For The Losers In Love) – Vibeke Saugestad
Christmas Eve Can Kill You – Everly Brothers
Christmas At Ground Zero – Weird Al Yankovic
A Surfer’s Christmas List – Surfaris
I Want An Alien For Christmas – Fountains Of Wayne
I Want Elvis For Christmas – Holly Twins (with Eddie Cochran)
(I Want) A Beatle For Christmas – Patty Surbey And The Canadian V.I.P.s
Santa Got Lost In Texas – Little Joe (Michael Landon)
Santa Got A DWI – Sherman Linton
Christmas For Cowboys – Jars of Clay
Come All Ye Faithful Surfer Girls – Chevelles
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer – Tommy Roe
Jingle Bell Laugh – St. Nicklas
Jingle Bells Slide – Jack Scott
Hey There, St. Nicholas! (Plain White T’s vs Smokey Robinson) – Voicedude
Little Drummer Boy – Miracle Legion
Santa’s Got an Airplane (Version 2) – Beach Boys
Santa Claus – Chris Von Sneidern
Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Ronnie Spector And Darlene Love
Under The Christmas Tree – Swingin’ Neckbreakers
2000 Miles – Grip Weeds
Christmas Must Be Tonight – The Band
Merry Twist-Mas – Marcels
Come On Christmas – Barely Pink
It’s Always Christmas At My House – Huntingtons
Let It Snow – Me, You And Her
Look Around You (It’s Christmas Time) – Bobby Goldsboro
4th Of July / Christmas Rag – Peter Case
A Round About Christmas – Kingston Trio
Shchedryk (Ukranian Bell Carol) – Pink Martini
Jingle Jangle Christmas – Vibeke Saugestad
Christmas Would Not Be Christmas – Carpet Frogs
X-Mas – Epicycle
Everyday Is Christmas – SWAG
The Dawn Of Correction – Spokesmen
Twas The Night Before Xmas – Huey Piano Smith
White Christmas – Platters
The Bells Of St. Mary – Bob B Soxx And The Blue Jeans
Amazing Grace – Jeff Beck
Gloria in Excelsis Deo – London Symphony Orchestra
New Year’s Revolution (demo) – Graham Parker
The Christmas Song (Unreleased Alternate Take) – Nat King Cole
Silent Night – Everly Brothers And The Boys Town Choir
O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles) – Mormon Tabernacle Choir

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Lies written in ink cannot disguise facts written in blood
Lu Xun

Indian Rug
Maybe I’m wrong but I think we all need a break from Donald Trump and autocracy and the hell we’ve visited upon ourselves.
Time to go home and see the family, especially those of us who’ve had our families torn away from us for the simple Thanksgiving crime of getting old. Cause the world sucks right now. The politicians who are foolish enough to call themselves our government are thinking about nothing more than getting rich. They keep forgetting us. They forget Matewan, Hoffa, Gutherie, Steinbeck and the right hand of the God which isn’t them but is us, the people who live and work and die. Who really don’t want to get rich, who don’t worry about position, who just want to see some reasons to smile.
Yeah they forget about us and what history has shown we will always do when with all their greed and their scheming and brilliant plans and their art of selfishness.
So I hope you get to be with your family whatever, whoever they might be and how many of them might be left. I hope you get to drive cause flying is sure a pain now, a terrible pain. Easiest way to control us is making it miserable to travel. It’s all right, they’ve never been able to close off our blue highways.
They’ll rely on the stolen freedoms to keep us occupied while they use their positions to steal and exploit. As usual they’ll forget that we’re here.

This podcast is made for DAP’s, for earbuds. If you can play it in your car that’s groovy, maybe even better. It will get you home and get you through rants from your uncle and Mom’s disapproving glances. It will get you home and then back. I promise.
Happy Thanksgiving.

I’m working on the Christmas Podcast!?!? Rah. It ought to be pretty good and some fun!

Cool And Crazy 38
The Times They Are A-Changin’ – Flogging Molly
The Impression That I Get – Mighty Mighty BossTones
God Only Knows – Nylons
Nancy Jean – Richard Barone
It’s A Hard Life – Roger Daltrey
Hallelujah! – Clique
Spam Song. – Monty Python
I Should Have Known Better – Sand Rubies
My Wife Thinks You’re Dead – Junior Brown
How Fine Can One Guy Be – Jelly Beans
I’m Gonna Steal Your Girlfriend – Teen Machine
Southern Love – Montesas
Gigantor – Dickies
Afterglow (acoustic) – Quiet Riot
Carol – Marauders
Malaguena – Ritchie Valens
Farmhouse – Phish
I Need Your Love – Boyfriends
Mercury Blues – David Lindley
Shut Down – Ramouns
Help You Dream – Blasters
C’Mon Everybody (alt) – Eddie Cochran
Dearest – Buddy Holly
Shanty Tramp – Betty Dickerson
Horn Of Plenty – Ribeye Brothers
Since I Lost Your Lovin’ – Lori Burton
Stop Your Sobbing (stereo) – Kinks
I Still Want You – Paul Collins’ Beat
Dark Side (live) – Shadows Of Knight
I Need You – Lolas
Juvenile Delinquent – Rubinoos
Lover Boy – Robert Gordon
Die Everyday – Martinets
Any Time At All – Magic Christian
In Time – Tearaways
Diane – Therapy?
Gee – Beach Boys
I’m A Believer – Rocking JoJo and His Red Hot Angels
Shake Your Tail Feather – Five Du-Tones

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A Blue Halloween


The Last Vampire – Hollywood Vampires
Laffin Beatnik – Johnny Beeman
Little Old Lady From Transylvania – Ghouls
I’m In The Ground For Good – Newports
Boogie Woogie Man Gonna Getcha – Jackie Lee Cochran
Surfer Ghoul – Mr Gasser & The Weirdos
Dead – Poets
Alligator Wine – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Sodomy – Me First & The Gimme Gimmes
Haunted House – Teenage Bottlerocket
Peek-A-Boo – Cadillacs
Dracula’s Deuce – Ghouls
Monster Mash Party – Bobby Boris Pickett
She’s Fallen In Love With A Monster Mash – Revillos
Coolest Little Monster – John Zacherley
Zombie Walk – Magics
Ghosts From Boot Hill – Hellbenders
I Became Somebody Else – Lolas
Werewolf – Carl Bonafede
Don’t Meet Mr. Frankenstein – Carlos Casal Jr.
Lon Chaney Junior’s Daughter – Stems
There’s A Pale Moon – Hank Ray & Thee Exectioneers
Date With A Vampyre – Screaming Tribesmen
Hot Rod Hearse – 3-D Invisibles
Zombie Dumb – Reverend Horton Heat
Halloween (She Get So Mean) – Rob Zombie
Cha Cha With The Zombies – Upperclassmen
El Monster Surfin’ Time – Los Pelegrinos Negros
’til The Following Night – Screaming Lord Sutch
Ghoul’s Night Out – Misfits
Do The Zombie – Symbols
Legend Of Sleepy Hollow – Monotones
Que Monstruos Son – Southern Culture On The Skids
Postcard From The Grave – Untamed
Dead Man’s Stroll – Revels
Jekyll And Hyde – Jim Burgett
Frankensteins’s Party – Swingin’ Phillies
Surfing On Mars – Surf Sluts
You Can Get Him Frankenstein – Castle Kings
Hot Rod Hades – Charlie Ryan
Nightmare – Scotty Stuart
Shockmonster Stomp – Ghastly Ones


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Gene And Eddie

Cool And The Crazy 30

The greatest singer ever is Gene Vincent. There’s no discussion of this, no proof required. It’s a pure and simple fact, a syllogism. Gene Vincent was the greatest, the best singer there ever was or ever will be. Buddy Holly waited in a hotel lobby just to get Gene’s autograph. Every night Gene looked to the skies and sang to the angels, he entertained the angels and calmed the devils. Gene Vincent.
I saw him perform only once. He was fat and out of shape. The club was sold out. The band maybe knew Gene’s songs. It was the greatest show I’d ever seen or ever would see. It didn’t set a yardstick for other shows. It was a unique and once and never again experience.
Gene Vincent.
I’ve collected anecdotes about him throughout my life. Some are bizarre, some eerie and most wrong. The stories fascinated and titillated me. Most of the storytellers became close friends. We had Gene Vincent in common and that was enough to support love down through decades.
There are plenty of books about him. There need to be. There are plenty of reissues of his music. They’re all essential.
Gene died in his thirties. He was a sopped up alky. He was a bloated figure who looked like he’d been living for 60 years at least. I was reminded of the corpse of Charlie Parker.
It’s not true but it should have been that his last words were, “She took everything, mama. Even my record player.”

Eddie Cochran was Gene’s best friend. Eddie died before Gene but was still with Gene.
Eddie was a session player in Hollywood at fifteen. He was a mean guitarist and a talented songwriter. He was a teenager and knew exactly what that meant. Every musical generation has featured an Eddie Cochran cover as part of their canon of viva la diference.
He sweated talent. His work with Gene was superb but not his finest. He died too soon, but who doesn’t. His passing left a hole in the world and in our lives.

What’s here is their music. It could have gone on for 3 days and then started all over again. I’d not have complained.
There’s a lot missing in this little sampler.

Git It Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set
Be Bop A Lula Unknown – Rebel Heart Vol. 7
Bop Street Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set

Let’s Get Together Eddie Cochran – The Eddie Cochran Box Set – Summertime Blues
Gene And Eddie Stray Cats – Runaway Boys
Jelly Bean Eddie Cochran – The Eddie Cochran Story – Three Steps To Heaven
The Day The World Turned Blue Gene Vincent – The Day The World Turned Blue
Sweet Gene Vincent Ian Dury – Sweet Gene Vincent
Born To Be A Rolling Stone (Alternate Take) Gene Vincent – Rebel Heart Vol. 7
Rollin’ Danny Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set
Drive-In Show Eddie Cochran – The Ballads Of Eddie Cochran
Weekend (Stereo) Eddie Cochran – The Eddie Cochran Box Set – Somethin’ Else
Pink Peg Slacks (Alt) Eddie Cochran – All The Best
Just Like Eddie Heinz – 25 Rock N Roll Hits
Mean When I’m Mad Eddie Cochran – The Best Of Eddie Cochran
Lonely Street (Undubbed Version) Gene Vincent – Rebel Heart Vol. 7
Cut Across Shorty Eddie Cochran – The Best Of Eddie Cochran
Spoken Message Gene Vincent – Rebel Heart Vol 1
Over The Rainbow Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set
Unchained Melody Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set
Summertime Blues Beach Boys – Surfin’ Safari
Water Baby Blues (short riff) Eddie Cochran – Rockin’ It Country Style
My Love To Remember Eddie Cochran – The Eddie Cochran Box Set – I’m Ready
My Way Who – Odds And Sods
North Carolina Line Gene Vincent – The Day The World Turned Blue
Cherished Memories Eddie Cochran – The Best Of Eddie Cochran
I Got A Baby Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set
Three Steps To Heaven Eddie Cochran – The Eddie Cochran Box Set – Somethin’ Else
Blue Jean Bop Gene Vincent – Rockabilly’s Gravest Hits
C’Mon Everybody Sex Pistols – The Great Rock And Roll Swindle
Rip It Up (out take) Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set
Red Blue Jeans and a Pony Tail Jeff Beck – Crazy Legs
Vincent’s Blues Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set
Hurtin For You Baby Gene Vincent – Born To Be A Rolling Stone
Don’t Bye, Bye Baby Me Eddie Cochran – The Eddie Cochran Story
Am I That Easy To Forget Gene Vincent – Born To Be A Rolling Stone
Boll Weevil Song Eddie Cochran – The Best Of Eddie Cochran
Somethin’ Else-Pistol Packin’ Mama Flamin’ Groovies – Supersnazz
Cotton Picker Eddie Cochran – The Eddie Cochran Box Set – I’m Ready
Baby Blue Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set
Dance In The Street Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set
Lucky Star Gene Vincent – The Gene Vincent Box Set
Hallelujah I Love Her So-C’mon Everybody-Somethin’Else-Twenty Flight Rock Eddie Cochran – The Eddie Cochran Story
The Story Of The Rockers Gene Vincent – Rebel Heart Vol 2
Race With The Devil Gene Vincent – Rockabilly’s Gravest Hits

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This is a good sign, having a broken heart. It means we have tried for something
Elizabeth Gilbert

3D_22.jpg It’s one year since my beloved puppy, Shelby, passed away after only 7 years on this planet.
I miss her. No surprises there.
I wanted to dedicate this little podcast to her because as much as her death pains me even that can’t put a dent into the years of contentment, love and laughs she brought me, the years of adventures and look at this, Dave, will outshine any grief.
I was going to make this podcast filled with nothing but dead singers but that got really pretty morose and sad, so I gave that up and just played songs I kept in the iPod.
Only the last half dozen are about Shelby. The last one is the Pet Shop Boys, who are not really a group people would associate with me. I have a friend, also Belgian like Shel, who would argue that the Pet Shop Boys are the greatest group in an ever evolving cosmos. We overlook our friends flaws as I hope they overlook mine.
My wife told me about one of our next door neighbours in Canada. After I’d returned to the States the neighbour asked her whatever became of the crazy guy who she always saw in the backyard dancing with his dog.
The Pet Shop Boys “Always On My Mind” is a song Shel and I would dance to. We didn’t do the spiffy ball room dog dancing that they used to talk about. Shel and I did the typical white boy dancing we do in the clubs we get dragged to. Shelby would keep the rhythm well and dance by my side. Every dance ended with her jumping on me and trying to give me a kiss even though she knew how much I hate dog kisses.
If she were here now I’d let her kiss me.
When I started doing the podcast I liked that 80 to a hundred people would listen to it. Some how it accelerated, there were over 40,000 downloads of the Buddy Holly one and over twice that of the whacky Xmas one. I don’t know how I feel about that. I know at least 80 to a hundred people, I doubt if I know 40,000 plus. I don’t think even many of the 100 would understand how I felt about my dog and she felt about her boy. And that is morose and sad too.
Enjoy the music, please.


Jan And Dean-Here They Come (alt)
Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels-Devil With A Blue Dress
Chesterfield Kings-Sick And Tired Of You
Slingsby Hornets-Rock And Roll Love Letter
Candypants-Nerdy Boys
Strangeloves-I Want Candy
Jackie DeShannon-Trouble
Hollies-Pay You Back With Interest
Jam-It’s Too Bad
Walter Clevenger-Little Bit O’ Soul
Kik-Zevenhuizer zondag
Union Avenue-Little Green Bag
Spades-We Sell Soul
Jon Blair And The Nightriders-Minor Chaos
Ramouns-In My Room
Someloves-Don’t Talk About Us
Hondells-A Guy Without Wheels
Johnny Ramone-Viva Las Vegas
Beat Farmers-Bigger Stones
Tip Toppers-Someone Like Me
BelAirs-Mr Moto
Explorers Club-Any Little Way
Mink Jaguar-Campsie City Line
Hazel Adkins-I Don’t Want Nobody
Murray Lachlan Young-Doo Wah Diddy
Ghastly Ones-The Icy Grip Of Fear
Tom Petty-Zombie Zoo
Scheme-I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye
Chris Von Sneidern-I Can’t Reach You
Spongetones-Now You’re Gone
Pet Shop Boys-Always On My Mind

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The best index to a person’s character is how he treats people who can’t do him any good, and how he treats people who can’t fight back.
Abigail Van Buren

Yin by Saioul

Click images for desktop size: “Yin” by Saioul

Life is in one of those miserable patches for me right now. So I’m looking to the SuperBowl for a minute of relief. How bourgeoise of me, how working class.
I’m hoping for a Seahawks win. I like Russell Wilson and how can you not like Richard Sherman. I have issues with Peyton Manning going all the way back to Tennessee. (Remember he never won a National Championship, Tennessee got it the year after Manning graduated.) But mainly I think Pete Carroll is the greatest coach our sport has yet seen. He alone still thinks of the game as fun and he still admires the young men who condition themselves to be in a state to excel.
Someone who believes and trusts in others in an ultra competitive tiny world has to be acknowledged as a great man.

Cool And The Crazy 21

I remember feeling stung when Variety reported, in one of those little throw away capsule bits, that Hall And Oates had passed the Everly Brothers as the best selling pop duo of all time.
Hall and Oates. I think it was Billy Miller who commented, “There’s just a lot more people buying records now than there used to be.” Which makes sense if you don’t think about it and just makes me sad if you do think about it.
I met Don Everly. Maybe met is too strong a word. I was within 10 feet of him for 3 hours. My friend is an Animal Behaviorist. Don had a pair of Belgian Shepherds that were running his house. My friend invited me along because I loved Belgians. He didn’t know, or care, that I also loved the Everly Brothers.
A couple of other celebrities I knew shipped their “unruly” dogs to places unknown. But Don Everly was spending 3 hundred bucks an hour so he could learn how to live with his dogs. That was all he wanted. I liked him. I like the way he acted with me and I liked the way he acted with his dogs even more.
Phil had dogs too. Big dogs, pure breds and mutts. They were southern boys and boy and man they loved their dogs.
They were entertainers who loved to rock. On stage since the early fifties, they learned to sing and play in front of an audience.
With their chiming chunking Gibson B210’s and those insane harmonies that sounded like the Tibetan throat singers, like two voices coming from one throat; how could you not love the Everly Brothers. What could be so wrong with you that you’d buy “Maneater” instead of “May You Always Drive a Cadillac”.
I don’t know. I only know that Phil Everly is dead. In the last pictures before he passed he looked like how I’d wished my Grandpa looked, not how you’d expect that razor cut ferret cheeked, lazer eyed JD killer from the album covers to end up. I like that. I like it because every pop group that has ever used a harmony, from the Beach Boys to the Beatles to the Lolas owes a little something to the Everly Brothers. And when you look down that long line of faces it’s nice to end up on the content lined face of Phil Everly.
Don Everly’s only comment was, “I don’t know what to say. I always figured I’d die first.”
The Everly Brothers gave us the rhythm and the beat, the heart and the tingling sounds, the peace and the vision and all they wanted was for us to listen. And some money, but who doesn’t want that?



Because some will insist-MP3

I’m going to tell you how its going to be Buddy Holly

Just A Face
Click images for desktop size: “Just A Face” by Anonymous

I remembered but I forgot to mention it. Which is the same as forgetting in most eyes.
Forty nine years ago on February 3 Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and JP “Jape” The Big Bopper” Richardson died.
They like to call it the day the music died.
Riot In Cell Block 11 There’s been plenty written about Buddy Holly. He was a total teen genius. Cool enough to write the songs, self effacing enough to ask Gene Vincent for Gene’s autograph, tough enough to play his guitar louder than anyone before him, self confident enough to walk out of a Nashville recording session because the punk kid from Texas knew the way he wanted his music to sound.
Holly has had Oscar nominated movies made about him. His songs are still covered by the oddest collection of bands imaginable. There’s a mediocre play in London featuring a Buddy Holly imitator that’s been running for 14 years. (The songs in it definitely are not rocking or rolling).
The coolest story I ever heard about him was during a magazine interview I did with Mamie Van Doren. She bought him up because Holly was going to be in “Girl’s Town” with her and Eddie Cochran! (Cochran was in the final movie, very cool.) Both stars were at Van Doren’s house practicing and trying out new tunes, playing on her piano . . . I think everybody knows about Buddy Holly.
People all know about Ritchie Valens too. The movie, La Bamba, still gets rented, still gets shown on TV and still barely gives a glimpse into the 19 year old hispanic kid who tore apart the nation. Listen to Valen’s “Live at Pacoima High School” or to his acoustic basement demo of “Come On Lets Go” to understand the passion, the fun and the teen genius that was roiling in the nation. Maybe he was as troubled as they made him looked but his music was all about the love and the fun.
Yet nobody talks about the Big Bopper. Which is a shame.
When they show him in any of the movies he is always represented by some dull looking fat guy. If he gets to do anything its to play some light comic relief. The Bopper was more than that.
Anime by Mota
Click images for desktop size: “Anime” by Mota
He was at least the guy who bought pure sexual lust into the Top Ten.
He came out of East Texas, a town close to Louisiana, Beaumont.
I had a friend, an actor-songwriter-guitarist, who came out of Beaumont. It was Jape Richardson who turned him onto the entertainment world, who made him see that the world never could end at the horizon. My friend and I had breakfast two or three times a week. Whenever the conversation would lull – meaning when we weren’t discussing our plans to take over Hollywood, he’d tell me about Boudan Sausage and working for JP Richardson at the little Rock & Roll radio station in East Texas.
None of the stories were spectacular. I guess, being a 12 year old gopher and watching Richardson set a world record by broadcasting straight for over 5 days, playing nothing but Rock & roll, counts as something beyond cool and certainly a memorable picture.
Slave Of The Cannibal God While none of the stories were spectacular they all painted a picture of a wild man held in check by responsibilities. Richardson had a wife and daughter. Richardson was cool and only needed a tiny bit of prodding, usually from himself, to go out on a tight wire. He wanted kicks. He got them. And during a time when the radio was the only window to a teenaged world of sunshine, surfing, hot rods, unrequited love and cheap sex The Big Bopper pointed the way.
He wrote Country Music Legend George Jones first number one record, “White Lightening”. (Mighty mighty pleasing my pappy’s corn squeezings). And followed that up with the Number 1 hit for Johnny Preston, “Running Bear”. It sounded like a kid’s song but it was cool and driven by The Bopper himself providing the Indian style doo wop background vocal.
He wrote a lot of very cool tunes even a totally whacked out of the stratosphere Christmas tune that is indispensable to my enjoying the season.
Of course the big one was “Chantilly Lace”. The Bopper talking on the phone with the next object of his cool lust, “Oh baby you know what I like!” was more than a catch phrase, it was a way of life. So totally cool that JAYNE MANSFIELD recorded an answer record, pretending to be the girl on the other end of the line. (“That Makes It” I don’t have a copy of it, which is also a shame.)
He did a “sequel” to “Chantilly Lace” (and lets face it, what lace would he be talking about when talking about a girl with pony tail hanging down, who giggled when she talks and wiggles when she walks, oh baby you know what I like! The lace at her throat? Only if the Bopper was into corsets.). Pin-Up_005-JW_Mcginnis.jpg
Click images for desktop size: “Book Cover” by JW McGinnis
It went beyond anything that had been recorded and hit the top 40. “The Big Bopper’s Wedding” tore away all convention and said out loud what every teen age boy knew in his heart.
And then “The Big Bopper” died.
He gets treated like an after thought, a foot note to history. I think he was a lot more than that. I think a part of him would care but for the most part he’d just want to keep on drinking and keep on winking at the pretty girls as they walked by.
I like that.
I don’t think I could convince anyone to feel the same way.
I like that too.

Our neighbor is moving in 10 days.
I regret that in my life I have never lost a good neighbor and gotten a better one in their place.
I’ve lost bad neighbors and gotten worse . . . Maybe it just means I’m due.
Money is still a problem. Isn’t it always?